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What to SEE in CANTABRIA With your Family?

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Beach in Cantabria

what to see in Cantabria with children? Perhaps you are asking yourself this question because you plan to travel to the northern community soon with your family. Logically, the little ones need a different type of activity than that of adults.

However, there are many things you can do in Cantabria with your children and it will amuse you all. Among them, visiting beautiful beaches like those of Santander discover the wild beauty of Peaks of Europe discover monuments like those of Liebana or enjoy natural parks like that of Cabarceno. For all this we will show you in detail what to see in Cantabria with children.

Cabarceno Natural Park

Animals in Cabarceno

Giraffes in Cabárceno Park

We have just started with this marvelous natural enclave located in the heart of Pisuena Valley about twenty kilometers from Santander. This is not a zoo to use. Because the animals that inhabit it and that come from the five continents are in semi-freedom.

You can visit this magical place in your own vehicle, but you can also enjoy other activities that will fascinate the little ones. For example, make the call wild tour in the company of a worker from the center who will show you places such as the caves where the brown bear hibernates.

You will also be able to see with your children an impressive demonstration of the flight of birds of prey or about the life of sea lions. In addition, in Cabárceno you have a gondola which allows you to see the park from the air. And, of course, there is no cafes and restaurants so that the children regain their strength. There are even souvenir shops where you can buy a souvenir of your time in Cabárceno. For all these reasons, this natural park is perfect for spending a day with your children and should be included in any guide on what to see in Cantabria with children.

Santillana del Mar

Santillana del Mar

Traditional houses in Santillana del Mar

Very close to Cabárceno you will find the beautiful medieval town of Santillana del Mar, another perfect visit to do with children. Considered one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, it has many buildings that you should show your children.


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The most important of them is the Collegiate Church of Santa Juliana, an imposing Romanesque construction to which Renaissance elements were later added. But the set of streets in the city is a monument in itself. You will find wonders like the Palace of Velarde and Valdivieso the Houses of the Archduchess and the Polancos the Merino and don Borja towers or the Dominican convent. All are examples of the impressive monumental heritage of Santillana del Mar, belonging to different artistic periods ranging from Romanesque to Baroque.

But the Cantabrian city still has another surprise in store for you. We talk about the Altamira facilities around the famous prehistoric cave. This is currently not open to visitors to preserve it from deterioration. However, you can see a replica that closely matches the original. He also has the National Museum and Research Center, dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of everything related to the time when the caves were painted. Altamira tour is also a perfect recommendation on what to see in Cantabria with children.

Peaks of Europe

Fuente Dé cable car

The impressive Fuente Dé cable car

Apart from its magnificent coastline and its endless beaches, the other great wonder of Cantabria is found inland. We are talking about the peaks of Europe, which it shares with its neighbor Asturias and which offer you unique landscapes in the world.

In the part of Santander, the best hiking trails for them are concentrated around Source of and to Hermida Gorge. Precisely the latter communicates the Asturian municipality of Penamellera Baja with the Liebana region, which we will discuss later. It is an impressive twenty-two kilometer route surrounded by soaring mountains that holds the category of Special Protection Area for Birds. But, above all, it offers you magnificent views.

For its part, in the vicinity of Fuente De you have magnificent mountain routes. Some of them have some difficulties, but others are simpler and perfect for children as long as they are over twelve years old. In both cases, you must upload them to the Cable car which leads to cable guard.

Precisely from there, the road that leads to old rock. It is a trip of only six kilometers that takes about three hours. A distance similar to the Route Fuente Dé-Vuelta to Mount Quebres, with its spectacular Atlantic forest of beech and oak trees. Or also, finally, the one that leads to the Liordes Towers.

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Liebana region

infantry tower

Infantado Tower, in Potes

As we have already told you, now we are going to tell you about the Liébana region, where Fuente Dé is located. Inside you have the Monastery of Santo Toribio declared a national monument in 1953. Although the current construction is much later, its origins date back to the 5th century AD and its existence is certain in the 8th century, when Blessed of Liebana he wrote his works while living there.

Some of them can be seen today in the monastery. And a fragment of Lignum crucis the cross on which he himself was crucified jesus christ. In addition, next to the main building are the sacred caveof pre-Romanesque style, the remains of the Sanctuary of Santa Catalina and the hermitages of San Miguel and San Juan de la Casería. Through the sanctuary passes the rula lebaniega, which connects the Camino de Santiago coastal with the French.

On the other hand, you must also take the children to cooking pots, a beautiful city that is the capital of this region. The whole bears the title of historical complex. But you have to show them two monuments. The first is the infantry towerbuilt in the 14th century and belonged to the famous Marquess of Santillana, Spanish poet of the Middle Ages. And the second is St. Vincent’s Church built between the 14th and 18th centuries and which, therefore, combines Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles.

Santander, essential among the things to see in Cantabria with children

Magdalen Palace

Magdalena Palace, in Santander

Naturally, the capital of the autonomous community is a must in Cantabria. But, in addition, Santander is a beautiful city that offers you many alternatives to do with your children. One of the most outstanding is to enjoy its beautiful beaches.

The most famous are the two of the Sardinero framed by noucentist buildings and by the Pereda Walk and the Piquio Gardens. But, if you are looking for something quieter, choose that of the dangers, with floating platforms for children to play. Or those of The camel perfect for families, Matalenas in a quiet creek, or that of Virgin of the sea located next to the homonymous hermitage.

But there are plenty of other things you can do in town with your kids. So visit the Magdalen Peninsula, with its beautiful palace and a small zoo which has seals and penguins. All this without forgetting its spectacular views that you can enjoy from the recreational train that crosses it.

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Perhaps even more fun for your children is visiting the forest park, a unique natural environment that offers zip lines, Tibetan bridges and many other skill activities. However, it has all the security measures. In fact, it is very popular with schools in the area.

Moreover, you will be fascinated by the Planetary. It is located next to the Palais des Festivals and has a large circular room with folding seats. In this way, they can observe the large dome in which the movements of the Sun, the Moon and other planets and stars are projected.

Finally, another instructive visit for the little ones is that of the Maritime Museum of Cantabria. It has over three thousand square meters of exhibits. And it shows, in addition to the life of men linked to the sea, different examples of maritime technology. But, above all, the little ones will enjoy seeing the wide variety of species that make up marine biology.

The Broken Coast and the Natural Park of the Dunes of Liencres

The broken rib

The unique landscape of the Costa Quebrada

Precisely very close to Santander you have a natural monument that will fascinate you and your children. We talk about the broken rib. It is a walking route that goes from the peninsula of Magdalena to the beach of Cuchía, in lying. It is made up of various coves framed by cliffs which, in turn, draw capricious rock formations resembling knife blades, hence its name.

On the other hand, at one end of the route, you have the Liencres Dunes Natural Park. It is mainly made up of the dune system located to the right of the mouth of the Pas River. But it covers the entire estuary and includes beaches as spectacular as that of Valdearenas with its imposing waves, and that of Canavalle, as perfect as the previous one for surfing. Moreover, behind these and the dunes, you have the beautiful Liencres pine forest a real natural lung.

In conclusion, we showed you some of the things What to see in Cantabria with children. But we could add others such as a visit to the beautiful city of Quotation marks with monuments such as Gaudí’s Caprice, a walk through the imposing redwood forest of the Mount Cabezon or, finally, a visit to the precious Valleys of the Pas, with its traditional huts. Do not you think so Cantabria Is it a perfect place to visit with your children?

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