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What to SEE in Santa Eulalia – IBIZA

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View of Santa Eulalia in Ibiza

What to see in Santa Eulalia in Ibiza? If you ask yourself this question because you are going to visit this city, we will tell you that it offers you all the charm of this Balearic island. It has no less than forty-six kilometers of coastline planted with urban beaches and pristine sandbanks. But also with many hiking trails and an enviable climate.

Santa Eulalia del Rio its full name, comes from the fact that it shelters the only river bed that exists in the whole the Balearic Islands. It was already inhabited in the Muslim era, but it was with the conquest by the Crown of Aragon when he began to acquire his current traits. Today the city is one of the main tourist centers of Ibiza thanks to its magnificent infrastructure and its more than three hundred hours of sunshine per year. But, to answer your question, we will explain what to see in Santa Eulalia in Ibiza.

Puig de Missa

Puig de Missa

View from Puig de Missa

It is the main symbol of Ibiza Town. In fact, after the aforementioned Aragonese conquest, the city was built from it. It is located on a hill fifty meters high and is an architectural complex consisting of a church with its cemetery and several small houses.

But it was also a fortification with its defense tower equipped with cannons to protect against pirate attacks. Precisely the church was built in the sixteenth century on the remains of an older one that was left in ruins after an incursion of these. However, the temple porch, which is the largest in all the Balearic Islands, was built in the 17th century to give more aesthetic value to the complex.

You have a beautiful hiking trail that takes you from the center of Santa Eulalia to Puig de Missa. We advise you to visit it to appreciate the magnificent views of the coast it offers. You will also enjoy typical streets and along the way you can see Can Ros which we will discuss later.

On the other hand, the town has other churches that are worth seeing. This is the case of that of Jesus, which is perhaps the least known. It was built in the 15th century and is characterized by its white walls and simple shapes. But inside, a big surprise awaits you. And it’s that his main altarpiece It is one of the main sacred jewels of the island. It is made up of twenty-five panels painted by the Valencians Rodrigo and Francisco de Osona in 1498. Although it responds to the late Gothic, it already presents features of the nascent Renaissance.


Finally, in terms of religious heritage, we recommend that you also visit the Church of Santa Gertrudis, built at the end of the 18th century. Likewise, it has a beautiful altarpiece, but its porch is more original, very curious due to its small size.

Can Ros, another unmissable thing to see in Santa Eulalia in Ibiza

Town Hall of Santa Eulalia


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Town Hall of Santa Eulalia del Río

We have already mentioned Can Ros when talking about Puig de Missa. But now we will explain what it is. It’s all one ethnographic museum which shows you what life was like in Ibiza before the arrival of tourism. The exhibition includes clothes, household objects, peasant utensils, musical instruments, weapons and even jewelry.

But, as important as the interior is the building. The museum is located in a typical setting Villa among the many you will find in the area. This type of construction is a perfect example of rural architecture, with its porch and balcony, kitchen and bedrooms, cellar, mill and well with cistern. In short, a beauty and a functional marvel.

On the other hand, it is not the only museum you will find in Ibiza Town. The Barau room located on the beautiful promenade of Santa Eulalia, home to paintings by the Barcelona artist Laura Barrau, who arrived on the island in 1912 after training in France and Italy. Fascinated by its light and colors, he devoted himself to depicting his life and his people.

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We also advise you to visit the Can Planetes River Interpretation Center, which is about seven hundred meters from Can Ros. Like this one, it is a country house, but it has the particularity of having the Dalt mill, which you can still see working today. It even preserves the system of canals that brought water from the river and brought it to the fields through ditches.

Pont Vell

Pont Vell

Aerial view of Pont Vell

Precisely, through a pedestrian route, you will arrive from Can Planetes to Pont Vell. It is a route that will also allow you to immerse yourself in the legends of Santa Eulalia. Among them, we cannot resist the urge to tell you about the famous. This name is given to a kind of goblin that has great strength and can be very useful to the peasant who finds it. But he can also spoil it because, when he is not working, he has a voracious appetite.

Well, the legend says that to find one of these characters, you have to go to Pont Vell la Night of San Juan and look under its arches for a type of flower that only appears for a few hours that day. Once found, it should be kept in a dark, corked bottle. When you open it saying the spell feina or menjar (work or food), the goblin will appear.

Legends aside, the Pont Vell was built in the 18th century, although a fourth arch was added the following century. It was the only crossing over the river between the town and the mills until 1927 when a more modern one was built.

Defensive towers and windmill of Es Puig d’en Valls

Bell tower

Campanitx defensive tower

We have already told you about flour mills when talking about Can Planetes. There were up to forty of them on the island of Ibiza, but that of It’s Puig d’en Valls It was one of the last built. It has a cylindrical plant and a height of seven meters. On its roof is born the wooden frame with the blades that rotate by means of a drum mechanism.

Out of curiosity, look at the small windows in its upper part. They were used by the miller to observe the direction of the wind and thus move the blades in the right direction. This type of mill is unique to the Balearic Islands, as it differs from those of the Majorca Yes Minorca in that it is not adjacent to a dwelling.

On the other hand, when we talk about what to see in Santa Eulalia in Ibiza, we must also mention the defensive towers. The most spectacular of them is that of Campanitx, conical in shape and even has a small shed on top. Next to it you should also see those of Can Montserrat, Can Rieró, Can Vidal or Casa Blanca Dona.

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fountains and wells

Tagomago Island

Tagomago Island

It will be very curious to see that the fields of Santa Eulalia are dotted with agricultural wells, some very old. The good example is Pou of Gatzara, which is already documented in the 17th century. Apparently, not only did it give water, but it was also used by the peasants to dance around to celebrate the feast of St. James.

Also, on one of the best hiking trails you can do in Ibiza Town, you will find the Atzaro Fountain. Located on the slope of the homonymous mount, it has also been documented since the 18th century. Next to it, you can also see a whole architectural ensemble that will reveal to you how the water from this source was used for agriculture.

It consists of a securityname given to water reservoirs dug into the ground itself, ditches to irrigate orchards, an oil mill or true and even a laundry room. Very close, in addition, you have the prediale towers of Can Riero Yes Montserrat which we have already mentioned.

Beaches of Santa Eulalia del Río and Tagomago Island

Santa Eulalia Beach

Promenade and beach of Santa Eulalia del Río

Facing the coast of Santa Eulalia, you have the imposing Tagomago Island, which is private property. However, it has been declared a protected area by the Government of the Balearic Islands and can now only be visited for educational purposes. However, you can approach it with permission and appreciate its more than fifteen hundred meters long and a hundred wide. Also you can see his Lighthouse built in 1913.

To end our tour of what to see in Santa Eulalia in Ibiza, we will talk about its beaches. We have already mentioned the good climate of Ibiza Town, so its many sandbanks are essential for bathing in its crystal clear and calm waters.

The Urban beach of Santa Eulalia it is about three hundred meters long and forty wide. Being in a residential and tourist area, it offers you all the services. And you also have many bars and restaurants in its surroundings. For its part, about ten minutes from the city center is the river beach also very safe for the bathroom.

However, you may prefer to visit more wild and pristine coves. In this case, we advise you to Es Pou des Lleo, which forms a beautiful landscape, as it is in a sheltered rocky cove and has old fishermen’s houses. We also recommend the S’Estanyol, which is lined with pine trees and has underwater corners perfect for diving. Finally, in addition to the above, you have other beaches like Aguas Blancas or Es Figueral and coves like Boix, Llenya, Llonga, Mastella, Martina, Olivera or Pada.

In conclusion, we showed you what to see in Santa Eulalia in Ibiza. As you can see, this city has a lot to offer you. But also, since you are on the Balearic Island, take the opportunity to discover other beautiful places like Saint Anthony or yours capital city. Dare to discover this jewel of the Mediterranean.

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