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The province of Huelva is a place where we can enjoy a lot of fun and places to see. Known for its impressive beaches, there are also historic towns and villages that are well known for various reasons. That’s why we are going to see everything you will miss if you do not visit Huelva.

In Huelva we have mountains and we have beaches, small towns and cities. Like many other provinces, it is difficult to make a list in which to find everything you can see, but we will put some of the places that we think are essential to see Huelva.

City of Huelva

capital huelva

One of the things to do is to go to the city of Huelva. In the capital of Huelva we can go to the Plaza de las Monjas to see the statue of Columbus and have a drink in the bars of the pedestrian square. In Huelva we also find a cathedral, which was the church of the convent of La Merced from the 17th century. In its facade we see a clear baroque style but inside the Renaissance with colonial touches stands out. In the Reina Victoria district we can see particular houses built in a marked English style, created by an English company more than a century ago. The Muelle del Tinto is a beautiful piece of industrial style engineering that is perfect for walking around. Very close to the capital, you can also see the Marismas del Odiel, a wetland declared a biosphere reserve.

curb sticks

curb sticks

This population is part of the Route of the Colombian places of Huelva and has been proclaimed as the cradle of discovery of America. You can do this route through the city seeing the docks where the La Pinta caravel was built, passing through the square of the Church of San Jorge where the Royal Pragmatics of the Catholic Monarchs was read, ordering that two caravels be placed under the orders of Christopher Columbus. The whole crew also prayed in this church before leaving for the unknown. You can also visit the house of the Pinzón family, which is now a museum.

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Niebla is a historic place that the Phoenicians have already discovered. This population is distinguished by its Arab wall which remains intact. The St. Martin’s Church was a former synagogue of which we only see the apse. It is also possible to see the Roman bridge over the Rio Tinto. Finally, you have to go through the Castillo de los Guzmanes, which is somewhat damaged by the Lisbon earthquake and because it exploded when the French left. But it is still standing and you can see the old dungeons.

Almonaster the Royal

Almonaster the Royal

This population is in Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park. In the highest part, we will see a fortified enclosure where there are the remains of a Visigothic church, a mosque and a Christian fortress. The mosque is the most important Islamic building in the province and the best preserved. Walking through the town center of Almonaster la Real, we can see the Church of San Martín in Gothic Mudejar style with a curious portal in Manueline style that recalls the monuments of Portugal.


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Doñana Natural Park

Doñana Natural Park

This natural space is undoubtedly one of the visits to be made. You have to devote a day to be able to see the park in depth. This can be done for free but also in highly recommended guided tours so as not to miss any important point. During the tour we pass by the different visitor centers where we can see places for bird watching or walk along trails to enjoy the nature of the park. We will also be able to see the Palacio del Acebrón, an old palace house that is now a place for exhibitions.

Umbria tip

Umbria tip

Punta Umbría is one of the coastal towns of Huelva that have become authentic tourist centers. Its great attraction is its beaches like the Canaleta Beach or Punta Umbría Beach. On Calle Ancha we can enjoy bars and shops, being one of the liveliest. In this town we can also see the Umbría Tower, an ancient stronghold to defend against sea attacks. Let’s not forget the area of ​​the promenade and the port, where you can taste the rich gastronomy of the city.




Moguer is known to be the land of Juan Ramon Jiménez one of the first things to do is therefore to visit the Zenobia and JR Jiménez Museum, which is a typical Andalusian house. The writer’s birthplace is in Ribera Street and has been transformed into a museum. Around town we can also find sculptures dedicated to the work of Platero and me.

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