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The best summer destinations in Wales

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Snowdonia National Park

I love the landscapes of Great Britain and the best way to know them is to leave London, the most important city of the kingdom. Beyond England, Scotland and Wales are still waiting for visitors to showcase not just their beautiful landscapes, but their own rich history.

Welsh, for example, is a country that has a coast on the Irish Sea and is on the same island as Great Britain. possesses marvelous landscapes so now that summer is here and the weather is improving remarkably, it’s time to enjoy it. Welsh It is a paradise for hiking, hiking, fishing, canoeing, mountain biking and mountaineering.. Are you a born adventurer? Next, enjoy Wales this summer 2016.

How to get to Wales

Cardiff Airport

Many people visit England and from there decide to spend a few days in Wales, but if you want go directly from Spain you can do it from this spring. flying direct flights announced between Barcelona, ​​Palma de Mallorca and Alicante to Cardiff. The flights are three times a week: they depart from Malaga on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, from Palma on Fridays and Sundays, from Alicante on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and from Barcelona on Fridays and Sundays.

Trains from Cardiff

Looking for a flight for the end of July, I find that the outward journey between Barcelona and Cardiff for Friday July 22 costs 35 euros, while the return next week costs 140 euros. Cardiff is the capital and largest city of Wales. It is in the county of Glamorgan, overlooks the bay of the same name and is the largest transport hub in the country. It has the airport, about 16 kilometers from the center, with regular buses that make the trip and also with a train service.

The central station maintains the connection with the English cities and allows to go to the interior of Wales. There is also a central bus station used by the medium and long distance buses. Finally, being a coastal town, there is an Aquabus service which connects the town to other destinations on the Bristol Channel and surrounding areas.

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Outdoor tourism in Wales


Wales are promoting themselves for 2018, so they have decided that from now on each year will be a different themed year. So this one is called year of adventure and as the first edition of this project against the celebration of Wales as the best adventure destination in the UK. 2017 will be the year of legends and 2018 the year of the sea.

Wales stretches 273 kilometers from north to south and 96 from east to west with 1,200 kilometers facing the sea. It has 641 castles, a lot! And when you hear Welsh spoken, you will feel as if you were in another time. Thinking of summer and accepting the recommendations that the Welsh Tourist Board itself offers us here, I leave you the best destinations in Wales this summer 2016:

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Train to the top of Snowdonia

In North Wales is the Swadonia National Park. It has 2,140 square kilometers and 60 kilometers of coastline. It is one of the most visited parks in the UK and the mountains dominate it. It is divided into four mountainous regions and each offers its own to its visitors. For example, if you like to walk, climb or cycle, Snowdon is the best mountain. Also, there is a little train that takes you to the top which is beautiful.

The region offers many hiking trails, there are public roads and although there are agricultural areas you can cross them without problems. The coastal area is protected because it contains a valuable dune system. How to get there from Cardiff? If yours is a day trip it is best to take a train to Bangor and from there a bus to Llanberis and another to Betws-y-Coed. It is not a nearby destination so it’s never practical to try to come and go on the same day. It is better to go there and spend the night.

Between Y Coed

From London, a train also takes over three hours. To spend the night, Betws-y-Coed is a beautiful place, so keep that in mind. Another popular park in the summer is the Brecon Beacons National Park, South Wales. It’s about miles of greenery, mountains, caves and streams. Among ponies and the sheep we can biking, hiking, horseback riding, canoeing or kayaking, and fishing or surfing the coast.

St Govan's Chapel in Pembrokshire

If you like to walk, there is the Taff Trailwhich connects Brecon to Cardiff and opened in 2005. It can be covered on foot or by bicycle and covers a total of 89 kilometers from Cardiff Bay to Brecon following the river of the same name. Needless to say, it goes through some beautiful places. And finally there is the Pembrokshire Coastal National Park. If you like landscapes where the land meets the sea, this will be your best destination.

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Sandy beaches, forested estuaries, dramatic hills and cliffsThis is how we can describe this tourist destination in Wales. The coast has huge rocks, arches, wakes, sea caves and peninsulas. To take advantage of it, you must follow the Pembrokshire Coastal Patha national trail that dates from the 70s and crosses 299 kilometers almost all of which are up the cliff, going up and down. Amroth and Poppit Sands are at either end and it’s a junction with other tourist routes if you’re into hiking.

Broad Haven Beach in Pembrokshire

Some of its beaches are Blue Flag and others deserved different but equally special mentions. The park also has heritage sites, including the Graves between Ifan dating back to the Neolithic era, a time when human beings began to settle in a stable manner around communities. It is an imposing stone structure. From the Bronze Age is Foel Drygarn, ruins of ramps and stone circles that once formed a fort.

Graves between Ifan

In order not to contaminate gasoline-powered vehicles, for more than ten years the workers of the park circulate with electric bicycles. On another side there are charming medieval destinations, like the village of Angle. Finally, if you want to visit one of these particular parks, I advise you to visit each park’s website first as each provides accurate and timely information about the weather and what you can do about it. It pays to organize better.

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