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WHERE is the Longest Swimming Pool in EUROPE?

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Orcera Pool

have you ever wondered where is the longest swimming pool in Europe? In such a case, you may have thought it was in a country far from Spain. However, it is closer than you think, because if we are talking strictly about longitude, it is located in the city of Jaen de Orcera.

Because, in terms of size and height, the largest swimming pool in Europe is the one located in the Ohai Resort of Nazare in Portugal. It is a combination of multiple shipping containers that make up five tall pool vessels. Specifically, it is six meters high and has a capacity of 180 square meters. But now let’s focus on where the longest swimming pool is. Europe.

Armujo: The Longest Swimming Pool in Europe


View of Orcera, where the longest swimming pool in Europe is located

Orcera It is a small town located in the northeast of the province of Jaen. Much of its civic mandate is in the wonderful Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas Natural Parkwhile another borders the province of royal city.

One of its most remarkable natural sites is Armujo, where the longest swimming pool in Europe is located and which, in other times, was a kind of river beach. In fact, the pool is still today filled with water from the river. And the amount needed will give you an idea of ​​the fact that it takes two days to make.

Because the Orcera pool has 85.5 meters long by 19.1 wide. Its capacity is 1250 people, which is striking. Because the city of Jaén has, according to the National Institute of Statistics, 1835 inhabitants. Therefore, almost 70% of Orcera’s population could fit in this huge basin.

On the other hand, it is not the only leisure space available to the city. in the village of the noise you have the homonymous waterfalls of the Morles River. There are three waterfalls and to see them you have to follow a hiking trail. Similarly, in this area there is also the Orcera Lagoon which is located in a spectacular landscape of pine forests at an altitude of 1,270 meters and at the foot of the Calar de Navalperal.

However, it’s not just the longest swimming pool in Europe and these natural wonders that give you Orcera. He also has an interest monumental heritage. But, before telling you about this one, we will continue to show you gigantic and curious swimming pools.

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Scuba divers

Orcera is not the deepest pool you can find in our country. It’s in the Province of Madrid more specifically in the X Shopping Center in Alcorcón. This colossal swimming pool is 2500 square meters and a depth of no less than 20 meters. In fact, you can even practice diving and snorkeling here.

It is part, within the complex, of tidepolis and it offers you a diving center where you can get your diploma or sign up for trips to enjoy this activity at sea. Likewise, this set consists of three basins: the one we have already mentioned, another for the initiation and a third that even simulates sea currents so you know what it’s like to practice diving with them. In total, there are 1600 square meters dedicated to the world of diving where you will also find specialized shops, bars and restaurants.

What is the Longest Swimming Pool in the world?

Pool of San Alfonso del Mar

The longest swimming pool in the world, in San Alfonso del Mar

Now we will briefly tell you about the largest swimming pool in the world, the dimensions of which will also surprise you. Because it measures no less than 1012 meters long from one end to the other. It is capable of holding 250 million liters of water which, by the way, is salty, since it is extracted from the sea. In addition, it undergoes a process called oxygenation under pressure which cleans and purifies. Thanks to this, it practically does not need any chemicals for its maintenance.


This gigantic swimming pool is located in the tourist complex of San Alfonso del Mar located at Valparaiso (Chili). It was built in the early 90s by the Chilean company Crystal Lagoons and, thanks to its colossal dimensions, it allows you to practice sports such as windsurfing, diving or sailing on small sailboats.

Out of curiosity, we will tell you that at one end of the pool there is a small heated pool covered by a glass pyramid which is the largest in Chile. This tourist complex also offers apartments, restaurants, a supermarket and spaamong other amenities.

Other curious pools in the world

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls, where the so-called Devil’s Pool is located

Since we are talking about gigantic swimming pools, we cannot help but show you other very curious ones for other reasons. This is the case of the swimming pool Address of Dubai Beach Resort. It is the highest in the world, since it is on the 77th floor, at 294 meters above sea level. It replaced Singapore’s Marina Bay Sand, which was on the 57th floor, in this record.

Without leaving Dubai you have the call deep dive which, as its name suggests, is characterized by its depth. With its 70 meters the Guinness Book of Records It is recognized as the deepest fresh water for diving in the world. It has no less than 14 million liters of water, is covered with an oyster-shaped structure and even has an underwater film studio.

Of course, if we’re talking about dangerous swimming pools, it takes the cake the devil’s In Victoria Falls of Zambia. Its name is not accidental, since it is right on the edge of the imposing waterfall of a hundred meters high. In this case, it is a natural swimming pool in the zambezi river which is separated from the jump only by a prominent rock. In fact, swimming is only allowed in the dry season. If we did it in the wet, the water would drag us.

But, to go up in the heights, the swimming pool of the Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao in beijing. Because it is located on the twenty-fourth floor and, in addition, it has the particularity that its bottom is transparent. Thus, if you bathe there, you will have the impression of floating in the air.

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Similar to the latter is pool of heaven of London, which allows you to swim 35 meters high between two buildings. In its case, it houses nearly one hundred and fifty thousand liters of water and its floor is also transparent. But now back to Orcera to tell you a little more about this beautiful villa.

Orcera, the longest swimming pool in Europe and much more

Orcera Church Square

Town hall and Church of Our Lady of the Assumption in Orcera

The city of Jaén has a beautiful historical Center of whitewashed houses adorned with flowers. It is a perfect example of popular mountain architecture. These are neighborhoods like Saint Bastien That is The rock, of medieval origin and an unmistakable Islamic aftertaste due to its narrow and intricate streets. However, in San José and Genaro de la Parra streets you can see 19th century buildings built by the neighborhood bourgeoisie in an eclectic style.

As for religious architecture, the great symbol of Orcera is the precious Church of Our Lady of the Assumption. Built in the 16th century, it is a temple with a single nave divided by transverse semicircular arches into four bays. But its most remarkable element is the impressive mannerist cover which constitutes a whole altarpiece. It houses different religious figures in niches and other allegorical figures related to Faith and Hope. This blanket was brought to the church from the nearby monastery of Nuestra Señora de la Peña, which was abandoned after the confiscation of Mendizábal.

It also belongs to the religious heritage of Orcera the Hermitage of Calvary, a small popular building dated between the 18th and 19th centuries. Its forms are simple, with a gabled roof and a small bell tower at the top. Inside, it houses an ancient sculpture of jesus nazarene full-scale.

For its part, in the old town you can also see the FSource of the Chorros. It has a large masonry facade with two semicircular arches from which spring two bronze cannons. The monument ends with a large triangular pediment in which the coat of arms of the city stands out. There is no documentation on the date of its construction, but its classicist forms have given rise to two theses: either it was built at the same time as the church, or in the 18th century. Finally, we advise you to visit in Orcera the santa catalina towers. These are three Muslim defensive watchtowers dating back to the 12th century. They are located on the outskirts of the city and the nearest one, of rectangular plan, was surrounded by a fortified wall of which there are no remains.

In conclusion, we have answered your question about where is the longest swimming pool in Europe. But we have also told you about other pools of very curious or colossal size. Dare to visit the Orcera and enjoy this beautiful city in the province of Jaen full of natural beauty and history.

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