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Where to EAT in the SIERRA NEVADA?

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do you want to discover where to eat in the Sierra Nevada? Surely you are a fan of skiing or other mountain sports like hiking and you want to visit this place in the provinces of Grenade Yes Almeria who has so much to offer you.

Logically, you will also be interested in knowing what kind of restaurants will you find. Because nothing better after a morning of skiing or after having done a mountain course than to recharge your batteries with a good meal. Or even after a day at the pool. And it is that, in the field of Pradollano You even have a swimming pool with gardens and hammocks for sunbathing and swimming in the summer. Therefore, in order for you to recover energy, we are going to show you where to eat in the Sierra Nevada.

The wall


A grilled sirloin

This restaurant is located in the same area of Pradollano, specifically in Virgen de las Nieves street. it’s a beautiful spit which offers hearty dishes. You can choose premium meats such as Angus rib steak from Nebraska or Argentinian beef. But you can also eat a simple hamburger, even vegan, or a hot dog in the burger which opened nearby.

Additionally, it gives you a extensive wine list with more than eighty references and an interesting set of desserts. As for the atmosphere, it is simple and ideal for families and groups of friends, with a sober decoration. meson. The service is friendly and efficient and we recommend that you taste, in addition to the roasts grilled over oak charcoal, the Argentinian empanadilla and the oxtail croquettes.

Camping Restaurant


Tuna tartar sauce

Also located in the same square of Pradollano, this place is cozy and quiet. But, above all, it stands out for its careful decoration which presents a modern and elegant style, as well as for its innovative cuisine. Also, the service is good, with friendly and very professional waiters.

However, you should keep in mind that only open between November and April and that they don’t admit children under fourteen, which can be a problem. Moreover, it only has a capacity of forty people. Therefore, you must To book in advance, because, in addition, it is very much in demand.


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It is rather ideal for couples or groups of friends and, as for their menu, we recommend you to try the cod confit the cheek piece the Tuna tartar sauce and the chickpeas with mushrooms and liver. But it also offers you two types of tasting menus. One of them, available only at lunchtime, consists of four dishes. You choose the starter and the main course and they add a stew and a dessert. Instead, the second is only available at night and consists of six items. Even if you suffer from some type of food allergy, they prepare a special menu for you.

Restaurant La Antorcha, a classic where to eat in the Sierra Nevada

food dishes

restaurant dishes

With two floors and located on the same Virgen de las Nieves street where La Muralla is located, La Antorcha restaurant is a Sierra Nevada classic. It is decorated like a meson with typical mountain elements and in a simple and comfortable way.

As for your letter, it is based on local products. He has good sausages which he usually offers you as a detail of the house when you arrive. But it is distinguished above all by its hearty dishes and its stone-cooked meats. That is, at the table itself, so the place always smells of good product.

But, for the same reason, if you’re vegan, this isn’t the best place to eat. Instead they have bread and various dishes prepared especially for celiacs. Even, in the menu, those that contain gluten are indicated. In any case, we want to highlight among its dishes the stone-grilled beef tenderloin the chicken skewers and the winter salad. Finally, the staff is attentive and efficient in this restaurant, ideal for family meals.

The Cellar Restaurant


Buffet in a dining room

It is the last of those located in Pradollano which we are going to tell you about, then move on to other areas to eat in the Sierra Nevada. La Bodega has an outdoor terrace and a bar service that offers you everything from a magnificent and generous breakfast to good tapas accompanied by wine or beer.

It is in the Hotel Gondola, about fifty meters from the ski lifts, in the Plaza de Andalucía. He offers you buffet or à la carte restaurant. Lunch hours are 1-4pm and dinner hours are 8-10:30pm. The kitchen is home made with a menu consisting of several starters, main courses, dessert, bread and drink.

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But, if you want to have something between meals, you can also enjoy tasty sandwiches, portions, sandwiches and even pastries and cakes. The service is attentive and efficient, the prices are affordable and the atmosphere is perfect for the whole family.

Alcazaba Restaurant


Lobster rice broth

So far we’ve talked about where to eat in the Sierra Nevada in the Pradollano area. But, as we said, we’re going to switch places to show you some of the Borreguiles. And we start with the Alcazaba restaurant, which offers signature cuisine. In its menu there is a wide variety of salads and rice dishes, as well as grilled meats. Coal. It also offers a menu to taste.

Its decoration is modern and alpine style and it also has a Sunny terrace which offers you a magnificent view of peak dawn. He even gives you ski storage service and shoes to be able to change after practicing this sport.

But the most curious thing about this restaurant located on the top floor of the borreguiles building, is that on the ground floor you have many other places to eat. And, in addition, they belong to different gastronomic offers. More specifically, there is a Center grill specializes, as its name suggests, in grilled meats. And, around him, you have the mole Mexican cuisine, smart VIPs with burgers, juices and sandwiches and the Mahalo Poke which offers you sweet or savory Hawaiian pokes as well as juices.

Clicquot Nevada Terrace


Champagne Veuve Clicquot

But you also have more daring proposals in Sierra Nevada that allow you eat at the foot of the slopes. Among them stand out kiosks such as the wooden house bar but we want to emphasize the Clicquot Nevada Terrace for its charm, since it is located in a hut next to the river track.

It opens from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and has an interior space equipped with a fireplace. But, if it is not too cold, we advise you to eat in your stylish terrace relax in which it offers hot dishes and quality burgers. Also, he has menu of the day but, as its name suggests, one of its star products is champagne.

The ham restaurant

oxtail soup

A plate of oxtail

Another possibility to enjoy the Sierra Nevada is to travel from another city or from the city of Grenade. In this case, you may prefer to eat on the way there or on the way back. You also have great restaurants where you can do that. On the road itself, it’s Hams, which has parking. Normally, it opens every day of the week, including Sunday, between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.


It’s a meson decorated to use which has a spacious living room with fireplace and wooden ceilings. The service is good and the prices affordable. It also has a terrace and is suitable for people with reduced mobility. As for the letter, it offers you hearty and hearty food. Among its dishes, we recommend trying the Crumbs of Alpujarra the meats on the stone and the oxtail soup. However, if you prefer, you also have soups, pasta salads and pizzas.

Restaurant La Higuera

Lamb chops

Some lamb chops with potatoes

Very close to the previous one, you have another excellent option: The fig tree who also has Hotel Where to Stay Likewise, it’s a classic of the region, although its dining room has recently been renovated. Present a style rustic, has a good fireplace and capacity for more than a hundred people. The atmosphere is family and the service correct.

As for the kitchen, it is of the traditional, abundant and very tasty. Among its specialties, we advise you to try the shot or kid, homemade stews such as ham beans, grilled meats, Lamb chops That is salads. But particularly delicious is his black pudding.

In addition, the establishment has Cafeteria with a good terrace where you can have breakfast on the way to the mountain or eat something on the way back. Even, as we said, there is a hotel with twelve rooms. Eleven of them are double with the possibility of becoming triple and the last has capacity for four people. They have all also been recently renovated and offer you beautiful views of the mountains. If after a full day of skiing you feel too lazy to drive, this is a good place to stay.

In conclusion, we showed you where to eat in the Sierra Nevada. As you can see you have a wide and tasty offer, especially typical cuisine of Granada. But, in addition, there is no shortage in the domain of the great fast food chain nor the small spaces where you can have a coffee or a hot broth while resting from skiing. Don’t you think these are ideal places to recharge your batteries after a day in the mountains?

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