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Typical costume from Nicaragua | Travel News

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The typical costumes of each country or each region of a country tell us about the territory, its customs and traditions. And when talking about Latin America, these costumes immediately acquire bright colors and a lot of joy.

A good example is the Typical Nicaraguan costumea country with a long tradition, a tropical climate and a very picturesque traditional style of dress.


The Republic of Nicaragua is a Central American country whose capital is Managua. It lies in the northern hemisphere, between the equator and the Tropic of Cancer, and has an area of ​​approximately 130,370 square kilometers. It’s like that It is the largest country in Central America.

This territory was already inhabited by many pre-Columbian peoples before the Spanish conquest in the 16th century. After a political struggle, the country won its Independence in 1838. It is a beautiful tropical country, with volcanic activity and beautiful lakes.

The typical costume of Nicaragua

As per usual, there is not a single costume but there are several and all of them were born from the hand of the festivities and celebrations of other times, events to which people came very dressed. While some of these dances still take place today, others have been lost in the mists of time. Those who survived are part of the national folklore and many typical costumes that we will see are attached to them.

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To begin, we will talk about the dance called Indians. It is the typical dance of traditional festivals of Masaya and is linked to the assiduity of the women of the countryside. The dance is performed by one or more dancers, amateurs or professionals, to the sound of the song called “indian danceyes”. These dancers dress in full white suitwith a crimson red rebozo, a fustán, her hair combed in braids and decorated with flowers and a basket in her hand.

Another popular dance is the buzzard dance, native to the South Pacific coast, Diriomo, Diriá and Masaya. With the song “El vulture dead”, interpreted by a philharmonic group, the dancers take the stage and move with ease. Men and women who in their movements represent the death and burial of this half-wicked character, characterized in this scavenger bird.

The buzzard’s traditional costume is therefore, black with a bird maskwhile women wear the orange traditional folk dresswith flowers in her hair and a black shawl.

Also from the Pacific region, from Masaya, is the braid costume, very beautiful, and which is used by any woman who dances the marimba. It’s not that a particular song has to play, as long as it’s a marimba, you can wear this dress. And how is? This is a dress that derives from the typical work clothes of indigenous or mestizo women: It is white and has colorful braid decorations, red or black shawls are worn and women wear braids and flowers on their heads and beautiful earrings on their ears.

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There is also a costume known as “miscegenation costume”, originally from the Pacific region of Nicaragua. There is one for men and one for women and they are of typical Spanish influencea. The man wears baggy pants, white socks underneath, sneakers on his feet, a white shirt with a dark colored cape decorated with sequins and a hat with a folded brim in front with a red flower and several colored stripes.

The woman, on the other hand, has a narrow sequined skirt, the “deluxe indian outfit”, with a feather fan in hand and a hat full of feathers. With similar outfits, this dance is sensual, of gallantry, of courtship from man to woman, always to the sound of the same marimba: bitter mate.

On the last Friday of October, in Masaya, the patronal feasts of San Jerónimo take place. Then many folk dance groups are present and they dance Los Aguizotesa dance with many dancers disguised as characters from mythology and legends of Nicaraguan folklore.

These costumes are simple, made of fabric, cardboard, with a wide variety of materials. Then they give life to the crying woman, the witch, the blind man, the beheaded father, death, the old woman in the mountains, etc.

In the northern part of the country appears the northern peasant costume who shines at a dance that is also very gallant. In this dance, the man seduces the worker with very catchy music reminiscent of the polka.

00There are two characters, a man and a woman: the woman has a tight skirt with a long-sleeved shirt, a scarf around her waist and another on her head, earrings in her ears and a clay pot in the hands. The man, on the other hand, wears a white or light-colored shirt, long white pants, a water bottle, a hat and a scarf around his neck.

A Métis costume is the guipil costume, very simple and nice: it’s a cover shirt, simple or embroidered, with a long petticoat with embroidered flounces. The set is usually white, but can also be black. It is worn with a scarf around the waist, flowers on the head and braids. The blouse has four holes that seem to represent the four cardinal points: one on each shoulder, one on the back, one on the chest.

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The dancers don’t have shoes, sometimes they wear fans, a rebozo. The man wears a very simple white shirt and pants, with a pita hat. It is indeed a very popular costume.

If there is a colorful costume, it is the vaquita costume, typical of Managua. This costume was born during the patronal festivals of the Nicaraguan capital, in the processions of Santo Domingo. It’s a bit of a weird costume because it has a big ring at the waist, which is decorated with colorful fabrics that make it look like a skirt. A picture or painting with the head of a cow is also placed on it, hence the little cowWith horns.

These are some typical costumes Nicaragua. The truth is that every region of the country has its examples. If we talk about the southern Caribbean coast, we will see a syncretism between African and Caribbean cultures, in the very sensual Maypole dance, for example, where women today wear short skirts and huipil or güipil, the popular national blouse. Masaya is another department we’ve mentioned a few times and is where many of the costumes we’ve looked at come from, but the central areas also offer their own and the north does the same.

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