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nudist beach in denmark

Nudism is becoming for many people a way of life for the summer or a popular holiday. While it is true that there are groups of people who practice nudism in their daily lives, these are smaller cases. The usual thing is that people have a traditional way of life with work and social relations where clothing and social norms are present but when their holidays come they want to practice nudism.

Nudism can be practiced simply for fun, to see what it feels like or because you want to get rid of all the daily negativity accumulated over the year and want to experience a great feeling of freedom. There are many people who practice nudism because they feel a greater connection with their inner self and with nature. It makes them feel good and connected to the world.

Denmark and its coasts

naked girl denmark

Denmark’s coastline is no less than 7,300 kilometers long. so you can imagine the large number of beaches it has so that anyone who wants to visit this country can make the most of its beaches and its sun. There are in total more than 200 Danish beaches which have been awarded as the best beaches and therefore have the famous blue flag. This flag assures you that the beach has clean, crystal clear waters, that it is clean and that you can spend a very comfortable day at the beach with your family and friends.

If you are thinking of going on vacation to Denmark and you do not tolerate nudism, it is better that you do not approach its beaches or look for another destination where you can enjoy the beaches according to your values. Why am I telling you this? Because the Danes like nudism and they like to practice it on their coasts.

For this reason In Denmark there are many nudist beaches, because thus its inhabitants can practice nudism without shame and without risk of being penalized. You can even find beaches on its coasts that are not nudist and people go with their bathing suits but there is the possibility of taking off your bathing suit and doing nudism without anyone looking at you strangely for that.


Nudism in Denmark is very well accepted and is allowed on almost all coasts. You will not be able to practice nudism only if there is a sign or a sign that warns you that nudism is prohibited in this place.

In respect of others

It must be remembered that nudism has no sexual component and it is not something dirty that people do to see others so naked. Absolutely. Nudism has more to do with inner peace, feeling free and connected to the world.

If you want to become a nudist on the Danish coast (or wherever nudism is allowed), you must respect other people. It is essential that respect for others is the most important thing and that in no case obscene, sexual or disrespectful behavior is shown towards others. Because this type of behavior is not allowed anywhere.

Nudist beaches in Denmark

great nudist beach in denmark

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Nudist beaches in Denmark are mostly south of Marielyst Strand, some of these beaches are:

  • Boto Beach (on Flaster Island)
  • Albuen Beach (on Lolland Island)
  • Houstrup beach (north of Hennestrans)
  • Sonderstrand Beach (on Romo Island)
  • Skagen Beach and Tannisbugten (north of Looken between Nr. Lynby and Rubjerg Knude or Hirtshals).

You can practically consider the whole coast of Denmark to be one long and wide nudist beach, because where there are people in bathing suits, they can also have the opportunity to strip and go without clothes.. You can check this, for example, in the north of Aarhus, where people are very willing to practice nudism and go openly naked on the beaches.. In fact, if you go to these beaches in a bathing suit, they will look at you in a rather strange way, since they are more used to feeling the freedom of nudism on the beaches than wearing a bathing suit to cover up the body. intimacy of people.

don’t think too much about it

deserted nudist beach in denmark

If you like to practice nudism and want to spend a special holiday, don’t think too much about it and take advantage of the many free beaches you will find to live an experience with nudism. As it is fully accepted by all of its society, there will be no problems with the law, nor directing you to the coast as it would happen in other countries where nudism is little accepted and even persecuted by law .


If you think it’s not so accepted, just look for a map of Denmark with its beaches and you can check how it indicates nudist beaches so you can choose the one closest to you. place of accommodation.

A positive aspect of nudist beaches in Denmark is that they are large beaches so you can have your own space to relax without having to be too close to another person who also practices nudism. It’s not like crowded beaches where everyone is so close together that it’s impossible to have a moment of privacy or relaxation because you hear everything the person next to you is talking about.

Also, if for some reason there is not enough space and it is very crowded, people are considerate and allow (or should allow) considerable space between one person and another before finding a place to sunbathe completely naked.

After reading all this information, you now have enough information to be able to assess whether or not you want to go on a trip to the Danish coast during your vacation. Although if you are a person who loves nudism and appreciates this emotional freedom, you may already be thinking of looking for a flight and accommodation to be able to leave as soon as possible.

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