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The most curious and demanding marathons in the world

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Running has become a social phenomenon in recent years. It is a sport that has become strong to stay, because those who practice it claim that it makes them feel better and smile more. Its rapid popularity is reflected in the large number of marathons, grassroots races and half-marathons held around the world. As its practice becomes more widespread and there are more participants, the challenges multiply. Many of them quite difficult.

To all lovers of this accessible sport, here we go marathons not to be missed if you are looking to take on new challenges and discover new places. Would you dare to run one of them?


kenyan runners

One of the reasons running is so important in Kenya is that running can lift you out of poverty. In a country that suffers from so many deficiencies, this sport allows those who become professionals to live comfortably. There, a solidarity half-marathon against AIDS is organized. Kenya, at 2,400 meters above sea level, is where everyone wants to go to train. And by the way, go sightseeing to see its beautiful landscapes and safaris.


patagonia runner

Since 2002 it has been carried out between Puerto Fuy and San Martín de los Andes, one of the most exciting races that crosses the Andes mountain range: Columbia Crossing. Its objective is to unite Chile and Argentina through unique landscapes covering more than 100 kilometers divided into three stages of 42, 28 and 30 kilometers.

It is one of the most difficult races, for which you have to be very prepared. In fact, the Columbia Crossing has the motto “Not everyone can walk it, but no one can forget it”.

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The runners have spent days running and living in the middle of the mountains, enduring all the hardships that entails. The race takes place in teams of two people (women, men or mixed) who must stay together throughout the course. From 2013 it was decided to add the Individual category due to high demand.


From Tough Guy they say it’s the most extreme obstacle course in the world, in which 33% of runners give up when they can’t complete it. It is a psychological race rather than a physical one because it is very important to be able to keep a cool head and calm to continue when the body stops responding.

Tough Guy takes place in Wolverhampton, West Midlands and consists of 15 kilometers of courses with tunnels, water lakes and even electroshocks. The organization forces participants to sign what is known as the “death warrant”. A document in which the dangers of participation are recognized and accepted, exempting the organizers from any legal liability in the event of an accident. A challenge that, according to some participants, is life changing.

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norwegian marathon

The Polar Night Halfmarathon takes place in Norway and takes place at night, with 20 hours of darkness and only 4 hours of light. It takes place in February and the low temperatures reached during the winter make the race very difficult, coming to seem that the 21 kilometers that make it up are endless.

However, the scenery is worth it: imagine running the Polar Night Halfmarathon under the Norwegian Northern Lights. Simply spectacular.


140 kilometers south of Los Angeles, in the city of Carlsbad, the so-called Marathon of Heroes is held every year, an event for solidarity purposes where runners from all over the world come together to pay tribute to various protagonists of overcoming stories .

This race takes place on the edge of the Pacific and as the organizers themselves say, the Carlsbad Marathon is different from all the others. If you are passionate about running, you should not miss this unique race. The next will take place on January 15, 2017.


The Zurich Marathon of Seville is ideal for getting a good mark on a flat circuit. This race has a spectacular circuit that crosses the most emblematic places of the Sevillian capital: the Plaza de España, the Maestranza, the María Luisa Park, La Giralda and the Torre del Oro, among others.

It is the flattest marathon in Europe, approved by IAAF and AIMS, where excellent treatment is provided to the runner and in which there are many parallel activities to live the most complete running experience possible: conferences and symposiums, training meetings, runner’s fair, photography and animation competitions, etc.

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The course of the Zurich Marathon of Seville is animated by singers during certain stages of the race, which makes it even more entertaining and fun. It will take place on February 19, 2017.

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