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WHAT to See on AROUSA Island – SPAIN

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Arousa Lighthouse

Galicia it has many wonderful destinations where one can enjoy summer or spring. For example, in the Arosa estuary is this beautiful island of the same name. It is a small island, with eleven kilometers of white sand beaches.

Can you imagine this charming little paradise? Well let’s see today what to see on the island of Arousa.

Arousa Island


It is part of the province of Pontevedra, Galicia. barely measure seven square kilometers of surface, with 36 kilometers of coastline, including eleven beaches. People live concentrated on a fairly narrow isthmus and its surroundings. A two kilometer long bridge keeps it connected to the mainland.

The European Union has declared this island Nature reserve for the beauty and extension of its coasts and white sand beaches. And for these same reasons, it is a very valuable tourist destination for Galicia. It invites you to relax and is a little paradise.

the island it is in front of Villanueva de Arousa and between the towns of Villagarcía de Arousa and Cambados. It’s not the only island in the estuary that is worth visiting, but it is true that it is super easy to access thanks to the bridge that was built in the mid-1980s. In other words, you do not need to use boats to cross, which is necessary when we talk about other Galician islands such as the Cíes Islands or Sávora, to name a few examples.

How to get to Arousa Island? You arrive by car in a few minutes thanks to the bridge that connects the island and the mainland. The bridge is also one of the longest in Spain. At the time it was even the longest in Galicia, did you know that? You can get there in just over half an hour from O Grove, Pontevedra is only 40 kilometers away and Santiago de Compostela 60 kilometers nothing more. That is to say, it is a nearby paradise.

What to see on the island of Arousa

Arousa Island

Although for a time fame eluded this island, today it is no longer the case and it is a well-known destination. It means that there are a lot of people in summer, it’s true, because it’s beautiful but also because it’s super accessible.


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You can start your visit to the island by taking a look at the Arousa Tourist Office. In addition to its tourist aid functions, it is a very interesting site, since works in an old factory, a canning and salt company that at the time supplied the Spanish royal house with its products. It operated until the middle of the 20th century and was then rebuilt. Today it houses a permanent exhibition and a conservation and interpretation centre. You find it in the city center and yes, it is the best starting point for your visit to the island.

Arousa Beaches

As I said before, Arousa is so beautiful that in the summer it becomes very popular. That’s to say in July and August it can explode. Therefore, if you can, this September is a good time to go. Any weekend is ideal to enjoy the best of the island, its beaches.

And what beaches! It is some of the best beaches in Galicia, and to this is added that in the extreme south of the island there is an even more beautiful natural park, with a virgin coast. But in addition to these beaches, which we will talk about later, there are others without the need to enter the park. For instance, the beaches of Camañinas, Bao, GFradín, Naso, Da Secada and Lavanqueira.

Punta Cabalo Lighthouse

When there is wind, which is usual, it is better to take refuge in a cove. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to check the weather to see possible plan options. But are there only beaches? No, you can also visit a lighthouse, the Punta Cabalo Lighthouse, for example. Watching the sunset from this point is a beauty, unless a hellish wind is blowing.


Around the lighthouse you can walk. From the lighthouse begins (or ends), a very simple path that reaches the area where the town is located. The path runs along cliffs parallel to the coast, with breathtaking views of the sea. And the good thing is that it is an easy path to walk, which can be done even with children. Even the area closest to the lighthouse which has wooden walkways. The little path travels 1.8 kilometers and ends in about half an hour of walking. You can start at Playa do Nabal or this is the end point. You choose.

view from the belvedere of Arousa

The Panoramic Point With Do Forno It’s one of the best on the island and the one that will give you the best photos. The lookout is amazing. 68 meters above sea level. You see the whole island. You can get there on foot or by car. You can see the bridge that connects the island to the mainland, the port area, the town houses and the Carreirón Natural Park. There is also a geodesic top and a sculpture of Christ.

You can also enjoy a nautical activity, such as boat or kayak. The kayaking thing works really well here. The estuary of the island, like the whole Baixas estuary, is full of rafts. You can rent a boat or kayak from one of the many companies that offer these services. If you’re going with kids, it’s great. You can also take advantage of the winds and make sailboard or dive into the coast and tuba.

The Sea passage of the city is another possible visit. Visit the Porto do Xufre It is worth it because it is the most important fishing port on the island. It is right next to the fish market and is a good starting point for a walk to the lighthouse. As you walk, you discover the city with its traditional houses.

apartments for rent in Arousa

Is it possible to spend the night on the island of Arousa? In low season it’s super quiet, but in summer, if you want to stay a few nights, it is always advisable to book in advance. This, yes, there are no big hotels, so it is better to rent an apartment. The offer is varied and there are good prices. There are also many that have ocean views. If you can afford one, great.

Arousa Island Natural Park

Finally, the Carreiron Natural Park, the treasure of the island. It’s really spectacular. Have 1.3 square kilometers in area, with forests and beaches which can only be explored on foot. That is, yes or yes, you have to leave the car on the outskirts of the park. There are car parks and they are paying because you cannot leave the car anywhere. Count around 3 euros.

There is a circular route Without stopping, it will take you about an hour and a half to walk, but if you stop, it will surely take you longer. And it will be impossible not to do it because the views are superb. In the park there are not only forests, here in the south of the island there are also beaches. You jump from beach to beach and they are all beautiful. My advice is that you walk, explore and don’t stay with the first one you find. There are always more people in these first options because in general nobody wants to walk a lot. So if you dare to continue a little longer, you will be fully rewarded with virgin and almost empty beaches.

Carreiron Natural Park

In fact, the best beaches on the island of Arousa are found in the southwestern sector of the park: very white sand, transparent waters, almost a Galician Caribbean. And when there is no one around, you can always practice a bit of nudism. Which beaches are good in the park? As Margaritas, Playa Lontreira, A Lameira and Xestelas, Espiños, A Cruxz and Punta Carreirón they will not disappoint you.

sand island

One last tip: Opposite the island of Arousa there is a small islet called Arenoso, a simple atoll that you can reach by rental kayak or on an excursion. It is a protected island, so you must take care of the environment and leave no litter.

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