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Travel to Phuket | Travel News

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This terrible year 2020 is over, we can already begin to hope that we will leave the pandemic behind us and that at some point in the future we will be able to travel in peace again. And when it does, how about phuket?

East Phuket the pearl of thailand. The best if you want heavenly beaches, fun, relaxation and an international vibe. After the pandemic, fortunately Phuket will still be there and will welcome us with truly open arms.


It’s a province of Thailand, located to the south from the country. Is also Thailand’s largest island in the Andaman Sea. has a big chinese influenceSo many Chinese shrines and restaurants everywhere. There is even a Chinese Vegetarian Festival held once a year, further celebrating the popularity of the local Chinese community.

Pghuket Island it has many beautiful beaches, including Karon, Kamala, Kata Noi, Patong or Mai Khao, and perhaps the best place in the world to admire the sunset: Laerm Phromthep. But not everything is beach here, there is also lots of nightlife and historic routes who invite you to discover their past.

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So let’s start with the Old Phuket, the historic center, ideal for exploring and getting to know the city and its people, Thais, Chinese, Europeans and Muslims who have chosen to live here. The architecture it is in many cases Sino-Portuguese in style, on both sides of the streets, and they are so picturesque that some have been converted into museums or restaurants or shops or lodgings. Visit, for example, the Phuket Thai Hua Museum.

It is through the streets of the historic center that you can taste the local gastronomy, take pictures of the people who live there and perceive the culture. If you are there on a Sunday, you can enjoy the street market, the Lat Yai, ideal for trying all kinds of dishes.

Leaving Old Phuket, the road heads south. Ko Racha has two islands, Ko Racha Noi and Ko Racha Yai. both are excellent white sand beaches and crystal clear waters therefore ideal for diving. Ko Racha Yai is equipped with all facilities, but Ko Racha Noi is the best for diving and in fact only professional divers are allowed as there are manta rays and white sharks.

On the other hand is the small island of Ko Mai Thon, southeast of Phuket, only 15 km away, with more beautiful beaches. Travelers in a hurry generally pass by here because it is quickly reached by boat. Another cool beach is Patong hat. It is in a curved bay with white sand and the possibility of practicing all the tourist water sports. In turn, there is a small town around it, well equipped with shops, a hospital, restaurants and hotels.

Hat Nai Yang is another beach, located in Sirinath National Park and with a beautiful pine garden. It is surrounded by coral reefs and there is plenty of marine life, including sea turtles which come to lay their eggs from November to February. This is also accessible by car, by road, from Phuket, leaving behind the town of Thalang. On another side, Suron Hat It is a small beach at the foot of a hill full of pine trees which was once a golf course for King Rama VII.

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The beach is quite steep and during the rainy season the waves are very strong, so you cannot swim. The beach is 24 kilometers from Phuket Town. Another calm and clean beach is Hat Laem Sing, with reefs and trees that give shade. it is only 1 kilometer from Hat Surin, to the south. That is to say, with so many beaches in Phuket, the main thing is to enjoy the sun, the sea and the activities on the coast: sailing, diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, etc.

We talked at the beginning of one of the best places in the world to admire the sunset: Laem Phromthep. It is the southernmost point of the island, a cape, ideal for taking great photos. From the edge of the cliff you can see a line of palm trees leaning over the abyss, there are rocks in the sea, and beyond is the island of Ko Kae Phitsadan. there is a lighthouse also, built in the Golden Jubilee of King Rama IX, and from up there the view reaches 39 kilometers.

Another emblematic site of Phuket, visited by all the tourists, is the Wat Chalong Temple, a historic temple that recalls the figure of a monk, Luangpho Chaem of Wat Chalong, master of Vipassana meditation and traditional medicine. King Rama V gave it an ecclesiastical rank and the items sold here, amulets, are believed to bring protection and good fortune. Another must-see destination is the Phuket Big Buddhaon the hill, so imposing.

A good time to go to Phuket, if you like to party, this is opt for the Phuket Chinese New Year, right after Chinese New Year. The objective of this second festival is to show the local life of the city and to give a great experience to tourists because many streets of the historic center are closed to cars and become pedestrians.

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There are colorful parades, people dressed in traditional costumes, food demonstrations, food stalls everywhere and other activities. The last day is the Day of Prayer, an old local tradition.

Continuing the wave of crowded events in Phuket is the Phuket Fantasea Theme Park, a show dedicated to Thai culture. The best thing about it is a performance called Surprising Kamala, a combination of Thai arts and cultures with sound effects, lights and music and more than 10 elephants and other animals on a large stage. A buffet is served and there are also souvenir shops. Open every day except Thursday, from 5:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

So far the review of the beauties of Phuket, but before we finish, we leave a few Tips for traveling to Phuket:

  • . The beaches on the south coast are always the busiest, while those on the north are quieter and less crowded. The party is in the south.
  • . All of the larger beaches (Kata, Karon, Nai Han, Patong, Nai Han, Nai Yang, Mai Khao) have facilities and equipment for diving, windsurfing and sailing.
  • . Phuket is a fairly safe destination, even at night.
  • . You can move around the city by tuk-tuk, there are taxis, buses, rental motorbikes and cars. The tuk-tuks here are not like those in Bangkok, but they have 4 wheels and are red or yellow. Buses, the Phuket Smart Bus, go from beach to beach and from the airport, and are convenient. You buy a Rabbit Card from it or from a store and that’s it.

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