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WHAT to SEE in VENICE in 1 Day?

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Venice it needs no introduction. Impossible to travel to Italy as a tourist and not want to walk around the city of canals. But what happens when you don’t have much time? How many of his wonders will we be forgotten? What should we prioritize in our tourist visits if we have little time, very little time?

Because one day alone in Venice is not little, it is very little, so today at Travvel Guide, what to see in venice in one day. Precise!

Venice in a day

The truth is that even though 24 hours in Venice It’s very little time, the compactness of the city helps that at that time we can still do a lot. Of course, there will still be things going on, but you should know that a single trip to Italy is usually not very pleasant, so be prepared to come back as many times as you want and can.

First, the bridges of venice. The “city of bridges” is supremely elegant. Venice was built directly on a lagoon in which there are 118 islands of different sizes, crossed in turn by 115 channels and several bridges. In fact they are 400 bridges and 72 of them are private bridges. In other words, they have owners.

Some of these bridges still have padlocks, those that have been put on by tourists and have been banned for some time now. Impossible to visit 400 bridges in one day so, which bridges to visit? The most famous is the bridge of sighs linking the Doge’s Palace to the old prison. The decorations are prodigious and it has inspired bridges in Germany, Scotland, England and even the United States.

This bridge gave the prisoners their last glimpse of the outside world because once they crossed it they were either in prison or they died, if their sentence was death. Will there be ghosts? Some say yes, yes, and if you listen carefully you can hear the sighs of the prisoners as they walk slowly and sadly inside the bridge. But if you go there with your partner, you can think of something other than the sad sighs of the damned: another legend says that if you kiss your love while passing under the bridge at sunset, you will enjoy eternal love .

Another bridge worth knowing is the Rialto Bridge. The Rialto Bridge It is the oldest bridge in Venice and the most famous of the four bridges that cross the Grand Canal. It is already about eight centuries old and of course many restorations and reconstructions. But in our days it has arrived elegant and majestic. More beautiful.

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The Rialto was born as a pontoon bridge, but was replaced by a wooden version in 1255. It burned down a few times and then fell into the water much more, until a stone version supplanted it in 1591. And since then it has been made of stone. My advice is that you visit it because the views of the Grand Canal are a sight to behold and you can take pictures of the neighborhoods of San Marco and San Polo, visit the Rialto market and eat something there, always cheaper than in the popular Piazza San Marco.

Is it convenient to travel by gondola? It’s a very personal decision. There are people who can’t imagine setting foot in Venice without taking a gondola ride, others who aren’t ready to pay so much for something so touristy. But if you want to walk for a while from the water, the idea is great. Yes, you can choose to do it by vaporetto, but the gondola… it’s the gondola! It seems that hundreds of years ago the waters of Venice were crossed by more than 10,000 gondolas, although Today, there are only 500 left.


How much does a gondola ride cost? Around 80 euros for 40 minutes walk. Yes, a bit pricey, but you can haggle. In addition, the gondolas can carry up to 6 people. If you paint romance, the gondola ride at sunset, after 7 p.m., goes up to 100 euros. All tours depart from the Santa Maria del Giglio gondola station, just five minutes from Piazza San Marco. You can book in advance and offer alternative routes, although it costs more.

And speaking of the St. Mark’s Square This is something a day in Venice cannot miss. It is the heart of the city, on the waterfront and with the beautiful Basilica of San Marco, many museums and the Ducal Palace. The downside is that tourists abound, especially in the evening. Of course, prepare to pay super expensive everything.

If you like museums, you can buy the St. Mark’s Museums Pass, there are no individual tickets. This pass opens the doors to the Correr Museum, the National Archaeological Museum, the Doge’s Palace and the Monumental Rooms of the National Library of Marciana. It costs 20 euros per adult. nothing bad. For me it is highly recommended because this way you will have a more interior impression of Venice, which is more than squares and canals.

The Doge’s Palace is of great Gothic beauty and its white and pale pink marble facade is divine. The interior is full of art and history: you can visit the central courtyard, the Opera Museum, the armory, the prison and the state rooms. And if you like it very much, you can register for an additional price at Secret routes which includes the dungeon where casanova He was detained and from which he escaped.

The Basilica of San Marco it was originally the chapel of the Doges, but in 1807 it was transformed into a Venetian cathedral. Its exterior is Byzantine in style and it is as wealthy as the Republic of Venice was. The original version is from the 9th century, it kept the body of Saint Mark the Evangelist, but it was stolen in 828. Inside there is a rich decoration with thousands of golden mosaics, combining the Byzantine style with the Romanesque and the Gothic.

If you go there between 11:30 and 12_45 on weekdays, you will see the interior lit up. Otherwise, enjoy how the colors change with the sunlight filtering through the windows. But inside you won’t stay more than 10 or 15 minutes. Free entry although if you go up to the museum and the high altar you have to pay 5 euros and 2 more if you go to the Treasury. As always, if you don’t want to wait, and with only 24 hours you don’t, it’s always a good idea to make a reservation. Especially if you go between April and October!

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You can also climb bell tower of St. Mark. If you have visited Florence and liked it, then here you can repeat the experience. It is the bell tower of the basilica and the tallest structure in the city. The Panoramic views from the top they are great. What should you know about him before you go? Originally a lighthouse for sailors, it was restored several times and in 1902 it collapsed, killing several people. A decade later, its reconstruction brought it back to life.

the bell tower it has five bells, each had its own vocation in the past: they are called Trottiera, Nona, Malefico, Mezza terz and Maragona. There is also a statue of the Archangel Gabriel. Entrance costs 8 euros and 13 in advance, but you avoid the queues.

When we talk about gondolas we are talking about vaporetto. An alternative, if the gondola is expensive but you want to ride on water, is to take the vaparetto to the island of San Giodio Maggiore, with its beautiful church and monastery. A standard ticket costs around 5 euros.

Finally, with only a day to discover Venice the truth is that you don’t have to keep it indoors for long. Neither in churches, nor in museums, nor in vaparettos. you have to walk observe, appreciate, stroll, stop. Venice is a compact city best explored on foot. The Rialtine Islands, in the central area, are small enough to be covered from one end to the other in about an hour.

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