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What to see in Santo Domingo

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Square in Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is located in the Dominican Republic and it is a very popular vacation spot. It has a typical Caribbean climate with high temperatures and high humidity and from June to November there is the stormy season, so it is best to visit this place in the first months of the year. On the other hand, this destination is perfect for enjoying its good weather and that colonial touch of its old neighborhood.

In Santo Domingo, we can enjoy natural spaces of great beauty, beaches but also an old town that tells us a lot about its history. This island that Christopher Columbus called Española when he arrived in America is today a wonderful tourist destination with lots to see.

Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo

Cathedral of Saint Dominic

One of the most interesting places we can see in Santo Domingo it is its colonial zone, which is the oldest. You can see the magnificent Cathedral of Santo Domingo, which has the privilege of being the first church built in the New World. It is also known as the first cathedral in America and was erected in the 16th century. It has a Gothic-Renaissance style and inside you can see altarpieces. Parque Colón is the central area of ​​this old part which belongs to the first European city founded in America. In this square we can see a statue dedicated to Christopher Columbus and enjoy a good atmosphere.

Fort in Santo Domingo

Another part that can be seen in colonial area is Ozama fortress located opposite the mouth of the Ozama River. This 15th century fortress was built in a distinct medieval style, inspired by European castles, but over time it expanded with other parts. Today it is possible to access it through the Carlos III gate to see the remarkable medieval-style Torre del Homenaje, the powder magazine or the shooting areas. In the Alcázar de Colón museum we can see the first viceregal palace in the New World, which had to be restored after years of neglect. Today you can see several rooms with period furniture. Another of the museums in the old town is the Museo de las Casas Reales. In this museum it is possible to know the colonial history of the country. Formerly this building was the Palace of the Governors and the Royal Court.

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Columbus Lighthouse

Columbus Lighthouse

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This beautiful monument is a square erected in honor of Christopher Columbus. It was finally built in the 20th century, although the idea had been around for centuries. The idea was that the monument represented a Mayan pyramid on one side and a cross on the other to symbolize the union of these two worlds. It is a large space that must be visited in peace. Inside we have several rooms in which there are temporary exhibitions and also places such as the Archaeological Museum, the Map Library or the Great Library.

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The Caves of the Three Eyes

Cave of the Three Eyes

If we want to get out of the city a bit and discover incredible natural landscapes like the Cuevas de los Tres Ojos. These caves are located in the Parque Mirador del Este. There are several indoor lakes and one outdoor. We will be able to see several of them, such as Sulfur Lake which has a white background and which receives its name because it was thought to contain sulphur, although it was later discovered that it did not. In La Nevera we find the coldest of the three or the Lago de las Damas, which was a place used as a spa for children and women. You can visit the caves by boat and admire the walls, some of which are painted by ancient Aborigines.

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden

It’s him the largest botanical garden in the Caribbean and it is said to be one of the most interesting in the world, so it is worth a visit. It was inaugurated in the 70s in order to preserve the biodiversity of the region. You can find several ecosystems and thousands of botanically cataloged species. There are different places that stand out during this visit, such as the central square or the Flower Clock. There is an ecological museum and you can visit the Herbalist, in which there are medicinal, aromatic and even poisonous plants. Throughout the year there are also various activities such as courses or conferences and even the National Festival of Plants and Flowers.

Malecon of Santo Domingo

The area of walk in Santo Domingo is undoubtedly a leisure space. Although it is known as the Malecón, it is actually called George Washington Avenue and runs parallel to the coast. In this place we find many luxury hotels, casinos, important restaurants and party places. It’s a very lively place, day and night, and the perfect place to go for a walk or have a little fun.

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