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Tips for traveling to Riviera Maya

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One of the most touristic regions of Mexico is the Riviera Maya. If you like sun, sea and beach, this is one of the most sought-after destinations in America, so today at Travvel Guide we will give you information and Tips for traveling to Riviera Maya.

With the pandemic, the region has suffered a lot but little by little tourism is starting to return, so take notes for your next trip.

Riviera Maya

This on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, in the Mexican state of Quintana Rooabout 210 kilometers in total, on the eastern part of the Yucata Peninsulanm Here alone there are 405 hotels of different categories, with an offer of approximately 43,500 rooms. And yes, the vast majority offer the all-inclusive system, which is super convenient.

The area is covered by a semi-tropical forest dry, the beaches are coral sandthe crystalline and warm waters, typical of the Caribbean, and since the land is calcareous there are many caves caves or caves, today another tourist attraction.

The main points of interest in the Riviera Maya are Puerto Morelos, approximately 16 kilometers from Cancun International Airport and 32 from cancun same. It is a coastal town, originally a fisherman, with a calm atmosphere.

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It is also Carmen Beachthe most important and largest city on the French Riviera, with many hotels, shops and restaurants, there are four kilometers of pedestrians and beaches and it is the starting point for visiting Cozumel. another destination is Harbor Adventures.

Puerto Aventuras is a tourist and residential development with a nautical air, with the best marina on the peninsula, a golf course and spectacular beaches. the following Akumal, with fewer hotels but with the beautiful Yalku Lagoon for snorkeling, cenotes and coastal reefs. Here you cannot miss a visit to Aktun Chen, a beautiful cave with three rooms, its own cenote and numerous stalactites and stalagmites.

Tulum This is the most classic postcard. The coastal archaeological zone is a beautiful photo. Former fortified Mayan city, today there are some hotels and restaurants, there are the coba ruins, about 40 kilometers away, and there are also several cenotes. Speaking of Cobá, it is another Mayan archaeological site, 90 kilometers from Chichen Itza.

For nature lovers, there is the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserveon the Caribbean coast, a World Heritage Site since 1987.

Tips for traveling to Riviera Maya

If you travel by car, you must bring with you the international driving license.In my case, I always treat it at the Automobile Club in my country and it is super professional. Then if you are going to practice a particular sport like sailing and others, you must bring your own certificates. Health insurance too, of course.

Compared to the current currency, it is the mexican peso but in most tourist sites they are also accepted US dollars and euros. The main credit card They are also common (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), but not in small shops and street stalls, so it’s always a good idea to have a few pesos on hand, especially when you go on an excursion.

There are many ATMs in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, but don’t trust them and every time you leave the hotel for these types of excursions, take your own money. You’ll need it if you want to buy water, sunscreen, any crafts you like, or leave a tip. Here in Mexico, the usual thing is to leave 10 and 15% of the total bill at bars and restaurants, but it’s handy to check because some places already include it. And yes, it is also customary to tip tour guides.

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When to go to Riviera Maya? Well, it’s hot and humid all year round, but between May and October it rains and June to November is hurricane season. The dry season is between November and April with pleasant temperatures of around 25 ºC, although in January and February the nights can be cooler. Northerly winds can bring some clouds and some rain in December and January. With the exception of holidays, these dates are generally considered low season, so there are better prices and fewer crowds.

On the other side, the rainy season is between May and October with rain, heat and humidity. The rains can be intense and short and after a while the sun will rise. High season is between June and August and then the prices are more expensive and there are more people. In fact, the worst is the hurricane season, from June to November, but especially between August and October. It is not that there are hurricanes every year and the weather system always detects it in time, but there is no lack of precautions.

15 million tourists usually visit the Riviera Maya and Cancun each year, so it is a safe destination. Yes, I have also seen the latest news on shootings in commercial areas… Unfortunately, drug trafficking is a danger and we must take this into account, but it seems to me that this is not yet a reason to cancel this Mexico part of our list of tourist destinations. As for other precautions, well, you have to take the usual ones.

As it concerns transportation in the area there is everything, from buses and taxis for car rental and private services. The transport you choose will depend on your plans. If you’re going on excursions, you may be able to hire a car or sign up for round-trip tours that include guide assistance and tickets. If you’re shopping, ask for a taxi at the hotel and that’s it. If you are going to stop one on the street, make sure they have a permit and set the price for the ride as there is no meter.

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Can we drink tap water? In general, Nope And even if I say yes, it doesn’t suit you. Does anyone want to vacation in the bathroom with a stomach ache? Always prefer bottled water.

Ultimately, where should you stay? There is a lot of all inclusive hotels and they are always the best option. Especially if you are going to the Cancun area. Now, if you are going to visit the Riviera Maya and in particular Cozumel and Playa del Carmen, there are nice hotels like Royal Hideaway Playacar for adults only, or Occidental in Xcaret or Allegro Playacar in Playa del Carmen. The Barcelona group He has many accommodations in this part of Mexico.

What can’t be missing on a trip to Riviera Maya?

  • Visit to the Ecological Center of Akumal
  • Snorkeling in Cenote Dos Ojos
  • Ecopark Punta Venado
  • Xel-Há Caves
  • Visit Holbox Island, two hours from the Riviera Maya. It is only 42 kilometers long but it is full of tropical birds.
  • Playa del Carmen, secret river
  • cancun

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