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The 7 cities in the United States not to be missed

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United States Cities

The United States is not one of the most touristic countries in the world, but cinema has transformed many American cities into world icons or dream destinations.

Although the country is full of natural beauties, the international tourism it receives is mainly concentrated there, newer or older, but all with their own attractions. if you wonder Which cities to visit in the United States?Here is my favorite list:

New York

New York

Obviously, it is in the first place. It is the mecca of tourism of this country par excellence and a Cosmopolitan city where you can and should do a bit of everything.

Among the most popular attractions is the Empire State Buildingthe large central terminalthe Chrysler Buildingthe St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Times Square and Central Park.

There are internationally renowned museums such as the MOMA, the Metropolitan Museum of Art That is MEETthe American Museum of Natural History or the Guggenheimbut there are also popular sites like Little Italy, Brooklynthe ellis island and the Statue of Liberty, Coney Islandthe lincoln centerBroadway theaters and more.

Times Square

What’s amazing is that you surely know at least 90% of everything I just named. That’s how New York is famous. you can buy the New York City Pass and visit the most iconic sites saving 40% on the other six attractions. The regular price is $193 but today on the website you buy it for $116.

boston and washington


Since we are in New York, we can visit Boston and Washington, two of the oldest and most historic cities in the country.

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The 7 cities in the United States not to be missed

The United States is not one of the most touristic countries in the world, but cinema has transformed many American Read more

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From New York The most common way to get to both cities is by train.using Amtrak service.

Thinking of Boston, if you plan your trip at least a fortnight in advance, you can get great discounts on a fare that regularly starts at $49.

boston at night

Boston it’s a typical New England town, quaint and sophisticated. You can wagon ride, there are sightseeing tours and enjoy food and ethnic festivals. The coast is beautiful to walk, there are harbor cruises at sunset or midnight and at certain times of the year you can even see whales.

The Arnold ArboretumThe parks and public squaresthe Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum the enclosed garden of the Trinity Church, the beautiful public library, almost a museum and the Italian quarter and the Jewish quarter are also good destinations. It’s about walking.

The White House

if we talk about Washington we talked about visiting the White Housethe United States Capitol and also many free, cultural, natural and historical attractions. On these dates, for example, the flowering of the cherry trees begins and the city is colored in pink and white. If you like museums Smithsonians They are the first and the best.

Washington It’s almost a four hour drive from New York.. You can go by train, quickly, on the Acela service which takes three hours, or on others which take a bit longer. Also by bus, easy and cheap worse longer.

And of course we can always register for excursions from New York to Washington and Boston.

San Francisco

golden door

It is a beautiful and beautiful city with its streets that go up and down. We’ve seen it in many movies, so at this point we know we can’t stop visiting the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Chinatown, Cointower, its museums, the cable car and its trams.

The best sea views are from the pier 39with its restaurants and bars, in Fisherman’s wharf. worth the detour by Lombard Streetwith its houses and gardens, the magnificent park The Presidency and Yerba Buena Gardens.

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For museums, there is the Exploratorium, Asian Arts Museum, Jewish Museum and the Legion of Honor built in memory of the soldiers killed in the First World War which has an art of over four thousand years.

New Orleans

New Orleans

this city for me has a lot of personality. The French legal notices it feels like the French Quarter, but it also shows in the food. It is a green, exuberant and sunny city.

Has many museums related to the country’s history: The Custom House of the United States, the Backstreet Cultural Museum, The Presbytery, the Cabildo, the Longue Vue Residence, the San Luis Cemetery, the Hermann-Grimae Residence, various houses from the 18th and 19th centuries, old plantations and various churches.

New Orleans Plantation

It’s a city of many festivals, jazz, cooking, literatureso there is always something to do. And at night, I won’t even tell you: there are casinos, bars, jazz clubs and restaurants.

The rue des Français is a good starting point and if you go to the carnival, the parade of Mardi Gras it’s the best..



He is known as City where there is a lot of wind and it is the third largest city in the country behind New York and Los Angeles.

You can visit willis towerthe second tallest building in North America, with a glass box that seems suspended in the air, the Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park, with its spectacle of colors and music, take a boat ride or take a ride on the Ferris wheel at Navy Pier.

Chicago also has beautiful architecture, among 19th century classic skyscrapers and buildings. Outdoor spaces, if you go there in good weather, are also recommended: the Millennium Park, 606an old railway line converted into a path that crosses different muds, the Maggie Daley Park and the whole coast with its 33 beaches and a long path that runs along the edge of the Lake Michigan.

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This city is in California and dates from the end of the 18th century. If that pleases you Hollywood you can’t miss it: the sign on the hill, Hollywood Boulevard with its theaters and museums, the National Film Academy gallery and the visits to celebrity homes.

Also don’t miss the Grammy Museum, Los Angeles Museum of Art, Cemetery, Hollywood Heritage Museum, Universal Studios, Disneyland much more.

The Hollywood Sign

santa monica It is another recommended destination (sea, beaches, carnival), the same Long Beach and downtown Los Angeles. There are amusement parks and you can also watch some of the tv shows that are made here like Ellen DeGeneres or The Tonight Show, for example.



Las Vegas, what can you say about the Mecca Game? That although it concentrates a lot of tourism, gambling is not the only thing you will see or do in this city in the middle of the desert. There are shows in the casinos, there are bars, restaurants and nightlife unmatched.

But you can also leave town and hike, walk through the Grand Canyon and visit the Hoover Dam. that fuels this city that never sleeps with energy, the lake mead and the Grand Wash Cliffs

Las Vegas sign

Among the museums I recommend the Atomic Testing Museum. The Bellagio Botanical Gardens and its art gallery, the Eiffel Tower which offers superb panoramic views, at the Hotel Casino Paris Las Vegas, the aquarium with three shows a day and of course, the famous city sign which is located on Las Vegas Blvd. The photo there can’t miss.

Of course, the United States has many other interesting cities, but it seems to me that these are the most touristic.


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