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The most beautiful cities in Spain, do you know them?

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One of the most beautiful cities in Spain

Some very important dates are approaching and for this reason we want to discover the the most beautiful cities in Spainespecially since a large part of the Spanish population will take advantage of the holidays to get lost between the streets and see the Holy Week processions. Another good part, however, will opt for the more idle version and go somewhere to spend a few days of vacation and rest. What are you going to do on Easter?

If you are option 2, that is, those who prefer to spend a few days in another new place to discover and where to rest, this might interest you list of the 5 most beautiful villages in Spain which stand out for their natural charm. Will you find your next vacation destination here?

Aracena, in Huelva


Aracena was declared a little less than a year ago as the most charming Andalusian town. And although it is a somewhat superfluous “recognition” because each year they give it to a different city, the beauty of this located in the mountains of Huelva.

This is a village privileged for its great beauty and for the possibility it has when it comes to carrying out a large number of excursions and hiking trails both in it and in the surrounding towns.

Another strong point of this city is its great gastronomic offer, monumental and picturesque, as well as its traditional festivals and other cultural activities that take place frequently. It should be noted its Castle located at the top of the hill. As for gastronomy, I don’t think it goes without saying that the Sierra de Huelva is known above all for its the Iberian pig and its hamsthat you can taste in several restaurants and inns from the city of Huelva. And another point of interest, that if you visit Aracena you must locate, are its famous Caves of Wondersquite a delight for the eyes for his beautiful karst formations.

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Pedraza de la Sierra, in Segovia

5 charming towns (Pedraza de la Sierra)

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Pedraza de la Sierra is like a city frozen in time, full of magnificent walls, stately homes and medieval palaces built between 8th and 15th centuries.

There are three places in the city that, if you visit them, are surely the ones that you like the most and that will catch your attention: the Church of Santa María, the Plaza Mayor and its castle.

It is one of those large typical stone villages where walking around is a pleasure and brings to mind the age of these lands, its history, its culture…

If you want a quiet corner of Spain to get away from it all for a few days, Pedraza de la Sierra might be your place. As data, we will tell you that it has less than 500 inhabitants. And if at any time you want something more fun or leisure, know that Segovia is 39 kilometers away Yes Madrid 111 km away.

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Morella, in Castellon

5 charming towns (Morella)

Another city with a castle! Could the charm be in the history of its castles? It might be…!

Morella is located in the northern end of the Valencian Community, just 60 kilometers from the coast. Their sixteen rounds, six portals and almost two kilometers of wall form a single silhouette, crowned by the imposing castle.

Morella was declared a town Historic-artistic site by UNESCO, An important fact to highlight, and if this still does not convince you, we hope that its tradition, its monuments, its gastronomy, its folklore, its environment and the images that we present to you of the place, will end up captivating you.

Medinaceli, in Soria

5 Charming Towns (Medinaceli)

Medinaceli is known as “City of Heaven” of Almanzor and the dukes. This village of less than 1,000 inhabitantscoexist between the “old” and the current.

What can you see in Medinaceli? The following:

  • Triumphal arch.
  • Fuente de la Canal (from Roman times), as well as various mosaics scattered throughout the city.
  • The Saint Elisabeth Monasteryinhabited by Clarisas nuns, dedicated to the elaboration of sweets and artisan nougat.
  • Jalon River.
  • the ruins of Villavieja Castlebuilt by Christians between the 13th and 14th centuries on Muslim and Roman remains.
  • The main square, located in the ancient Roman forum.

Round, in Malaga

Ronda, one of the most beautiful cities in Spain

For those lovers Andalusian white villages, you should not miss visiting Ronda. village located on the Guadalevin riverhas a historic center full of monuments, among which its bullring stands out, one of the best known in the world.

The places and corners that you must visit in Ronda are:

  • new bridgebuilt 93 meters above the Tagus (1793).
  • Rampart Arabic from the 13th and 16th centuries.
  • Convent of Santo Domingo (16th century), seat of the Inquisition.
  • Moorish King’s Palace18th century.
  • The Arab baths built between the 13th and 14th centuries, which still retain their hot, cold and warm rooms.
  • The The Giant’s Housea palace from the Nasrid period, quite particular and beautiful.
  • The House of Juan Bosco and its gardens.
  • The Church of Santa Maria La Mayor.
  • The Mondragon Palace (16th and 18th centuries), also known as the Palace of the Marquises of Villasierra.
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Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful cities in Spain to visit.

Which of the most beautiful cities in Spain do you like the most?

After seeing some of the most beautiful cities in Spain, we can only invite you to leave us a comment to discover new charming townsI’m sure there are many more.

Have you already chosen your destination? We assure you that you choose the city you choose from these 5 most beautiful cities in Spain that we recommend to you today, you will love them! Especially because of the history that all keep in their walls and landscapes.

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