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Thirteen useful apps for traveling with children

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Gone are the days when the whole family had to be patient during the holidays to drive to the chosen destination. Fortunately, neither the roads nor the cars of today look like those of years ago and thanks to new technologies, long trips with the family can be a very interesting distraction, especially when traveling with children. impatient and nervous.

To make journeys more entertaining, technology provides families with countless applications that will make traveling easier. In addition, our car is now able to be an extension of our smartphone and can become a Wi-Fi emission center. By using the car’s multimedia system and equipping the little ones with a tablet, we can make the trip more fun and plan it better. Here are some useful apps for traveling with children.

apps to play



Recently acquired by Facebook, MSQRD is based on a facial recognition system that allows to exchange the face of a celebrity, a character or an animal with our own. and immortalize it in a selfie or video. Moreover, this application has several filters to apply to the image. Kids and parents alike will have a great time pulling faces and making funny faces in front of the tablet. Available on iOS and Android.

Brain it on

This app will hook older kids. It consists of solving puzzles through so-called visual challenges. In order to pass the screen, you must complete the challenge by knowing where to place the different pieces, so not only will this keep you entertained on the journey, but Brain it on will also sharpen your intelligence. Available on iOS and Android.

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angry bird

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classic games

Shooting birds from Angry Birds, sweet candies from Candy Crush or even Trivial questions are safe bets to pass the time. Plus, these classic games have broken download records on iOS and Android.

Shake Make and Big Green Monster

They allow children to reproduce the drawings of children’s cartoonist Ed Emberley without the need for pencils and paper. They just have to move the mobile device they are using. This way, they will make the drawing break down into pieces that need to be put back together within a stipulated time. Shake Make is available on Apple and Big Green Monster on Android.

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create app stories

CreAPPcuentos is a very fun application that allows children to develop their imagination and creativity. This application offers children to choose for themselves what the characters, settings and situations of their story will look like using the drawings of six popular Spanish cartoonists. The stories can also be told in English, so that the little ones become familiar with this language and learn it. The application is free in its basic mode, both for iOS and Android, although later it is possible to buy packages that give more variety to the stories.

Apps to organize the trip



Who has never thought of planning a trip to the beach and facing bad weather? iPlaya is a very useful application to find information on Spanish beaches: its quality, the state of the sea, the weather, the wind and the tides. In this way, excursions on the coast can be better planned knowing if it will rain or not and preparing in advance an alternative plan that allows us to take advantage of the day, such as organizing an excursion to a nearby town or book tickets to visit a monument or museum. You will find iPlaya on iOS and Android.

funnydoo and whatsred

Thanks to Divertydoo we can discover the best activities to do as a family during our vacation in the city we are going to visit. In addition, we can download Whatsred on our mobile to inform us of plans and addresses as well as to find discounts and promotions. Both apps are available on Android and iOS.

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This application was awarded as the best in the category “national active tourism” by FITUR in 2014. It offers free and paid guides for hiking enthusiasts throughout the national territory, although with a predominance of the northern area -west: Asturias and Galicia. NaturApps includes a section of easy routes, recommended to do with children and allows you to filter searches by difficulty, length, to do by bike or by type of route. It is available for Apple devices and Android operating systems.


Thanks to mobile GPS, Life 360 ​​lets parents know where their kids are at all times and set up a meeting point in case someone gets lost among the crowd of people. It also has an anti-panic button which, depending on configuration, sends messages to all family members or emergency services when pressed. So ended the typical PA calls at malls and beaches. Available on Android and iOS.

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