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The must-sees in Istanbul

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Hagia Sophia

Istanbul It is an almost magical city, full of cultural contrasts between Europe and Asia, and between East and West. A place that almost everyone has among their trips waiting for this attraction that it creates, for its monuments and the natural landscapes of the Bosphorus. As in all our destinations, there are places you should never miss, even if the trip lasts two days.

This city of Istanbul was the capital of three different empires, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman. A city located in a very strategic place which has not ceased to arouse great interest. if it is you next destination Note the must-see places that you must visit so as not to miss the best of this ancient city.

Hagia Sophia


It is undoubtedly the istanbul symbol that everyone wants to see when they arrive in the city. It was built under the Roman Mandate of Emperor Justinian, between 532 and 537. It is a monument that represents Byzantine art. Moreover, it is in the highest area of ​​the city, and its minarets and the large central dome attract attention from other parts of the city.

Hagia Sophia

However, the best comes when we entered hagia sophia. The decorative details in the golden tones typical of Byzantine art, the large hanging medallions, the huge dome and the mosaics will make us spend several hours exploring every corner.

blue mosque

blue mosque

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Built in the 17th century, it is the most important mosque of the city, with six high minarets. To enter, as in other mosques, you have to take off your shoes and enter with your shoulders covered. Sometimes you also need to cover your hair. Its interior is also the most surprising. These mosques are full of detail, with a dome in which there are thousands of tiles in shades of blue, and fascinating lighting, thanks to hanging lamps and stained glass windows.

topkapi palace

topkapi palace

This palace has 700,000 square meters and is a reflection of the imperial power of the sultans during the Ottoman Empire. It was inaugurated in the 15th century and later enlarged by different rulers. In this palace there is a lot to do with its four patios and its multitude of rooms. The treasure It is one of its most important parts, where you can find very precious objects, such as the famous Topkapi dagger, which is the most expensive weapon in the world, or the diamond that belonged to Napoleon’s mother. The Harem is also one of the places where people gather the most to enjoy this palace, a space where there were some 700 women and the Queen Mother, the head of the harem.

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Basilica cistern

Basilica cistern

This name may surprise more than one, and it is that it is the the most famous cistern from the city. These cisterns were built so that the city would have water reserves in case it was besieged and attacked by the enemy, and today they form an important part of the tourist route. The tourist walk is done by footbridges that pass over the water that were placed at the end of the 20th century. Previously, the boat trip was done among the 336 columns of different styles that support the cistern. It is a haven of peace in the hustle and bustle of Istanbul, no doubt, so it will be a relaxing stopover before going to the Grand Bazaar, for example.

Galata Tower

Have the best views of istanbul You can climb this tower, which is one of the oldest in the world. The first was built of wood in the year 528, but in this tower the great width of its walls is striking. To get there, you can take the Tünel Funicular from the Galata Bridge.

Taksim square

This square is considered the heart of the city, so it’s a must. There are many bars, restaurants and even luxury boutiques. From there, you can take one of the main commercial avenues of the city, to enjoy a day of shopping, the Istiklal Cadessi or the Avenida de la Independencia.

grand bazaar

grand bazaar

Shopping enthusiasts cannot miss a visit to one of the largest and oldest markets of the world. A market that has about 45,000 square meters full of shops and typical items and other more touristic ones. There are 64 streets and 22 gates to cross, so it will take us a long time. In this place it will be essential to have fun haggling with the vendors.

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Spice Bazaar

Istanbul Spice Bazaar

Those who are more into fine dining have another must in the Spice Bazaar or the Egyptian Bazaar. A place where they can be found typical products such as nuts, spices of all kinds and sweets. It is undoubtedly a pleasure for the senses, and outside there is a bird and flower market, so there will be no shortage of original photographs on this trip.

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