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Cheap beach destinations in Spain

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sea ​​caves

Save when planning a vacation It is very important, and it is that you do not have to spend large sums to discover superb seaside destinations in Spain. From north to south there are places that have very good prices, which are not so crowded and which are perfect for a sun and beach holiday.

If you want to know the best destinations to register a little in your pocket during these holidays, do not miss this list, giving you some of the best ideas for bathing in the beaches of our coast with very affordable prices. As not everyone can afford an all-inclusive in Punta Cana, you have to come up with ideas like these.

Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife

Cross port

We are in front of him the smallest municipality in Tenerife, but it is a place that has many interesting charms. It occupies the Orotava Valley and you can see the Teide in the background, dominating everything. In this place we can enjoy a quiet fishing village where we can find a beautiful old town with typical houses, but we will also see craft shops and we can walk along the coastal area.

Cheap beach destinations Puerto de la Cruz

The beaches will not be lacking, such as those of the Playa Jardín complex, where there are black sand beaches for swimming. Some of the closest entertainment for the whole family is the Loro Parque and also the Botanical Garden, which can also be very educational visits for children.

Sanxenxo in Pontevedra, Galicia


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It is another tourist city where you can enjoy many things without having to bear the higher prices of other destinations. Sanxenxo is a coastal town in the province of Pontevedra, Galicia, which receives more tourists every year attracted by beaches, gastronomic routes and parties. Silgar Beach is the best known, but there are many more that can be discovered along the coast. In addition, you must taste the seafood and other delicacies of its gastronomy in the restaurants on the seafront. It is a place where you will also find nautical activities and many other things to do. At night, it is a district where there is a good atmosphere for young people, with pubs and discos where you can dance until dawn.

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Sanlucar de Barrameda in Andalusia

Sanlucar de Barrameda

Sanlúcar de Barrameda has four beaches, but there are also other nearby destinations with large beaches, such as Rota, with urban beaches of white sand. In Sanlúcar you can enjoy a quiet town where you can taste typical dishes, with the fried fish and seafood, especially in the Bajo de Guía area, in front of the beach. In addition to delighting in the gastronomy of this region of the Andalusian coast, we can have a cold beer in the Plaza del Cabildo, where there is a fountain and that typical Andalusian atmosphere. A very central and touristy place. In addition, the great advantage of staying in Sanlúcar is that Cadiz is very close, so we can spend a day visiting it without the stay being so expensive.

Ribadeo in Lugo, Galicia


We return north again to enjoy a place where there is one of the most spectacular and unique beaches on the entire Spanish coast. We refer to Ribadeo in the province of Lugo, Galicia. This is where the famous Beach of the cathedrals. This beach is a corner where you can visit an incredible natural phenomenon, with cliffs sculpted by the sea and with fanciful shapes that attract thousands of tourists every year. Obviously, if we want to spend a day at the beach here, we must go in July or August, since the weather does not usually accompany the rest of the year and the waters will continue to be very cold. In addition, when the tide is full, the beach is completely covered, so you have to know what time of day you can enjoy this beach.

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Llanes in Asturias

Cheap beach destinations in Llanes

Llanes is a small Asturian town with a great fishing tradition, where we can enjoy the tranquility of a welcoming city and beautiful beaches and corners of the coast. Its beaches stand out for their clean waters and landscapes, which usually have cliffs and lots of waves, but are not really suitable for swimming, due to the waves and cold waters that tend to be. However, they are an ideal place to enjoy the good weather in summer and the beaches which are very unique. In the town of Llanes you can taste the typical gastronomy of Asturias, such as a good fabada, although it is not recommended in the height of summer. Plus it has a beautiful old town to walk through. You can visit the fort of La Moría, which indicates the defensive situation of the city centuries ago, as well as the medieval walls, the remains of which are still preserved.

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