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VISIT these 6 Beautiful Villages in GRANADA – SPAIN

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View of Montefrio

The the most beautiful villages in Granada They are found both on the coast and inland. The Andalusian province offers you the privilege of being able to pass from beautiful beaches to spectacular mountains in just a few kilometers. It is something that you can also enjoy in other places in Spain, for example in Asturias or Cantabria.

But, returning to Granada, one of the best ways to get to know your province is to start with your own capital city. In the Nasrid city you have marvels like the Alhambra That is the generalife the imposing Cathedral of the Incarnation or neighborhoods as typical as Albaicín or Sacromonte. And, after visiting the capital, we can now travel through the most beautiful towns in Granada.


Photo by Montefrio

The Granada town of Montefrío

Located in the Loja region this city has its origins in pre-Roman Spain, as evidenced by the megalithic necropolis of rock of the gypsies. But the most striking and spectacular thing about the city is the huge rock that dominates it from above and where the village church next to the remains of the old fortress.

It is not the only one you can visit in Montefrío. We also advise you to see that of San Sebastián, built in the 16th century following the canons of the Renaissance style; that of San Antonio, which combines Gothic vaults with Baroque elements, and that of the Encarnación, a jewel of the neoclassical style of Granada due to Rodriguez Company.

But the city also has magnificent civil monuments. Among these, the House of Trades of the 16th century and which houses the tourist office, and the Saint John of God Hospital, built in the same century. All this without forgetting the town hall building, flanked by two towers, and the Pósito.

All these marvels have led Montefrío to hold the recognition of Historical Art Complex since 1982. But there is something else that will catch your attention. In the city, you will see signs in Japanese. The reason is that he receives many visitors from the Asian country since a Japanese photographer portrayed him and exhibited the images in his country.



Citadel of Guadix


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Located in the Accitana region, this city of Granada is another wonder not to be missed. Its origins are also pre-Roman, although it was an important center of communications in Latin times, as evidenced by the remains of the theater discovered a few years ago.


But the great jewel of Guadix is ​​its citadel or Muslim fortress. It was built in the 11th century and is very well preserved. And, next to her, the no less spectacular Cathedral of the Incarnation built between the 16th and 18th centuries and combining Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles.

The religious heritage of the city of Granada is completed by the churches of La Magdalena, Santa Ana, Santiago and La Concepción. In the latter, the Dance of the Six, declared Intangible Heritage of Andalusia, is performed every year. But even more important is the Church of the Virgen de las Angustias, as it houses the image of the patron saint of the city. And, next to them, you can see convents like San Francisco, Las Clarisas and San Diego.

As for the civil heritage of Guadix, we advise you to visit the Palace of Villalegre and Peñaflor, as well as the Julio Visconti house, all from the 16th century. But another of the wonders of the city is its cave district which, as its name suggests, consists of more than two thousand inhabited underground dwellings. You can visit some of them and, in addition, you have an interpretation center where the curious history of these houses will be explained to you.



The town of Capileira, one of the most beautiful towns in Granada

In this case, the beauty of this city extends to its municipal term, since everything has been declared Historical and artistic complex and picturesque place. But, above all, because it is located in the heart of the national park of Sierra Nevada.


However, if we talk about Capileira, the first thing we should highlight about it are its narrow and steep streets with typical alpujarreño style houses. That is, white and whitewashed, with flat roofs and capped chimneys. We also recommend that you visit the Church of Our Lady of the Head built in the 17th century and which has a beautiful baroque altarpiece and an image of the Virgin which gives it its name.

Also interesting is the Pedro Antonio de Alarcon House Museum, dedicated to the famous 19th century writer, although it also serves as a museum of customs in the Alpujarra. Finally, since you are in the area and you like hiking, we advise you to do the spectacular route of the seven lagoons which crosses an imposing glacial valley.


View of Alhama of Granada


This city is located in a spectacular environment, in full Sierra de Tejeda and clinging to an imposing gorge at the bottom of which is the Alhama River. As if that were not enough, it has magnificent hot springs. The Arabs already knew this, they built bathroom in the 12th century still perfectly preserved and visitable.

Very close to them is the roman bridge. But these are not the only monuments that Alhama offers you, which, in fact, is also Historical Art Complex. Although it is not open to visitors, you can see the Castle, built on an old citadel. Instead, you can visit the beautiful main church of La Encarnación which was the first Catholic temple of the ancient Kingdom of Granada after its conquest and which combines Gothic and Renaissance styles.

Likewise, we advise you to see the churches of Carmen and San Diego; the House of the Inquisition, Elizabethan Gothic style; the Queen’s Hospital which combines Mudejar elements with other Gothic and Renaissance elements, and the to pay for which a 13th century synagogue was used.

Salobreña, another of the most beautiful towns in Granada

View of Salobrena


We leave the mountains to reach the coast of Granada, specifically the beautiful town of Salobreña, dominated by its imposing Castle built in the Nasrid era, although it was enlarged by the Christians. But it will be even more pleasant for you to stroll through its narrow streets with whitewashed houses full of flowers. And also climb up to Albayzin Viewpoint from where you have spectacular views of the coast of Granada.

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You should also visit in Salobreña the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, Mudejar style. Its flagstone side door and the tower surmounted by crenellations stand out, as well as the image of the Virgin that gives it its name, a 16th-century sculpture. Also you must see the temple of San Juan Bautista and the chapel of San Luis.

And, as for the civil monuments, they highlight former Our Lady of the Rosary factory and the red house, remains of two sugar factories. But, above all, the Cambron Tower, coastal watchtower from the Nasrid period. The latter is located next to the beach of the same name, where you can swim. However, Salobreña has other beautiful sandbanks. Among them, the beaches of La Charca, La Guardia and El Caletón.


St. Michael's Castle

Castle of San Miguel, in Almuñécar

We end our tour of the pretty villages of Granada in Almuñécar, which has a rich Roman past. That’s what the remains of his show salting plant, dated to the first century AD. It is also located in the beautiful El Majuelo Botanical Park. And above all, his aqueduct Roman of the same period and the Cave of the Seven Palaces which is currently an archaeological museum.

But you must also see in the city of Granada the imposing St. Michael’s Castle and the precious Parish Church of La Encarnacion. The latter is a classic-style gem built in the 16th century that houses the image of the Virgen de la Antigua, patroness of Almuñécar.

For his part, the La Najarra mansion It is a beautiful 19th century building in neo-Arabic style where the tourist office is located. But we must make a separate mention of local museums. We have already told you about the archaeological one, but this is completed with the so-called Claves de Almuñécar: 3000 years of history. And also with the Bonsai Garden Museum and the Aquarium.

On the other hand, as a coastal city, Granada offers you beautiful beaches. Indeed, its municipal territory has twenty-six in total. Thus, the urban area of ​​Caletilla, Cantarriján, La Herradura or Velilla. And, between two of them, the San Cristóbal Rocks Natural Monument three hills that come out towards the sea.

Finally, if we talk about nature, near the city of Granada you have the Peña Escrito Natural Park which has a set of trails from which you will have magnificent views of the coast and the Sierra Nevada and La Alpujarra. You can explore them on foot and by bike.

In conclusion, we have presented to you some of the the most beautiful villages in Granada. All of them will fascinate you, but the Andalusian province has many others as well. For instance, Trevelez white oasis at the foot of Mulhacén and cradle of good ham; bubion one of the jewels of Las Alpujarras; pampaneira with its Plaza de la Libertad, or Niguelas, with its homonymous fault which is a Natural Monument. Don’t you think these are enough reasons to travel to the province of Granada?

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