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WHAT to See in PEDRAZA and TURÉGANO – Segovia

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there is a lot of Charming towns of Segovia this is why we strongly advise you to make a getaway to this province of Castile and Leon. In fact, the capital itself, alone, deserves your visit to enjoy its majestic aqueduct and its no less spectacular Alcázar.

But, in addition, the province offers you cities like Sepulveda surrounded by the impressive landscapes of the Hoces del Río Duratón Natural Park, as well as others such as Pierre, which have managed to retain all of its medieval essence. We are going to show you these and other towns that make up our tour of the charming towns of Segovia.

Pedraza, a medieval town

Pedraza Castle

Pedraza Castle, one of the charming towns of Segovia

We have just started our journey through this unique walled city which will take you straight to the Middle Ages. In its narrow and cobbled streets you can see houses with coats of arms on their facades and Romanesque churches such as that of San Juan.

You can also have a coffee in his main square authentically Castilian and travel through the village gate to go to pedraza castle, a 13th century fortress restored in the 15th and 16th centuries. Already in the first decades of the 20th century it was acquired by the painter Ignacio Zuloaga that is why it currently houses a museum dedicated to his figure.

He has even a legend in the style of Romeo and Juliet that we can’t help but tell you. He says that Elvira, the wife of the count of the castle, was in love with a young man named Roberto. When the aristocrat discovered him, he had him assassinated. And, knowing this, the woman committed suicide. The story goes that some people saw them walking hand in hand and with halos of fire above their heads through the castle.

At the same time as the castle belongs the old jail, which was located in a watchtower where the prisoners and the jailer lived in poverty. But we also want to tell you about a very curious festival that is celebrated in Pedraza. It is Candlelight night which takes place at the beginning of July and during which all the lights are turned off to leave the city alone lit by them.

Sepúlveda, one of the most charming towns in Segovia

Sepulveda Jail

The old prison Sepulveda


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We now come to the town of Sepúlveda, declared Historical Art Complex and included in the Most Beautiful Towns in Spain association. As we told you, it is complete Hoces del Río Duratón Natural Park. The heritage of this city of Segovia is so rich that it even has an area of ​​rock art and two archaeological sites belonging to the Visigoth period.


As for the civil monuments, it is necessary to see the Fernan Gonzalez Castle, an ancient Roman fortress rebuilt by this aristocrat. Also the old jail which now houses the tourist office, and several aristocratic mansions. Among these are the houses of the Proaño family, with their spectacular Plateresque façade, and that of the Count of Sepúlveda.

As far as religious architecture is concerned, the city has a spectacular novel set. The churches of the Virgin of the Rock of the twelfth century, San Salvador which is the oldest in the whole province (11th century), and Saint Just current headquarters of Fueros Museum. But we also advise you to see those of San Pedro, San Bartolomé, Santiago and Nuestra Señora de la Asunción.

Ayllón, another privileged natural environment


Aylon town hall

This town also enjoys a privileged natural environment, as it is close to the Hoces del Río Duratón and the Tejera Negra Natural Park. Likewise, it is in its vicinity the archaeological site of the Cave of the Peña de Estebanvela the first of the Upper Palaeolithic discovered in the province of Segovia and where there is also a Visigothic necropolis.

Ayllón dominates from above the La Martina Watchtower. But you can enter the city through the medieval arch that you will find after crossing the Roman bridge that crosses the Aguisejo river. Once inside the city, you have to see the beautiful main square with arcades in the center of which is the building of the city ​​hall, former palace of the Marquises of Villena. And, on the one hand, the Romanesque Church of San Miguel inside which you will see a beautiful Gothic chapel dedicated to Saint Sebastian.


However, the most important church in Ayllón is that of Saint Mary Major, a 17th-century Baroque marvel with a forty-meter-high bell tower ending in a belfry. For its part, the Church of San Juan and the Convent of San Francisco are in ruins. But you can still appreciate its magnificence. We can tell you something similar about the hermitages of San Nicolás and San Martín del Castillo.

For its part, the Convent of the Conceptionist Mothers is Romanesque and the Palace of Bishop Vellosillo Renaissance. The latter houses the Contemporary Art Museum of Ayllón. And, finally, we recommend watching the VSas barracks a former prison considered the oldest building in the city, and the eagle house with his imposing shield.

But, if you want to know more about the rich history of Ayllón, we advise you to take advantage of the theatrical visits which are set in the city and feature Francisca, a 16th century detective.

Cuéllar, another charming towns of Segovia

Cuellar Castle

Cuéllar Castle, another of the most charming towns in Segovia

Likewise, this marvel is a historical and artistic site and it is not surprising. it’s just awesome Castle and his fortified enclosure they already deserve it. The first, known as the Dukes of Alburquerque, served as a refuge for the queen Mary of Molina during the troubles that arose after the death of her husband, Sancho IV.

The triple medieval enclosure of Cuéllar rises from its two ends, which is largely preserved. Already inside the city, you will find so many monuments that it is impossible for us to tell you all about them. But, because of its relevance, one must see the building of the city ​​hall built in the 16th century and which combines the Gothic style with the Renaissance style, as well as the Palace of Pedro I the Cruel or Tower House.

Even more interesting is the set of Mudéjar monuments of Cuellar. Among the remarkable buildings that we recommend you see are the churches of San Esteban, San Andrés and San Martín. But, in total, almost twenty constructions belong to the first period of this style and constitute one of the most remarkable Mudejar centers in the entire Duero basin.


But the wonders of Cuéllar do not stop there. It also offers you an interesting set of monasteries. Among the most important, Santa Clara, which is also the oldest, San Francisco, in Romanesque style, San Basilio and the Purísima Concepción convent. All this without forgetting the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Henar which is on the outskirts and where there is a Romanesque sculpture of the homonymous Virgin.

Anyway, you can also see in Cuéllar mansions like those of the Duke, the Rojas, the Velázquez del Puerco or the Daza, as well as the Palace of Santa Cruz, also Mudéjar.

San Ildefonso Farm

royal palace

Royal Palace and Gardens of San Ildefonso

During our tour of the charming towns of Segovia, we could not miss a stop at the Royal Site of San Ildefonso, so called because it was the summer residence of the kings of Spain. For this reason you have in the villa the spectacular royal palace, whose construction, by order of Felipe V, dates from the beginning of the 18th century. At the time they were doing gardens which mimic the classic French style known to the monarch as a child.

Likewise, along with the palace, other dependencies were built, such as the Former Ladies’ House which now houses the Museum of Tapestry, the Houses of Flowers and Trades, the Royal Stables, the Royal Collegiate Church of the Holy Trinity and the Pantheon of San Ildefonso.

To the same period belongs the Royal Crystal Factory of La Granja, which now houses the Glass Museum. But, besides the royal monuments, the city of Segovia offers you many others. This is the case of the precious Neoclassical Church of Los Dolores or those of San Juan and Rosario. But also the imposing Canons’ house, the Collegiate Church, the Maison Bauer and the Barracks of the Bodyguards. All this without forgetting the Infant Housealso royal heritage and current national tourist inn.

Turégano, another legendary town


Turégano, with its castle in the background

We end our journey through the charming towns of Segovia in this beautiful city whose symbol is the Castle a 12th century fortress that overlooks it from a hill and in which he was imprisoned Anthony Perez the unfaithful secretary of Philip II.

But it is also necessary to visit in Turégano the beautiful santiago church, a formidable Romanesque construction from the 13th century, although reformed in the 17th century. Do not miss its central Baroque altarpiece or other objects of great artistic value from other temples in the province. Finally, near the village is the curious Forest museum.

Likewise, Turégano has a legendary character. It’s about the call Piron’s eye, a bandit born in the commune and who dominated the roads of the region. According to legend, he committed one of his biggest robberies in the La Cuesta neighborhood by taking all the money he had from a wealthy rancher who had just sold all his cattle at the Turégano market.

In conclusion, we have presented to you some of the Charming towns of Segovia. But there are many others that are also worth your visit. For instance, Ryaza with its beautiful Plaza Mayor and its Nuestra Señora del Manto church, dating from the 15th century, or little wood, with its walls and its medieval gate and its church of Santa María. Don’t you think it’s a fascinating trip to visit these cities of Castilla y León?

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