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WHAT to DO in LONDON with CHILDREN in 2 Days

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There are very friendly cities to visit with children because they offer walks, museums, activities, an easy route to follow… London it’s like that, it’s a great city to visit with kids. Traveling with children is neither easy nor cheap, but sometimes the option is to wait for the children to grow up and the years to pass.

So at least once in a while you have to plan a trip with children. Get rid of doubts, fears, learn how it’s done and enjoy. Who knows? Perhaps we will become experts in organizing holidays with children. see today what to do in london with kids.

London with kids

While it is true that today, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many attractions have closed, we can predict when this scourge will pass. What is certain is that London has many attractions to discover with children and many are free or cheap. Yes, yes, there are also expensive ones, obviously London is one of the most expensive capitals in Europe, but there is a lot to choose from.

What are the free attractions for children in London? Museums. Many museums in London are free or accept donations, but they are not compulsory. Unfortunately, for some time now the government has insisted that they be paid, so it is worth checking beforehand. In the most popular museums there are people waiting, but it’s still worth it. Some of the best London museums for children include:

  • Natural History Museum: It’s a huge and wonderful place, starting with the same building where he works, in a Victorian style. There’s a dinosaur exhibit, an animatronic T-Rex, huge skeletons, and interactive exhibits. It is quieter during school holidays and on weekdays. At Christmas, an ice rink is set up outside a carousel.
  • British Museum: Ancient Egypt is the best treasure, with the famous Rosetta stone, but ancient Greece, Rome and Asian civilizations are also present. The good thing is that the museum has audio guides for children. Although you can eat inside, it’s not cheap.
  • science Museum: It is next to the Natural History Museum, its entrance is free and it has two spaces for children according to age. For the little ones, many interactive scientific activities are offered. It’s usually not as crowded as Natural History, so you can skip it if you don’t like crowds.
  • V&A Museum: It can also be for children, but not as much as the previous two. Upstairs there is an exhibition of famous musicians’ clothes and you can try on clothes, and downstairs there is an art and design exhibition. It has audio guides, it’s a very quiet museum and its cafeteria is wonderful.
  • Tate Modern: Oh good? Yes, you will love the Wall of Art computer exhibition and if you like Dalí, then the collection is very nice.
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To this list we can add the National Art Gallery, as long as your children like art or you want them to know this world. Beyond these well-known museums, we can mention a few the most unusual museums likely to interest children: Childhood Museum with many toys to play with, the zoology museum with hundreds of bones and skeletons, and the Clin Prison Museum who works in the old and real prison.

On the other hand, a clearly visible event is the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace and the cavalry parade in Whitehall. Both take place at 11 a.m., but in reality the change at Buckingham is a bit earlier, 10:30 a.m., as Wellington Barracks guards leave from there, opposite St. James Park, and at 11 a.m. they make the actual change. These events can also vary by season, so it’s the parents’ job to check the schedules.

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With children you can also go to discover Trafalgar Square commemorating this battle during the Napoleonic Wars. It is in central London and houses the statue of Admiral Nelson who died in the conflict. The square is a good place to rest and take a walk.

Another good walk to do with children is to do the hop-on hop-off tour. Most cars are roofless, so if the weather is nice, even better. Tickets are often flexible and the bus takes you all over the city with entertaining commentary.

Speaking of transportation… How to move with children to London? Good question. You must know that the metro is crowded at rush hour (7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.). Few have elevators that go up and down to the street, in case you have bags or a trolley. Double-decker buses may appeal to kids, but if you have the cash, a taxi is always handy. Or an Uber.

You should know that children under 11 accompanied by an adult travel free on buses, the metro and the DLR, but not on trains where you must be under 5 years old. Finally, to get around London, it is practical to have the oyster card or another travel card from most attractions are in zones 1 and 2. You can also rent a bike Boris Bikes, throughout the city. I don’t know if it’s for walking the streets, but it’s good for discovering the parks.

With that said, let’s move on to kid-friendly attractions in London. The London Eye and Sea Life Aquarium they are highly recommended. The ride on the Ferris wheel takes half an hour and the panoramic views are magnificent. Open from 10 a.m. daily and it is convenient to buy the tickets online. In fact, there is a recommendable combo: London Eye, cruise and Madame Tussauds Museum.

Another recommended attraction is the Tower of London with their macabre stories, or the london dungeons yes ONE river walk it also adds up and just as there are hop-on hop-off buses, there are also cruises with this methodology. There are over 10 piers across London.

If your children like toys, you must go to the Hamley’s toy store, the largest in the world, with its seven floors filled with toys of all kinds. If you love Lego too, then you have to run to the fifth floor where this brand’s six decades are celebrated.


Another iconic place in London is the london zoo, the oldest in the world with more than a million visitors a year. There is a reptile house, an aquarium, lions, lemurs, penguins, monkeys and much more.

The zoo is inside the regent park, beautiful site with beautiful gardens, with a panoramic point on Primrose Hill which also has beautiful views of the English capital. For most children, a good game site can be the Welsh Princess Diana Memorial Gardens for children under 12, with a huge pirate ship.

In reality, London has countless gardens and parks. As you can see, London has plenty to see and do for kids of all ages, but you’ll also see that there are plenty of London classics that were left out of our list of what to do with kids in london.

For instance? Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral…unless you like big old religious buildings with tombs. Sometimes it depends on the type of parents they have. My dad, for example, loves history, so my travels always include destinations related to his stories.

Finally, London has many theaters also and when the pandemic passes, you can take the children to some children’s musical like that of Harry Potter.

Speaking of this series, you can always get out of town a bit and get closer to the studios. Harry Potter at Warner Bros. Studios. You can also take them to meet Stonehenge, 140 kilometers away, Oxford83 kilometers away, accessible by train and bus, costwolds and its picturesque villages… And the list can go on, the choice is yours. Good luck!

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