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Would you visit any of these ghost towns?

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Ghost towns - Cratos

The word “ghost” is not very reassuring, is it? regardless of the context in which it is spoken. Despite everything, and because I know that there are many people who love and are particularly interested in this type of curious articles, I bring you a list of 5 ghost towns that if you visit them, we can assure you that you will not find a soul there… And if you find one, flee!

Joking aside, and you, Would you visit any of these ghost towns?

Goldfield, Arizona

Ghost Towns - Goldfield

Goldfield was a mining town where gold was mined during the years that corresponded between 1890 and 1926. Today it is a ghost town, precisely located in the southwestern United States.

This city reached a maximum of about 4,000 inhabitants and in addition to the mines had a store, school, hotel and post office. He was abandoned twice, one about the year 1897 when the activity in the mine died; Later she was saved as Younsberg, when nearby mines reopened, building a grinding and cyanide plant to reactivate the city. When the activity of the mine ceased again, it led to the definitive abandonment of the city in 1926.

Today Goldfield is like a tourist site in which we can see gunfights, take train rides on various tours and see how the gold panning was done.

Kennecott, Alaska

Ghost Towns - Kennecott

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We find ourselves with a place abandoned by the closure of the mines. In Kennecott, Alaska, he had located a large mining camp that was the center of activity for several in copper mines.

It is located in the National Park The largest in the United States, Santo Elías and very close is the Kennicott Glacier.

Now it has become a National Historic District and since 1986 it has been officially declared a National Historic Landmark.

The people of Kennecott they left the scene because of a loud explosion What was there in 1940? in one of the mines.

Craco in Italy

This one is closer to Spanish! Craco is a small municipality in the city of Matera, Italy. Its origins date back to 8th century BC and was abandoned due to a landslide caused by a series of earthquakes, becoming the ghost town it is today. Yet Craco is a tourist destination and a popular location chosen for film shooting. Its splendid construction and the tranquility offered by an uninhabited place make directors choose Craco when shooting their films. one of them was “The passion of Christ” filmed in 2004 by the actor and director Mel Gibson.

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This video explains in detail in less than 4 minutes why Craco was abandoned:

Kayakoy, Turkey

Ghost towns - Kayaköy

formerly known as Stone villa, was a beautiful city that began to grow in the 1700s, home to both Muslims, Greek Orthodox, and Christians. All that peace ended once the war was over. First World War Yes the Greco-Turkish war occurred between 1919 and 1922 which resulted in violence that completely overtook the city. In 1923 it was abandoned for political reasons as a peace treaty, relocating the remaining surviving Greeks to the Attica region near Athens.

A story that could well take place in the present… And there are things that, no matter how many years pass, do not change…

Dollersheim, Austria

Ghost towns - Döllersheim, Austria

I guess that is abandoned town in Austria and we all inevitably come to the same cause and reason in our heads, right?

Yes, adolf hitlerdecided to choose this 900-year-old village to evacuate and convert it into a military training camp in 1938. Today, the site is administered by the Austrian armed forces.

And how are you we could name you much more: Tawergha In Libya, To li in Swiss, Varosha In Cyprus, Anima Forks in Colorado, Pripyat in Ukraine (city of residence of many workers of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant), kadykchan in Russia, gunkanjima in Japan, and quite a few where some are still lucky enough to be trampled by tourists, but most of them are really scary to see them so alone and uninhabited in images like the ones we present in this article.

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If you liked this article and want us to name more cities and expand them further like the 5 above, let us know in the comments section. We will be happy to make you another article like this. Good weekend!

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