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The most visited countries in Asia, do you know them all?

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Asian Forbidden City

There was a time when Europe was very fashionable, touristically speaking, because the Cold War had divided it and the contrasts were impressive. Today I think Asia beats Europe when you think of far-flung, exotic destinations and vastly different cultures.

The different, the travelers, we love. Why try the same flavors, see the same faces, listen to languages ​​we already know? Asia is so different and that is why it is so attractive. But there are countries that are more popular than others when it comes to tourism and here is The most visited Asian countries in recent years:


Tiananmen Square

Probably now China it is the Asian tourism giant. It has opened up to the world economically and its profound transformations attract us and make some of its tourist destinations more friendly for travelers who do not know a single word of Chinese.

It is estimated that every year China receives nearly 58 million foreign visitors, not counting the cities of Hong Kong and Macau which together receive around 30 million per year. What is certain is that the number of travelers to mainland China and lesser-known destinations is on the rise.

Great Wall of China

The front door is usually beijing It has been the political heart of the country for centuries. The Forbidden citythe Tiananmen Squarethe Mao’s mausoleum, hutongs or old quarters that preserve old Beijing, its museums and other palaces and temples. And not to mention the big ones markets where the shopping is great and at incredible prices.

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Shanghai is a modern city, vibrating. Has always been. nanjing road is the street to walk and buy, but the foreign quarters They are a delight for the eyes and the palate. The French and the English once lived here and their homes and cultural traces have remained. The nightlife is also excellentAlthough it is not a cheap city.

hong kong It is another example of a cosmopolitan city. jungle of Skyscraperescalators everywhere, luxurious bars and restaurants, markets wasting hours haggling and boat trips to admire the lights of the buildings every evening.

There are excursions to neighboring islands with their temples and picturesque villages and an hour is East Vegas, macauformer Portuguese colony.

Terracotta Warriors

But China also has Terracotta Warriors in Xian, the temples and paradisiacal landscapes of Tibetthe landscapes of Guilin and cruises on the Li River and the Yangtze with its Three Gorges Dam, for example. A thousand destinations in one, that’s China and it lives up to its number one position.


Kuala Lumpur

receives nearly 25 million visitors per year and most enter the country through Kuala Lumpur, the city of Petronas, the twin towers. Beyond the modern city, with shopping malls, bars, cafeterias and luxury restaurants, it offers us much more.

In the Malaysian Islands, we can lazing around, diving, snorkeling, cruising, fishing and sunbathing in heavenly places. And without forgetting the beaches of the Malay Peninsula, Langkawi or Tioman.

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Thailand beaches

For a backpacker, Thailand is great because even though plane tickets can be expensive there the cost of living is very cheap. The islands and tropical beaches They are great, it seems like summer here never ends, but the capital Bangkok is another wonderful destination.

In reality, Bangkok is the most visited city in the world and every year about 16 million visitors walk there. How are you? Beauty and low prices are synonymous with tourist success.



If you see a map you realize that Singapore is in the zone of Malaysia and Indonesia so take advantage of it and gain visitors. It is estimated that per year, it is visited by just over 10 million people.

Many go to their casinos, there are two huge casinos famous all over the world: the Resorts World Sentosa, with a hotel, and the Marina Bay Sands. The modern and almost science fiction Gardens by the Bay They are another undeniable tourist magnet.

South Korea


This small country, marked by a division that still persists, was placed in the eye of tourism after the success of the Korean film and television productions. The k-dramas they became extremely popular in Asia first and are now consumed in Europe and America.

A) Yes, seoul the capital, which is the most typical setting for all these audiovisual productions, is the most visited Korean destination. It is a beautiful, modern city that has managed to boost the number of visitors to the country to almost 10 million people per year.

Jeju Island

Of course, South Korea is a very beautiful country but it is still very rural so apart from Seoul and the city furthest from Busan there are no other major urban centers to know. The Jeju Island facing Seoul is recommended and if you like nature, lake scenery, bays and Korean beaches are good destinations.



Indonesia is a group of islands, inhabited and uninhabited, which number in the thousands. Receives 7.5 million visitors per year and most direct their steps towards balia stunning island with white sand beaches, luxury resorts, cheaper accommodation and Hindu temples.

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they follow him Jakarta and its capital rate, Borneo with its forests and wildlife and, Gilli Islands as a diving and snorkeling destination. These are the favourites.


Bombay in India

Culture and history basically, that’s India. The three most visited cities in India are Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. (Calcutta, Bombai and Delhi). No one wants to miss the Taj Mahalin Angra, the religiosity of Varanasi, the Ganges and the Goas or Kerala beaches.

Doesn’t seem like the best destination for travellers, my friends have had bad experiences, but for many this is the trip of a lifetime.



It’s my favorite destination in Asia but it’s not the most popular in terms of the amount of tourism. Tokyo is a fabulous city and the mountainous nature of the country hides unforgettable landscapes.

Ancient temples, medieval castles, samurai tales, good local beers, geishas, ​​Mount Fuji and its national parks, spa townsthe generosity of its people, its technological level, for me everything is brilliant.

It may not be the favorite destination because It’s far, you can only get there by plane and you have no choice but to focus on the country since few touch other destinations during the same trip.

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