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We tell you how to dress when visiting Morocco

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Moroccan clothes

The trips to Morocco often lead to culture shock, although today there are cities that receive hundreds of tourists a year and have adapted very well to these demands, such as Marrakech or Casablanca. However, if we are going to travel to a country where we have a culture so different from ours, an Islamic culture that has dress codes, it is better to have an idea of ​​what we are going to find.

We’ll see how to dress in Morocco and what are the typical costumes there. We know it’s not mandatory to dress a certain way, but the truth is that being mindful of the culture we live in is always a sign of respect, that’s why it’s a great idea to take it into account.

What kind of clothes should you wear

The first thing we need to know is that there is no law that tells us what kind of clothes we should wear, that is to say that it is not compulsory to wear a certain type of clothing but it is recommended. A type of clothing is generally recommended for several reasons, one of which is that it is better to be respectful of the customs of the country where one is going, out of simple respect. We like them to respect our habits and customs so we should do the same with them. Another reason is that if we dress discreetly we go more unnoticed and we also avoid attracting excessive attention or even being looked at or said something. It’s always better to be safe avoiding this kind of behavior because their culture is not like ours.

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how we dress

Clothing in Morocco

We know that depending on where you go clash more or less depending on your clothes. In places like Marrakech there is so much tourism that they are used to all kinds of looks, but in smaller towns it can seem striking to them to wear clothes that are too short or too flashy. The usual thing is to wear long skirts and upper garments that have no neckline and cover the shoulders. Although it seems excessive to us for the heat it makes, the truth is that with this type of garment we also protect the skin and ensure that we do not have burns in areas such as the shoulders, it is therefore always an advantage. We don’t need to use traditional clothes although we can still enjoy the experience.

As for cover the head with a scarf called hijab it’s not necessary. There are many Moroccan women today who decide not to use this scarf so it is not necessary, although it is common to see it among women in places like cities. In cities, it is not so common anymore because they have been more influenced by other cultures. However, if we want to enjoy this experience, we can do so by buying a nice handkerchief. Also, it helps in places like the desert because of the sun. There are many people who decide to wear it when traveling in the desert to feel like the Berbers and also to avoid problems with the sun.

Another problem with this type of clothing is that when it is hot in Morocco wear light but long clothing to protect the skin from the sun and so that the sweat does not dry out and keeps the skin fresh longer. It’s also a practical matter, so it’s good advice for both men and women to wear traditional clothing. This type of clothing can help us during the hot summers of Morocco to keep us cool while avoiding annoying sunburn.

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Traditional clothes in Morocco

Djellaba from Morocco

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In Morocco, there are traditional clothes that can not only be interesting as a souvenir when it comes to bringing something home, but that we can try on to enjoy their culture. One of them, which is also very comfortable, is the djellaba. It is a long tunic which is generally accompanied by trousers in the same tone. The tunic has some embroidery in the same or another color and sometimes has a very characteristic elongated peaked hood. It is a garment that can be found in many places and in different colors. It is light and ideal for the summer to cover us without burning from the sun.

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moroccan kaftan

The the caftan is another type of tunic worn mainly by women in Morocco. It is a long tunic with wide sleeves that can be seen elsewhere in the East and which is said to have originated in Persia. It is a very traditional garment that can be worn with simple everyday designs and with more elaborate designs and expensive fabrics for special events such as weddings. Kaftans in Morocco are reserved for women and some can be very expensive for their elaborate fabrics, so they are not always affordable to buy as a souvenir.

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