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Where to EAT in MADRID? 9 Recommended Restaurants in the City

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Where to eat in Madrid?

Madrid is a very cosmopolitan city with a excellent gastronomic offer. The possibilities are endless and one could say that you can try dishes from almost every continent in the capital. However, when the offer is so wide, it is difficult to choose. If you’re not from Madrid and you’re visiting, you’re probably worried about sitting in the wrong place and ending up paying a fortune for food.

On the other hand, if you are from the city or if you go there regularly, you may end up eating at the same places as usual. If you are completely lost or want to discover new places, you are in luck Want to know where to eat in Madrid? In this article, I share with you 9 recommended restaurants in the city.

The pump

El Escarpin Restaurant, Madrid

Finding a restaurant where you can eat well and cheaply in the center of Madrid can be a real challenge. The shoe is a traditional Asturian cider house and it’s one of those places where you find yourself with a full stomach for a reasonable price. It is located on Hileras Street, very close to Plaza Mayor. The restaurant opened its doors in 1975 and has become a modern and renovated place, while maintaining its traditional essence.

L’Escarpín offers a super complete menu of the day, with first and second course, for only 12 euros. In addition, its menu is very varied, you can opt for an exquisite tasting menu or opt for a typical Asturian dish. If you go, be sure to try the special three-cheese cachopo, exclusive to the house, and the beans with clams, which are particularly good.

The Hummuseria

La Hummuseria, Madrid

I love hummus. In fact, I could take it every day of my life without getting bored. However, I never imagined that there could be a restaurant that would devote its entire menu to this dish originating from the Middle East. La Hummuseria, opened in 2015 by an Israeli couple, offers healthy cuisine with vegan options in which hummus is the protagonist. So, if you are a lover of vegetables, spices and, of course, hummus, you cannot miss this restaurant! It’s proof that you can eat out, enjoy countless flavors, and maintain a healthy diet.

The place is also very nice. The modern decoration, the wood and the combination of colors make La Hummuseria a very welcoming place where you breathe good vibes.

Penthouse 11

Penthouse 11, Madrid

If you are passing through or if, like me, you love the city, you cannot leave Madrid without enjoying one of the best views of the capital.There are hotels that, on the top floor, have a terrace for eating and drinking. Although these places are usually not very cheap, it is worth going once in a while.


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The terrace at the Iberoestar Las Letras hotel, Ático 11, is my favorite. With a young and relaxed atmosphere, Ático 11 is the great place to watch the sunset, have cocktails and listen to good music. On Saturday and Friday evenings they organize DJ sessions, a good plan if you are looking to have fun in an innovative and exclusive place.

Another interesting aspect is its cuisine, based on the Mediterranean diet and products gourmet of national origin. The dishes were designed by chef Rafael Cordón and are prepared in a gourmet bar located in the open air, in view of the customer.

El Chaparrito Mayor Taqueria

Taqueria El Chaparrito Mayor, Madrid

Sometimes you want to vary and try new things, luckily Madrid is the ideal city to do it. For 2020 – 2021 it has been named Ibero-American Capital of Gastronomic Culture. So if you like latin fooddon’t worry, you don’t have to fly every weekend to enjoy it.

Personally, I am passionate about Mexican gastronomy and I have visited different taquerias in Madrid. Without a doubt, my favorite was “El Chaparrito Mayor”. It’s a local, located about 200 meters from the Plaza Mayor and it’s incredibly cheap. They offer tacos for 1 euro, so you can try almost all the menu. They are delicious ! I have been to Mexico and I can swear the food there teleports you.

If you are in the center and you don’t feel like spending too much money, this plan is very interesting. The place is very picturesque., is decorated with bright colors, murals and details that will make you travel. The staff is very friendly. If you’re short on time, I recommend sitting at the bar, ordering some margaritas and a few tacos, the cochinita pibil and the classic tacos al pastor.

Castilian miyama

Miyama Castellana, Madrid

If you still want travel through flavors, you will love the Miyama Castellana. This Japanese restaurant opened its doors in Madrid in 2009 and since then has won over lovers of Japanese cuisine.


In the Paseo de la Castellana, the place, minimalist and cozy, is ideal for enjoying a long meal with friends or family. The chef, Junji Odaka, managed to concoct a menu with the Japan’s most traditional dishesgiving it a modern touch and a neat aesthetic.

The restaurant is not particularly cheap but, being very high quality food, the prices are not exorbitant either. Among the must-haves on his menu are: wagyu meat, sashimi bull, the nigiri of tuna and, of course, the Sushi.

House Lhardy

Restaurant Casa Lhardy, Madrid

When you arrive in a new city, the interesting thing is to try its typical dishes. The Madrid stew It is the most traditional of all the gastronomy of the community, so if you are not from Madrid you should not miss the opportunity to try it.

There are countless places where they serve a good stew, but if it’s your first time… Why not do it in a place steeped in history? Casa Lhardy, a few meters from Puerta del Sol, was founded in 1839. The restaurant, considered the first in all of Madrid, maintains the decoration of the 19th century and it even appears mentioned in the work of writers of the stature of Benito Pérez Galdós or Luis Coloma. So if you want to experience the most traditional Madrid, this place is exactly what you are looking for.

As for the stew, you will see that it is quite a science to eat it. At Casa Lhardy, it is served in two parts, first the soup and then the rest. I like to eat everything together, I guess for many people from Madrid this will be a huge aberration. But, eat it how you eat it, the stew is delicious and feels great in the winter.

The bell

The Bell, Madrid

If we continue talking about typical food, we cannot forget the squid sandwich. It may seem like an “exotic” combination for those of us who are not from the city and therefore there are people who don’t dare to try it, but I assure you it’s to die for on the ground. There is a lot of premises around the Plaza Mayor who serve it and although they are usually full of people as it is a very touristy place, it is worth waiting and eating your sandwich while you are sightseeing.

La Campana bar is one of the most classic in Madrid and sells squid sandwiches for only 3 euros. The service is very fast and the beer is very cold What more could you want!?

Tavern and Media

Tavern and media, Madrid

Is there anything more romantic than a good dinner accompanied by wine? Tavern and Media is the ideal restaurant to surprise your partner, or whoever else pleases you, with an excellent meal in an intimate and special atmosphere. Also, it’s just next to Retiro Park, one of the most emblematic places in Madrid. Strolling in this green lung is a privilege, nothing better to lower the food!


The restaurant has a very beautiful history behind it, it is the project of a father and a son, José Luís and Sergio Martínez, who joined their ideas to create a area dedicated to tapas and traditional portions.

At the bar and in the dining room, they offer top quality products, very traditional dishes with gastronomic accents. The stewed cheek with vegetables and cocoa, the house salad and the tripe have a spectacular flavor. If you’re like me, who always leaves room for dessert, you won’t be able to resist the urge to order the creamy aniseed French toast and its vanilla ice cream.

Angel Sierra Tavern

Angel Sierra Tavern, Madrid

Vermouth is an institution in Madrid, if you want to feel like a purebred Madridista, you can’t miss the aperitivo hour. Finding a good vermouth in Madrid is relatively easy, there are sites that even offer different types. For example, La Hora del Vermut, in the Mercado de San Miguel, has a total of 80 brands of national origin. It is a temple dedicated to this drink which also offers a very good menu of tapas and pickles.

However, I am more of a local who breathes tradition and, to drink vermouth, nothing better than a good tavern with the barrels in sight. The Taberna de Ángel Sierra is, perhaps, the most authentic place I have come across in the city. Located in Chueca, it stands out for its decoration. The bottles stacked on the walls, the dark wood, the ceilings full of pictures and paintings, the framed souvenirs and the tiles of the Cartuja de Sevilla make it a unique space that deserves to be visited.

Madrid is a lot of fun and I’m sure you will fall in love with it. I hope this list of 9 recommended restaurants in the city will help you enjoy its gastronomy, but if you want to make the most of your stay in the capital, you can take inspiration from this list of the 10 best things to do in Madrid .

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