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Trip to the Ural Mountains

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To Ural Mountains they are considered the natural border between Europe and Asia. These are beautiful mountains that cover about 2,500 kilometers and belong to Russia and Kazakhstan. Its soils hide treasures for the modern world such as coal, oil or iron, so the whole region is extremely important for both countries.

The highest point in the Urals is Mount Narodnaya, which rises to 1,895 meters above sea level. Yes, it is not a mountain range of very high peaks, but it is high enough that its crest stands out among the plains which on either side stretch around it. Today we will learn about the Ural Mountains and its tourist offer.

The Ural Mountains

The hills They go from the Kara Seapart of the Arctic Glacial Ocean, north of Siberia, in the Kazakh steppe, open grasslands in northern Kazakhstan and parts of Russia. There are two islands to the north that are part of the mountains, an extension of them: Nova Zembla Island and Vaygach Island.

As we said, the highest peak is Mount Narodnaya at 1895 meters, with some glaciers at the top. The Ural Mountains are divided into five sectors: The arctic uralfar north, Subarctic Urals, where is the Narodnaya; The Northern Urals, parallel chains; The Central Uralslower and Southern Uralswith valleys.

The Ural mountains have caves, sharp rocks, many rivers… Their landscapes are varied according to the altitude and the length of the terrain, so the steppes abound but also the forests. In terms of fauna, the Urals are home to lynx, squirrels, martens, foxes, wolves, bears, badgers, grouse, marmots, owls, partridges, pheasants, reindeer….

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the Urals they are one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world and according to geologists, they formed around 250 to 300 million years ago when the supercontinent Euroamerica collided with the much younger and weaker continent of Kazakhstan. They calculate that the accident happened over 90 million years.

Tourism in the Ural Mountains

The mountainous landscapes of the Ural Mountains are a wonder to do outdoor tourism. There are many tourist agencies on the Russian side, in the permanent province, who can arrange a tour with all necessary equipment and transportation. The offer of visits is varied: there are river rides, extreme hiking, cross-country skiing, horseback riding, and fishing and hunting trips. Perm is a very large industrial center, founded in 1723.

The river walks They are in a catamaran for four people and allow you to appreciate the beauty of the mountains from the river, to enjoy nature well, to see villages and endless forests. Perm has at least 40 rivers suitable for this type of tour, but among the most popular are the Koiva and Vishera rivers.

when doing Trek in Russia, you have to take into account that it is demanding. The distances are long, there is a lot of untouched, extremely beautiful nature, where sometimes the weather changes in a single day. The best places for trekking are the Basegi National Park200 kilometers from Perm, with three mountains and very diverse landscapes and the Vishersky State Reserve. In both destinations, the excursions last several days.

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for walks cross country It should be borne in mind that the winter here is very harsh. Frozen. Tours can last from four to ten days, when they include Moscow. They also generally include the border between Europe and Asia, the Mount Toplaya Gorathe call tsar’s gate of karst rock, the Koiva river, the Chudesnitsa Cavesthe frozen waterfalls of Khrustalny… Another popular region for cross-country skiing is the Krasnovishersky region, 300 kilometers from Perm.

Much closer to Perm, the base of operations of the Russian side, one might say, across the Kama River is the small Nizhnaya Kurya Village and here is a horse farm that organizes ride a horse. There are 30 animals of different sizes and breeds and guided passes are offered for tourists who know how to ride or not. There are even multi-day itineraries for more experienced people.

In terms of fishing and hunting, Perm is one of the best destinations on the European side of Russia.. There are many game reserves that offer the possibility of hunting different animals (wolves, foxes, lynx). The infrastructure can also be very top. The same goes for fishing as the province has the most rivers and streams in Russia and you can fish from trout to carp. The easiest option for fishing is the Kama River, from June to October.

Finally, tourist agencies in Perm also offer to experience the dacha experience, the typical Russian summer house. The dacha season runs from May to September and they usually accommodate up to four people. Staying two days and one night at a dacha can include boating, fishing, picking mushrooms in the forest, sunbathing, swimming. All this is what tourism in Perm offers, but of course it is not the only destination in the Ural Mountains.

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What other sites are there in the Ural Mountains? Well you can visit the city of Yekaterinburg, with one and a half million inhabitants, only relatively touristy since the 90s. It is the largest Russian city in Asia and is surrounded by forests. The industrial part is on the outskirts, so the town itself has a softer profile, with wide avenues lined with trees and buildings. Here is the beautiful Church of the Blood of All Saints, with a golden dome that stands where Tsar Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra were murdered along with their five children.

the strength of Chelyabinks It dates from 1736 and gave birth to the city of the same name, also with more than one million inhabitants. it lies south of the Urals and has a handful of interesting art museums. Orenburg it is a smaller industrial center, dating from 1735. It also has several museums and in its surroundings you can hunt, fish or visit caves, mines and quarries.

What is certain is that the Ural mountains are an ideal destination for discovering nature full, so if you like walking in forests, gazing at the stars, stopping in front of huge lakes and feeling that the world is the most beautiful place in the universe, the Ural Mountains are waiting for you.

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