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the largest yacht in the world

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They say that for some time the demand for large yachts it kept growing and, according to manufacturers and sellers, it was from 2019 that everything literally exploded as the number of billionaires behind the pandemic increased. Sad world of ours, in which while some have lost their jobs, others have earned more than millions…

Today the market wants bigger and bigger yachts and from what they say it is just getting started. The most important yacht builder is the German company Lürssen, with eight shipyards located in the north of this European country. Designers, owners and advertisers work together to ensure that ultimately the wishes of those displaying the bills are granted. Today, the largest yacht in the world is the one you see in the photo, the Azzam. Do we know?

Azzam, the largest yacht in the world

Today the largest yacht in the world it is 180 meters long, although in 2024 there will be one that measures 183 meters. Also, the German yacht building company we talked about earlier claims that it’s only a matter of time before yachts become 200 meter long super yachts. This is the trend.

Thus, the Azzam is the largest yacht at 180 meters in length. It is the most expensive private yacht since 2013 and originally it was 35 meters shorter. The Azzam was built by Lürssen under the direction of engineer Mubarak Saad al Ahbadi. He had a cost of 600 million dollars, just for the build, and in the process it grew and grew and grew until it reached the end.

The yacht was chartered in April 2013. Built by the German company Lürssen Yatchs, designed by Nauta Yatchs and with interior design by Christophe Leoni, was built in a total of three years, a record time. A year earlier, in 2012, the Azzam had been relocated from its original 170-meter-long dam to a larger 220-meter one to complete the works. It was at the end of 2009 that the ship’s steel began to be cut and so, in 2013, the work was finally finished.

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this yacht It can accommodate 36 guests and a minimum crew of 50 and a maximum of 80 crew.. It has a golf practice room and gym, and the exterior is stellar. Its main hall has a length of 29 meters and an open space of 18 meters without any supporting pillars, something wonderful. To give space to so many guests there are 50 suites and the deck, well, doesn’t have very large open spaces.

The exterior lines, the profile, bears the signature of Nauta Design, studio founded by Mario Pedol, and when viewed from afar, it appears smaller than when viewed up close. Benefits of careful design.

According to the photographs circulating on the ship, it has six bridges and the design has technology to take care of the environment, with reduced carbon monoxide and noise emissions. It is also assumed that the extra power from the engines is used by the water desalination system to turn it into drinking water.

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But the Azzam is not a slow ship, as you might think from its size (that thing about giants being slow). This is not the case, the Azzam is a fast ship that can reach speeds of up to 31.5 knots thanks to its two gasoline turbines and two diesel engines that power four jets. The Azzam weighs about 14,000 tons and its fuel tank has a capacity of one million liters of fuel. It is estimated that the total cost was 605 million, about 100 million more than the third largest yacht in the world, for private use, the eclipse.

But who commissioned the construction of this super yacht? Of course, an Arab with a lot of money: the Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates. Supposedly it can be rented out, but that’s just an assumption. And what does the name mean? Determination.

I guess the UEA president is not very interested in the cost of maintaining this small boat, but it is really very expensive. It seems that 10% of its cost is what is spent on its maintenance annual. That is to say, some $60 million a year.

If there is a biggest yacht in the world, there must be one second largest yacht in the world… It’s true, to close today’s article I present to you super yacht eclipse. its owner is Roman Abramovih, a Russian billionaire, businessman, owner of Chelsea FC in the Premier League, among others. Its construction took five years and cost 409 million dollars, so its current price, with the upgrades made since, is 620 million.

The maintenance of this ship costs 65 million per year. The Eclipse is a diesel electric propulsion yacht, her engines are Azipods and her interior design bears the signature of the English house Terence Disdale Design, The owner’s private deck is 56 meters long and can accommodate 36 guests, in 18 cabins , with a crew of 66. She is a luxurious ship, perhaps more elegant than the Azzam.

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It adds three helipads and a 16-meter swimming pool to relax in the middle of the sea and which, when no one is using it, is hidden to become a dance floor with space for a good fire to burn. It must be said that when the Azzam appeared, the Eclipse literally disappeared, but without a doubt the Russian’s boat remains a super yacht among super yachts.

Obviously, the list of expensive yachts in the world continues. We have already said at the beginning that from time to time there is more and more demand for these ships because the number of billionaires who no longer know what to do with so much money in their accounts has increased.

The next yachts on the list are the Dilbar, by Uzbek billionaire Alisher Asmanov156 meters, the Mahrousa, 145.72 meters, Egyptian presidential yacht and the 19th century or the Flying fox, 136 metersformerly rented by Beyonce and Jay Z.

The dubaiof Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum of Dubai, with 162 meters in lengththe North voted in 2021 also from Lürsse, the ROUND 183 meters but not luxury but expedition is still under construction and should be voted in 2024 and finally in Poland the 120 meter Y910 is being designed.

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