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Top 8 destinations to visit in Croatia

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Plitvice Lakes

Croatia is a land full of contrasts, with old towns full of history and modern and current areas, as well as a beautiful Mediterranean coast and lush forests and natural parks. That is why it is a very interesting destination during the holidays, not to mention that it is very cheap, so there is a lot to see in Croatia.

Although when we think of this destination we think of its beaches, the truth is that Croatia is much more than that. That is why we are going to talk about those top destinations in croatia Do not miss. If we are going to visit Croatia, we must at least be sure to see things that make the difference with other destinations.

1-Plitvice Lakes

Lakes in Plitvice

The Plitvice Lakes Nature Park It is undoubtedly a spectacular place. Pure nature for lovers of excursions. They are in the Lika region, in the interior of the country. Eight different routes can be taken on these lakes, and tickets usually include sightseeing train tours and boat trips on the larger lake. But the ideal is to get lost while browsing one of its courses, the intermediate ones for four hours. We will have the chance to discover these pristine lakes and the occasional waterfall.

2-The city of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik at night

The city of Dubrovnik is today one of the medieval sets the most beautiful in Europe, a city that has been very well preserved over time, with its ramparts and its old town. There are many things to see in the city, such as its Old Port, protected by the fort of San Juan.

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Its walls are also a great tourist attraction, with the Stack and Ploce Gates as access, with a walk around the wall of almost two kilometers. Entering its old town is like being transported back in time.

3-Stiniva Beach

stiniva beach

If you are looking for hidden beaches, Stiniva is one of them, a real paradise for solitary who like to find special corners. This beach is hidden among the rocks on the island of Vis. The path through the vegetation is difficult, so the easiest option is to use a boat. It is a pebble beach appreciated for its natural landscape and tranquility. A place to discover.

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4-The city of Pula

town of pula

The city of Pula is in the county of Istria, and it is small but has a wonderful location on the shores of the Adriatic Sea and a very pleasant climate. If you think upon arriving that you are suddenly in Rome, don’t be surprised, as this city has a great Roman heritage, and it is visible in its preserved state. Pula Amphitheater, which is the sixth largest in the world. Another thing to see in this town is the Arco de los Sergios, a triumphal arch with Corinthian style columns which is also very well preserved.

5-The island of Mljet


This island, 37 kilometers long and 3 kilometers wide, is home to some beautiful natural scenery and very small towns where to stay enjoying the welcome of its inhabitants. It is undoubtedly one of the best destinations in Croatia to relax while diving, fishing, hiking or just swimming.

6-The historic town of Primosten

Village of Primosten

This historic city is halfway road between Sibenik and Split. In the surroundings we find a large number of bays, beaches and coves to enjoy the most precious of the Mediterranean, its clear and warm waters. But also its city, located on a peninsula, deserves a quiet visit, to discover its old streets of the medieval center.

7-The pointed beach of Zlatni rat

Zlatni Rat Beach

If you liked the particular hidden beach of Stiniva, you will surely find Zlatni rat beach very interesting. With a slightly difficult name, she will probably be remembered for her special pointed shape. It’s a shape you won’t see on any other beach, so the photos will be unmistakable. Although it is not a very wide beach, it is always quite crowded, so if you want to take advantage of it, it is better to arrive early, or in low season. In addition to its particular shape, which is said to be in constant evolution, it offers us prodigious vegetation to shelter us from the sun and turquoise waters suitable for swimming.

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8-The pool between waterfalls in Krka National Park

Krka National Park

If the Plitvice Lakes left you speechless, you might also want to visit the beautiful Krka Nature Park, located in the center of the Dalmatia region. This area is accessible by a ferry which is taken in the village of Skradin. And although the Plitvice Lakes are very special and enjoy great fame, the truth is that in this natural park we have another advantage, and that is that it is the only one where they allow you to bathe , although only in the last area of ​​the waterfall. It will be a unique experience to bathe in such natural pools while watching the impressive waterfalls.

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