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Tips for an Easter road trip

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road trip

Easter is the next holiday season, a time when many people travel hundreds of miles by road to meet family or enjoy a leisure getaway.

Due to the flexibility it offers, the car is usually the first option for this type of trip, and despite the enthusiasm and desire we have to get there, it is It is essential to exercise extreme caution on the road.especially right now when millions of cars are criss-crossing the highways and highways of our country.

Recognizing this, we are now going to give you a series of tips for taking an Easter road trip.

prepare the car

Before hitting the road, you should prepare and adjust your carto make sure you are fit to travel.

To avoid the unexpected, check the condition of the tyres, the oil level, the battery, the lights… The most appropriate is to carry out a complete inspection of the car, and for this we recommend that you go to your trusted mechanic.

Back to back insurance

To travel with complete peace of mind and be covered against any unforeseen circumstances, we advise you to hire Back to back insurance including all covers What do you need to travel safely?

With all-risk insurance, you will have damage to third parties and own damage are coveredwhich is undoubtedly a great peace of mind and a total guarantee in the event of an incident on the road.

Avoid peak hours

Although it depends on your availability, if you can, try to avoid rush hour during your tripbecause you will be able to drive more comfortably and smoothly, avoiding crowds at entrances and exits, considerably reducing the risk of accidents.

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check the time

He is it is important that you check the weather forecast to get an idea of ​​the weather conditions you are going to encounter. If it’s a long trip, check the weather for all the areas you’ll be passing through on your trip.

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If there is a risk of snow, be proactive and have the chains ready in the trunkespecially if you are going to cross places where the weather on these dates is still cold and there is a chance of snowfall.


New technologies help us travel safely and GPS can be your best ally during the trip, especially if you are traveling alone. Of course, while driving, do not use it and only obey its commands.

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Always put the destination location before leaving, and it will automatically guide you to your destination. In addition, it will be able to warn you of possible accidents, closed roads, retentions, traffic jams, etc.

keep safe distance

No matter how rushed you are, keep your safe distance at all times, because it is the easiest and most effective way to drive safely, reducing the risk of accidents. At least try to keep a space between two cars compared to the car in front.

In addition, in case of rain or snow, increase itbecause under these conditions the braking distance increases by up to 40%, so the conventional distance may not be sufficient.

Respect the laws

And of course you have to respect and comply with major road safety lawssuch as not driving if you have been drinking alcohol, wearing a seatbelt, not talking on a cell phone, not exceeding the speed limit, stopping every two hours…

If you’re traveling by car this Easter, these tips will help you travel safely. Even so, one should not be overconfident, because on the road, any precaution is minimal.

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