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What to SEE in Ourense – SPAIN

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Ourense is a city in Galicia, capital of the homonymous province. This town in Galicia is well known for its hot springs, being an important point of tourism. It is known as the city of Burgas in honor of these hot springs that emerge in various places. It is crossed by several rivers, the most important being the Miño. A city that is definitely worth visiting.

Let’s see some of the points of interest that the city of Ourense has. A city steeped in heritage, history and leisure areas linked to its hot springs. All of this makes this city an ideal getaway spot for many people.

San Lazaro Park

San Lazaro Park

This park is became the center of the most modern Ourense, a place of meeting and passage for the inhabitants of Orense. In this park we can see a beautiful fountain that was moved from the famous Oseira Monastery. Surrounding the park are the main administrative buildings of the city, as well as premises that promote economic activity in the region. In this park was the pilgrims’ hospital, also called lazaretto, hence its current name. It was also used as a space for fairs but over time it was reduced by placing the administrative buildings in this area. Nowadays there are several parks for children and we can also see sculptures like that of O Carrabouxo, a character known for the cartoons that appear in the newspaper La Región.

Main square

Plaza Mayor of Ourense

The The Plaza Mayor is the heart of the historic district of Ourense, a perfect point to enjoy the city. In this square we can find some of the most important monuments of the city, it has an irregular plan and has the particularity of being somewhat tilted. We will be able to see the Town Hall and facades of houses from the 18th and 19th centuries. Currently we find an area of ​​very interesting terraces to simply rest.


Ourense Cathedral

Ourense Cathedral

The the cathedral is one of the main parts of the ancient city, around which the city developed in medieval times. Its beginning dates back to the 12th and 13th centuries but over the centuries it has been modified, from which we can see certain styles such as late Gothic. Access is through the southern area of ​​Puerta del Trigo. The north portal was originally Romanesque, although later Gothic details were added. On the west facade we find one of its most important parts, the sculptural ensemble of the Pórtico del Paraíso. Other points of interest when visiting the cathedral can be the Capilla Mayor, the Capilla del Santo Cristo or the treasures of the cathedral.

Ourense Museums

In the city of Ourense we can also find museums of interest. The Galician Traditional Costume Museum It can be a good way to enjoy popular culture, discovering something more about Galician traditions. Another of the museums is the Circo de los Muchachos, which may be of interest. You must also go through the Municipal Museum, which is housed in a Renaissance-style house from the 16th century. It has temporary exhibitions and also a permanent exhibition with more than a thousand pieces by artists from the province, being the most important museum in the city.

Like Burgas

Like Burgas in Ourense


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The natural sources of As Bourgas is part of the history of thermalism of this city and have more than two thousand years of history. In this site the Roman colony Aquis Aurienses was born, next to the mineral and medicinal waters. Today we find a magnificent complex visited by people from all over the community and from outside in search of its wonderful healing properties or simply to enjoy a space to relax. In this area we can visit the Interpretation Center to learn more about the hot springs and their history and of course we cannot stop bathing in their waters.

Bridges in Ourense

millennium bridge

This city is crossed by the Miño and two other rivers and that is why it is a city that stands out for its bridges. Among them we must mention Millennium Bridge, symbol of the most contemporary city and modern. It has a very innovative and modern design and is also surprising because it has an elevated walkway that rises up to 22 meters, which gives us incredible views of the Miño and the city. If we want to go back in the history of the city, we must go to the Old Bridge, a Roman bridge that was a strategic passage for the city for centuries. This bridge was rebuilt in the 13th century and has been declared an artistic historical monument. The Camino Mozárabe-Ruta de la Plata passes over this bridge towards Santiago de Compostela.


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