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Discover Júzcar, the first Smurf town in the world

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Hidden in the Serranía de Ronda is Júzcar, a town in Malaga that in 2011 became the first Smurf town in the world on the occasion of the premiere of the film “The Smurfs in 3D”. There were three cities that could be “smurfed” but in the end Júzcar emerged victorious due to its geographical location and mycological wealth.

SONY’s decision to turn Júzcar into a smurf village has revolutionized this peaceful Andalusian town. All the inhabitants have joined the initiative and their economic situation has improved. Before becoming part of the white towns route but painting all the facades of its buildings blue, Júzcar acquired its own identity and its name was put on the map.

Since then, five years have passed and she continues to receive followers of this endearing children’s series. The city has become a tourist attraction to visit with the family where the little ones have fun looking for these tiny and friendly creatures in every corner like dwarfs.

It is true that Júzcar is not a Smurf theme park. After all, it’s just a small town of less than 300 people that tried to make the most of being the world’s first Smurf Town. However, the visit is fun and curious. Below we go over what you can see and do in this smurf village.

juzcar smurf town

In the first place, it is advisable to go to the tourist information booth to find out what places of interest Júzcar offers as well as places to eat or sleep in town. You will recognize it because it is shaped like a mushroom and adjoins a small playground. There they will give you a map where all the attractions of Júzcar, both cultural and leisure, are indicated. The staff will kindly inform you and solve all your doubts.

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What to see and do in Juzcar during the visit?

Look for the Smurfs in the streets of Júzcar: Card in hand, the protagonists of the series must be sought throughout the city, which appear painted on the walls of houses. It is one of the favorite pastimes of children who visit the municipality of Malaga.


Mercapituf: On weekends, a Smurfs market is organized to promote the region’s handicrafts. Here you can buy souvenirs of the city such as t-shirts, brooches, soft toys, soaps, etc. During these years, several businesses have been launched in the city and this initiative is a way of ensuring the presence of small local traders.

Gargamel’s cave: It is a house installed in a cave, where there is a giant figure of Gargamel and a large cauldron to take a souvenir photo. The entrance price is 0.50 euros.

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juzcar mushroom day

For children, Júzcar organizes weekend Smurfs activities such as workshops or children’s shows, turning their visit into something very fun. Adults can take the opportunity to go out to pick up mushrooms, since days and outings are organized to find these tasty mushrooms around Smurf Village.

Another activity that can be practiced in Júzcar is hiking. This city has excellent trails and beautiful landscapes to enjoy nature outdoors. The chestnut grove, the Cuevas del Agua, the Puente del Molino, the Sima del Diablo or the Torcal de los Riscos, are some of the places we recommend you visit.

History of Júzcar before being a smurf village

The history of Júzcar is fascinating. The country’s first pewter factory was set up here in the first half of the 18th century, during the reign of King Felipe V.happen to have more than 200 employees working.
Over time, the factory will eventually close but the many mills on the banks of the Genal will continue to operate, as evidenced by the ruins that can still be seen along this river in the Serranía de Ronda.

Where to eat and sleep in Juzcar

bar smurf

The hotel and gastronomic offer is not very varied because it is a very small town. However, the people of Juzcar make an effort to ensure that all tourists leave satisfied.

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As for restaurants, we recommend that you have tapas at the El Casarón tavern, at the Torricheli bar or at La Bodega del Bandolero. As for accommodation, there is a hotel and several rural houses where you can rest peacefully.

Last recommendations to discover Juzcar

juzcar plate

While discovering this smurf village can be an adventure for kids, for adults Júzcar might not be worth more than a quick visit. Therefore, if you are not traveling as a family I advise you to do a weekend route by car through the small towns of the mountains of Ronda: Ronda, Júzcar, Alpandeire, Pujerra, Cartajima, Igualeja or Genalguacil. Charming white villages set in steep mountains that can only be accessed by narrow roads and many curves. But it’s worth it!


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