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The kilt and other distinctive costumes of Scotland

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If you have ever looked at the clothing of each country, you will realize that each place and each culture has a different way of identifying itself. While it is true that there are countries that have a similar way of dressing and being fashionable, others, on the other hand, have a somewhat different conception. In this direction, clothes from some countries may surprise you if you are not used to seeing them regularly. For example, the particular outfits that can be found in Scotland.

Scotland is a beautiful, incredible country, steeped in history and with outfits that will not leave you indifferent. One of the aspects that most identifies this country and draws the most attention to any other, this is how many of its male inhabitants dress. They have a traditional way of dressing using a traditional Scottish kilt, a garment they wear with pride as it is the most representative symbol of their culture.

The origin of the kilt

man in kilt

The tartan skirt is known all over the world because its print is particular and is used in many fashions because it looks really beautiful. Colors that combine between red, black, white or brown look great (but they can be combined with other colors). The Scottish Skirt is also traditionally known as the Kilt.

The origin of this skirt would come from the Highlands or the Highlands of Scotland. The climate in this place is very changeable and there is usually quite a bit of torrential rain, and the use of the skirt in men in this place served that when it rained, the lower part of the pants would not be wet. It was a convenient way to not have to wash clothes again and again because of stains. It is unknown who invented it, but it became very popular among men who saw its use as very normalized.

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In additionbecame even more popular and famous thanks to the many victories of the army of Scotland in the highlands and seeing this garment on men, he gradually began to gain great fame.

what exactly is the kilt

party in scotland

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The kilt or lack thereof began as a piece of cloth about five meters long which was tied around the man’s body with a belt and the excess cloth was collected for that it was not a nuisance when walking or walking and it was placed on the shoulder. So that this piece of cloth placed on the shoulder did not fall to the ground, it was fastened with a brooch.

Over the years the spit part fell out of use as it somewhat negated the movement ability of the men who used it and they found it to be more convenient. having the skirt alone without having to pass a piece of fabric over the shoulder.

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This Scottish skirt or kilt was usually made with a woolen fabric and with very particular color patterns that alternated in the form of a grid, that is to say they always had the same pattern. This grid pattern of the kilt is known as tartan.

what is tartan

Men in kilts in Scotland

The tartan serves to identify the owner of the skirt. The more colors and quality they have kilts will show others that the owner who owns and wears it has a higher social status. It’s a bit like the clothes you’re used to and the brands of clothes, when a person has clothes that are very expensive or with a particular brand that is known to be expensive and of good quality, this shows how the person has a higher social position since they are not afraid to spend more money on a piece of clothing. Of course, that’s not the case either since little by little people are beginning to understand that social position doesn’t always have to do with the clothes they wear.

In addition, the combination of colors of the plaid skirt or the kilt could vary depending on the activity carried out by the man who wore it. For example, darker colored kilts served as camouflage for hunting or warfare. Tartan was also used by ancient clans or by families from different regions. to be able to recognize members of your community and differentiate yourself from others. Let’s say each family clan or community could have a different tartan.

You don’t wear anything under your kilt?

boy kilt

Maybe you’ve heard that when Scottish men wear kilts, they don’t wear anything under their clothes. In a way this may be totally true since there is a tradition that true Scots should not wear anything under their kilts… i.e. they will not wear underwear. clothes or anything similar.

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Although of course, I suppose that to know if this is the case today, you will have to ask a Scotsman who wears the skirt if he wears underwear or not.

Other Distinctive Clothing of Scotland

In addition to the kilt, there are also other particular and traditional garments in Scotland that are worth mentioning. One of them is the leather bag hanging from the waist of people (usually men) and is called sporran. They also usually wear a cap and when it’s cold a scarf in the same tartan they use in the kilt to match. In this way, it is a way to honor their ancestors because that is how it was originally used and that is why they continue to use it in the same way.

It is true that it is not very common to find people who dress like this in the street, but the Scots and their descendants do it regularly when they celebrate an event between them. Important events for them can be a national holiday, the wedding of a loved one, a sporting event…etc.

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