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The Best SWIMMING POOLS in Madrid

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Summer is starting and no doubt hot days are ahead of us and some will surely be overwhelming. Where do you plan to spend these days? If you feel like it, you can always spend time away from home, with family or friends, enjoying a refreshing swimming pool.

Today we are going to talk about the best swimming pools in Madrid.

Pools in Madrid

On May 14, the summer 2022 season for municipal swimming pools began. the season runs from May 14 to September 11 and these establishments They will be open in two shifts, the first from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and the second from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Although the Covid protocol has been relaxed, no one can say goodbye to the pandemic yet, so some capacity considerations follow. The tickets You can get them through the mobile app Madrid Mobile, available for Android and IOs and on Sports Web. When you buy the ticket, you receive a QR code which is the one that will be scanned when you enter.

Can we buy directly at the pool ticket office and not in advance? Yes, but not if it’s so convenient since only 5% to 10% of the total tickets are reserved for this type of sale, and they are special for people with disabilities and people over 65 who do not understand big -thing to applications.

How are the prices? Children under 5 enter free, children between 5 and 14 years old pay 1.35 euros, those between 15 and 26 years old 1.80, adults between 27 and 64 years old 2.25 and older adults do not pay only 0.70 euro cents

You just gotta know that the swimming pools that depend on the Community of Madrid open a little later, from next June 11. I am talking about the Canal de Isabel II sports facility, the Puerta de Hierro sports park, the M86 sports center, the San Vicente de Paúl sports facilities.

Swimming pool Peñuelas – Arganzuela


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This public center managed directly by the town hall is a large sports center. The pool itself is open Monday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. The total facilities occupy 7,000 square meters and there are three pools in total.

Is the wading pool 18 x 8 meters and others two large swimming pools one of 15 meters by 12.5 meters and the other 20 meters by 10. It also has a cafeteria, changing rooms, areas to eat in the shade, good general maintenance and the possibility of adding certain activities for an additional fee, such as the use of the weight room or the sauna.

Swimming pool of the Municipal Sports Center La Mina

This center is located in the Vista Alegre district, in Carabanchel, and occupies an area of ​​more than 18,000 square meters. The outdoor swimming pool is 50 meters away and a recreation area and another for children, but there is an indoor pool of 25 meters.

Various sports are also practiced in the center. You can get there using line 5 of the Madrid metro or by EMT bus, using lines 34, 35 or 17.

La Concepcion Pool

this swimming pool It is in the neighborhood of Ciudad Lineal, a site with more than 200,000 inhabitants and one of the largest in the city. Despite this, on several occasions, neighbors have been deprived of a quick opening of the pool, lack of staff, renovations, fire damage, among other causes.


The site offers swimming lessons as well as free pool and water polo.

Vicente del Bosque swimming pool – Fuencarral El Pardo

This center is located on Monforte de Lemos Avenue, in the La Paz – Fuencarral – El Pardo district, in the shadow of the Four Towers. You can get there by metro, getting off at Begoña, Barrio del Pilar, by bus using the 134 or 137, by Renfe getting off at Chamartín or by bicycle.

There are two 50 meter swimming pools and a children’s pool which open in two shifts and between them the facilities are cleaned and disinfected. The capacity this year is 2,800 people.

Swimming pool of the Luis Aragonés Municipal Sports Center

This swimming pool is in the Canillas – Hortaleza neighborhood and you can get there by metro, by bus using the 73 or 120 and by bicycle. here amThere are four swimming pools, one of 50 meters, two for leisure and one for children.

The land has a lot of grass and there are shaded areas.

Swimming pool of the Municipal Sports Center of Aluche

This center is in the Las Aguilas – Latina district, and you can get there by metro, buses 17, 34 and 139, by Renfe to Fanjul or by bicycle. Is there a twin pool and a kiddie pool?.

East the public sports facility is the largest in Europe and in recent years several million euros have been invested in its renovation, in particular in the repair of the swimming pool which is located on Avenida de Las Águilas number 14, with its two joined swimming pools of 50 by 25 meters.

The complete sealing system has been opportunely changed, also improving the water purification system.

Pool José María Cagigal and Casa de Campo

In 2020 this sports center has been modernized to give its facilities a better quality and year after year, at least until the pandemic, its summer visitors have increased.

The Jose María Cagigal Sports Center opened its doors many years ago, in 1969, with three swimming pools, one Olympic, one for leisure and one for children. The renovations include this, in addition to the locker room area, spaces and entrances. The summer pools are superb: the outdoor pool has a 50 meter pool and a children’s pool, while the indoor pool has a 25 meter pool and a teaching pool.


For its part, the Casa de Campo municipal sports complex has also had its 36-meter swimming pool for adults and the swimming pool for children renovated.

Swimming pool Moratalaz and La Elipa

Inside this comprehensive sports center the swimming pool has three sectors: the Olympic of 50 meters, the recreational of 825 square meters and a children’s pool of 40 square meters. Added to this are the baseball field, soccer fields, tennis courts, climbing wall, gymnasiums and weight room, among others.

You can get there by metro, getting off at Estrella, using buses 71 and 113 or by bicycle.

Swimming pool of the Municipal Sports Center of Palomeras

He has one 50 meter Olympic swimming pool with two recreational pools and one for children, outdoors, but there is also an indoor swimming pool with a 25-meter pool and a teaching pool. You can get there by metro, various buses, Renfe or bicycle.

Swimming pool of the San Blas Sports Center

This center is located in Calle Arcos de Jalon, in the Hellin – San Blas – Canillejas district. Outdoors there is a 50 meter Olympic size swimming pool with a recreational pool of the same size. and a child’s glass. There is also 25 meter indoor pool with an educational glass.

You can get to this center by metro, San Blas station, or using buses 38, 48, 153 and 4. Or by bioci.

These are some of the many pools in Madrid you have to add the swimming pools of Orcasitas and San Fermín – Usera, that of Cerro Almodóvar – Villa de Vallecas, and that of Plata and Castañar.

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