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What to see in the Tabernas Desert

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Almeria is a province of Andalusia and Tabernas is located there, a town located right next to the desert that bears its name: Tabernas Desert. It is one of the driest places in all of Europe and gets plenty of sunshine.

Today we are going to see what you can do and see in the desert of Tabernasa site still much visited by film productions.

Tabernas Desert

This area of ​​Almería has a very arid Mediterranean climate, with very hot summers and barely cool winters. Calmly now there may be 45ºC and the rain is conspicuous by its absence. This is why we find here one of the few deserts on the European continent.

Today it is protected as “nature corner” and has a few 280 square kilometers of surface. We said earlier that the rain is conspicuous by its virtual absence, but in truth the times when it rains it is torrential, so there are marls and sedimentary sands. The vegetation is very poor and in addition it is eroding all the time.

The desert It is between the Sierra de los Filabres and the Sierra Alhamillatherefore isolated from the wet currents of the Mediterranean Sea. It is only 30 kilometers from the capital of the province so if you like these landscapes you can make a day trip.

Visit the Tabernas Desert

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If you like deserts and you are fan of the geology and history of the planet, it is a very good excursion destination. Geologists say that millions of years ago this part of the country was under the waters of the sea, so your floors have ancient fossils recovered thanks to the action of rains and winds over the centuries. I’m talking about animal and plant fossils.

But you can also love the present, so in that sense you can see that there are many endemic species, especially birds. The birds are found in the area of ​​the boulevards, the wettest area, and also on the rocky slopes, where they build their nests. There are frogs, toads, lizards, snakes, red partridges, hawks pilgrims, eagles, eagle owls, rodents, rabbits, foxes, pigeons, sparrows, hedgehogs, hares, dormouse…

As for plants, small bushes. For example, as a legacy from the Jurassic, there is the Euzomodendron budeanum, a perennial shrub endemic to the desert and in danger of extinction. There are also hard-leaved glassworts all over the boulevards, prickly pears, esparto, scrub, mugwort, thyme, carnation and others. In other parts of the desert you can see small oases and it is here that there are the most aquatic species.

We said before that being one of the few deserts in Europe many films have been shot here no need to go to Arica or America. For example, some Italian westerns of the 60s and 70s. The famous spaghetti western by Sergio Leone. So Clint Eastwood, Henry Fonda or Charles Bronson and even the famous Japanese actor Toshiro Mifune walked here.

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So when you see For a bunch of dollars That is The good the bad and the ugly, all films of the 60s, remember that they were shot here, in the desert of Tabernas. But only cheap westerns? No, what do hit movies look like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Terminator: Dark Fate, Assassin’s Creed or Cleopatra or Lawrence of Arabia were also made here. Likewise, Conan the Barbarian with a super young Arnold Swarzenegger.

Add some of Dr Who, Exodusscenes from Game Of Thrones in season six, an episode of black mirror…and the truth is, it’s a super famous site, don’t you think? But has anything remained of everything that was filmed? Yes, in some areas some of the decorations remained. Luckily there are a few signs that guide us on this journey of discovery and if you want something livelier there is always the Oasys Mini Hollywood, Rancho Western Leone or Fort Bravo.

By visiting these settings, you will be able to better know or imagine life in the American Far West. So you will see the classic tavern, a bank, a hotel, a church and the sheriff’s office. Even some surrounding Mexican towns were also recreated, or Indian settlements or strong outposts. It should be considered that at this time of Hollywood-style filming, some 14 cities were recreated here, and it is they that have, in part, survived to the present day as amusement park.

Calculate that a seven-hour tour including bus transport, entry to Fort Bravo, a horse-drawn carriage ride, and entry to Tabernas Castle and the Interpretation Center costs around 57 euros per adult.

But let’s think for a moment about what paths or routes to do in the Tabernas desert. There are several possible routes, depending on how much time you have or what you want to visit. If you have a car or have rented one, then get into a vehicle It’s great because you get access to the most used movie sets here. All you need is a good map on hand. Be careful, there are no paved roads, so if you are going to have a car, it is better that it is 4×4.

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If, on the other hand, you like to walk and you do it well and you don’t get tired, you can do the desert traila way of 14 kilometers in total which are done in about 5 hours. Too much for you? Well you can opt for the short version of only 9 kilometers which is done in 3 hours. The difficulty of both routes is low, you only add walking time. East hiking route You can do it alone or with a guide. Good option!

Finally, one can visit the town of Tabernas itself. The area has always been extremely arid, but that didn’t stop the Arabs from occupying the area for a long time. There is therefore a castle of Arab origin from the 11th century, Once the most important citadel in Almería, there is also the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación and the town hall building built between the 18th and 19th centuries.

You already know that summer may not be the best time of year to go on a trip to Almería, but as soon as winter arrives, how about taking a trip to the American Wild West ?

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