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What to see in London for free: 7 things not to miss

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what to see in london for free

Recently I was lucky enough to take one of those trips you always have waiting for, which led me to London, a city I really wanted to see. Contrary to what everyone might think, you don’t have to spend the day on the street if you don’t have a good supply of books in your wallet, on the contrary, many of its attractions will cost you nothing. if you were wondering what to see in london for freeyou will find the answer here.

Since there is no time to lose, we started to think of a route in which we could enjoy free stuff, paying only those that are necessary, since there must also be something left over for souvenirs. And we were really surprised by how many things to see in London for free and without having to pay a single euro.

Visit the British Museum

Free British Museum in London

The london museums are free, and in them you can donate or buy things from their stores. But if you want to see the highlights, you can just walk in, see it all, and walk out with no problem. One not to be missed is the British Museum. In this great museum we will find a spectacular entrance, enough to take many photos, but also many rooms full of art.

Do not miss Rosetta stone, this granite stone found in the Nile delta and which made it possible to decipher the Egyptian hieroglyphs, or even the sculptures of the Parthenon, kept in this museum. There are also other interesting things, like the treasures of the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrod, from the 4th century BC. C., the Nereid Monument, the Easter Island Statue or the Katebet Mummy. There are also traveling exhibitions that change, and there are tours and talks in English, for those who want to practice the language.

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See Westminster Abbey

Free stuff in London, Westminster Abbey

This beautiful 18th century Gothic-style abbey sits close to Buckingham Palace and is the site where Prince William was married. It’s worth seeing from the outside and inside, although there is a trick to seeing the inside. If you want to see all its corners, there are guided tours, but these have a cost of 20 pounds, which is quite high. But the truth is they let in free for those who will love, with masses open to the public. You’ll be able to attend a mass in English and see the building inside, but you won’t be able to go to places like Poets’ Corner, where geniuses like Charles Dickens or Shakespeare are buried, or see the garden.

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Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace

Free Stuff in London, Changing of the Guard

This is something that anyone visiting London does not want to miss. And you have to go early to get a seat, because the truth is that it fills up with people who want to see this ritual at Buckingham Palace. From May to July, this is done daily outside the palace fences, around 11:30 a.m., and the rest of the year every other day, so you have to look at the schedule. You also have to take into account that it is canceled in case of rain, which is common in winter.

Attend a session in Parliament

Free stuff in London, Palace of Westminster

If we want to see the UK Parliament inside with a guided tour, it may cost a fee, but you have another way to see it without having to. When in the The House of Commons is in session you can go up to the public gallery to see the debate, which allows you to see the parliament from the inside. Big Ben also offers free tours in London, but you have to be a resident of the city for more than a year, and apply online to be able to climb the 334 steps of the spiral staircase. If you can, send the application because the truth is that there is a waiting list.

Leisure activities to see in London for free at The Scoop

This place is an outdoor amphitheater near the tower bridge, where shows and even films are organized to entertain passers-by. This type of outdoor entertainment is more common in the summer months, but if you go in the winter and the weather is nice, you might be lucky enough to see one.

Stroll and marvel in Camden

Free Stuff London, Camden Town

Cyberdog store in Camden

If there is a market that is worth visiting, it is Camden Town, which never leaves anyone indifferent. You can enjoy taking photos with the Amy Winehouse statue, discover alternative clothing stores and different, or see places as surprising as the Cyberdog store, totally unusual. This is a very fun and entertaining free experience in London, indeed the hours will fly by as you get lost in the narrow streets, a constant discovery!

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Relax in Hyde Park

Hyde Park, something to see in London for free

In London, there are many gardens to see, but one of the most famous and well-known is Hyde Park. If you need to stop in to eat something you bought from the street stalls or supermarket, this is a great place. looks like a real one natural oasis in the middle of this big city. You can probably also enjoy the company of a cheeky squirrel who will want you to share your food, and if you have time, head to Speakers Corner, a place where opinions are freely given and listeners can respond to which rises to this place. An easy way to learn the language, and also for free.

Did you like our ideas for discovering what to see in London for free? If you have other free or inexpensive proposals, leave us a comment so that other tourists can take advantage of London’s tourist offer.

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