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The must-sees in Porto

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River in Porto

We know that Lisbon is the most chosen city to go to in Portugal, and in summer we have the Algarve, but the truth is that Porto is also a very interesting city, especially for those who love old quarters with that apparent nostalgia and the taste of authenticity. Since then Port It is a city with a lot to offer.

As always, there are visits that are essential, and this small town was not going to be less so. But we will always recommend taking a calm walk, getting lost in the corners of the city to appreciate the life of its inhabitants without being in the most touristic places. It’s part of a good trip to discover something more than the subjects of each city.

Arrival in Porto

For those who think that life could be complicated to go to a place other than Lisbon, the truth is that Porto has very good transport. It has the airport, to which low-cost companies such as Ryanair arrive, being a cheaper alternative to Lisbon. It can also be reached by regional train from Vigo, in the north of Spain, or by bus with the companies Alsa and Eurolines which leave from different points. There are also crossings along the Duero River that reach the city, at its mouth.

Cathedral of the Se

Porto Cathedral

It is the most important religious building in the whole city, and it is also at the top, which allows us to enjoy great views of the whole city and of the riverbank, its most picturesque area. This cathedral is in the Batalha neighborhood next to the walls. In the square you can see a column where once criminals were hanged. Inside the cathedral we can see its central area with its large columns, and we must also see the 14th century cloister with tiles of religious scenes or its collection of gold and silver objects.

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Lello and Irmao bookstore

Lello and Irmao bookstore

This bookstore has become a must for those visiting Porto, and it is definitely worth it, as it is the most beautiful bookstore in all of Europe. He has a Neo-Gothic style full of details, and was built in 1906. The interior is most impressive, with a central carved wooden staircase and beautiful stained glass windows. Not only is it famous for being chosen as the most beautiful, but also because some scenes from the famous Harry Potter saga were filmed there, making it another place for fans to visit.

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Bolhao Market

Bolhao Market in Porto

This market is not one of the best maintained places in the city, which is usually a bit neglected in its old part, but the truth is that this touch of decadence also makes it more special. The Mercado do Bolhao is a perfect place to see how its people live, because it’s not that touristic but it’s really authentic. It is in an old building and has been in operation since 1914. It has several floors around a large central courtyard, with all kinds of stalls, from food to textiles or flowers. Old fashioned shops and that decadent air is what makes it so authentic that it is well worth a visit.

San Bento Station

San Bento Station

You may wonder why seeing a train station can be interesting, but this city surprises in its most special corners. This station was built in the 9th century on the remains of an old convent, that of San Bento del Ave María, hence the name of the station. It has that same melancholy, ancient air of the whole city, and the best is at the entrance, where there’s even 20,000 tiles with scenes of the city’s history. A visit that must be made serenely to appreciate them. And if we have to take a train, we can take advantage of it.

Visit of the cellars

Port barrels

If something is not missing when we go to Porto, it is a visit to cellars of the famous port from the city. This wine is totally different from the others because they add brandy to stop the fermentation so that the smooth flavor with a high degree of alcohol is preserved. This has made it one of the most beloved wines in the world.

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River bank in Porto

In Vilanova da Gaia, in front of the shore of the city of Porto are the best wine cellars. You can take combo tickets to see multiple wineries, and you must do this in advance as the guide will be in the language chosen by the first person to book. It must also be said that there are other wineries that do not charge entry, although they are not the best known. On the river bank there are also boat agencies that offer boat trips and wine tours, although many of them are free, so you have to take a good look at the offer. Some of the most famous wineries are the Ramos Pinto winery, the Sandeman winery or the Ferreira winery.

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