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What to see and how to get to the city of Bruges

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Bruges in Belgium

The city ​​of bruges It is one of the most charming destinations on the old continent, as its medieval old town is very well preserved and offers a unique experience compared to other more modern cities. If you search ‘Bruges Belgium’ in Google, you will have plenty of ideas for finding accommodation and things to visit. Here we will make a summary so that you know what is essential and what not to miss.

But in addition to being clear about what we want to see in the city of Bruges, we will have to plan the trip. There are certain guidelines to take into account, so as not to arrive and end up with surprises. Always let yourself be guided by the advice of those who have already been there and know the means of getting around to see all the points of interest.

How to get to Brugge

Medieval city of Bruges

Many airlines offer cheap flights to Brussels, because it is here that we will find the main airports closest to Bruges. Ryanair and Vueling both offer cheap flights to enjoy this beautiful city, which arrive at two airports. Charleroi is the one that usually hosts low-cost flights, although there is also the main one, Brussels-Zaventem. From both you can take public transport to Bruges, with the train being the quickest and most recommended. In case it leaves us in Charleroi, you have to take a train or a bus to the center of Brussels and from there a direct train to Bruges.

Stay in Brugge

Before arriving in the city, you will have to look for a adequate accommodation. One of the best things you can do is stay in the Old Town, as it is one of its most picturesque and beautiful areas. At Hotel Academie Bruges you will find yourself in the old quarter, from where you can move to the main points of interest while enjoying the quiet atmosphere of the old quarter.

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Brugge Bridge

When it comes to getting around the city, you have several options. It’s a small town, many of which are easily walkable, but if you want to feel part of the city, you can use a bike, rented at the hotel or at different points. There is also an efficient bus network with good prices each way.

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To see the museums and monuments, you can buy the Bruges city map, a tourist card like there are in many other cities with which you can access many places while saving money. It gives access to almost all museums and also includes discounts on important places and attractions in the city.

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What to see in Brugge

Bruges Square

All these cities have a Plaza Mayor or Grote Markt, and Bruges could not be less. It is the central square, where there is always movement and where you will also find the Belfort or bell tower from which you can see the whole city. Very close to this square there is another one not to be missed, Burg Square, where the Gothic-style Town Hall building is located with its famous Gothic hall with murals, the Basilica of St. Sang and the Brugse Vrije with a Renaissance hall. An architectural complex that we cannot miss to see the most beautiful and impressive buildings in Bruges.

canals in bruges

This city is also known as venice of the north, so watching their channels becomes mandatory. Something included in the tourist card is a boat trip through these canals to see the city from another perspective. An experience not to be missed, and there are five piers from which trips depart daily. The Groenrei Canal is the most important, as it crosses one of the most photographed places in the whole city, the Rosario quay or Rozenhoedkaai.

You always have to shop main city museums to learn more about the history and the works of art, especially when talking about European cities with so much art behind them. In the Groeningemuseum, one can find the works of the first Flemings famous for their art like Van Eyck or Hugo van der Goes. Nearby is another museum that can be visited with the same ticket, so you have to take advantage of it, the Arentshuis.

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Bruges chocolate


There are also unique experiences, like taking a Card ‘Hand made in Bruges’ at the tourist office, an initiative through which the city’s craftsmen want to make their works known to the globalized market. Thus, you will find craft shops with exclusive things, knowing the art of flamencos. It’s a way to see everything the city has to offer, even in terms of shopping. We will be able to see lace artisan shops, shoe shops, tailor shops and also delicious pastries with the famous chocolate. In this guide there are also the best chocolate shops, so it is a map worth visiting to enjoy the best of Bruges.

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