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What to do in the Scottish city of Edinburgh

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Edinburgh Castle

Whenever I think of visiting the UK, London comes to mind, but there are so many other interesting places, so I put second place the city of Edinburgh, which I find mysterious and charming. That’s why I want to make a simple ranking of these five things to do in Edinburgh that are mandatory. These things that cannot be missed if you set foot in this city.

This city does not have hundreds of monuments like Florence, but there is always something interesting, and the scottish culture It is unique, you will enjoy soaking up the friendliness of its inhabitants and their way of life. Write down these five things, but if you go there, you’ll probably have time to do a lot more, like getting lost in its old cobbled streets to discover corners full of mystery and history.

Visit Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

As soon as you arrive, the first thing you will want to do is visit the famous Edinburgh Castle, located at the top of the hill. castle hill. It is protected on three sides by cliffs, and can only be reached by going up the hill, at the start of the Royal Mile, one of the best known and busiest in the city.

The visit to the castle can take us several hours, so it is good to devote a morning or an afternoon to see in depth the emblem of Edinburgh. open from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or 6:00 p.m., depending on the time of year. Entry costs £16, and if you want a Spanish-language guided tour, around £26.

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There is a tradition that has been carried on since 1861, and it is that of fire the one hour cannon with British punctuality to get people to synchronize their watches. Today it is part of the castle’s tourist attractions, as it is a fun sight to see how this cannon is fired.

The typical crown jewels are known here as scottish honors. The crown, scepter and sword of state are kept in the castle, along with the famous ‘Stone of Destiny’. This symbol was something very precious to the people of Scotland on which the kings were crowned. In the castle you can also visit the National War Museum and the castle prisons.

Enjoy the Scotch whiskey experience


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Or what amounts to the same, the scotch whiskey experience. It’s a kind of museum in which they tell us how whiskey is made and you can even do a tasting to enjoy it. It’s very close to the castle, on Castle Hill, so you can do everything in the same day. The visit begins by getting into a barrel, as if it were an amusement park, to see the phases of making the drink. Then they tell us about the types of whiskey and a tasting is done to learn how to differentiate them by their smell. Finally, you can see the largest whiskey collection in the world.

Drink a beer in Scottish pubs

scottish pub

A beer or a whiskey, which is most typical in these pubs. You can also eat there, being cheaper than restaurants. One of the most famous is the The Elephant House in the University District, known because JKRowling often sat here to finish his ‘Harry Potter’ book. The Dome is also another great knowledge of the city, in a building that was once a bank and has an impressive dome, mosaics and Greek-style columns. It’s fancy and the prices go up a bit, but it’s an amazing place to have a coffee.

Immerse yourself in Edinburgh’s history

There are several ways to discover the history of the city. In Land of the Gladstones You will be able to enter a fairly well-preserved old 17th century merchant’s house, to learn about the life of the city centuries ago. On the ground floor there is a craftsman’s workshop from 1620 and in the rooms you can see the period furniture.

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On the other hand, you can visit the National Museum of Scotlandwith thousands of objects, including works of art, machines, jewels or weapons to learn more about all the history of Scotland until today, and the best thing is that the Admission to this museum is completely free.

typical purchases

Scottish dress

Those of us who always like to bring back souvenirs cannot miss a typical afternoon of shopping. Keep in mind that the shops here close around 5:00 p.m. or 6:00 p.m., as they have different hours, opening a little more on Thursdays. Some of the typical products not to be missed are the clothes, with pieces of wool, tweed or the mythical Scottish tartan kilt. You can also buy Haggis, a typical dish that you can take home canned. On the other hand, there is a lot of variety in whiskey, but the taxes make it a bit of an expensive gift. Typical pastries and sweets are cheap and delicious gifts to take home.

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