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The 6 most important cities in Albania

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Gjirokastra in Albania

It is possible that you have always wanted to travel to Albania but you do not know where to go or where you should find your accommodation. Visiting a country is not easy and seeing everything is impossible unless you have plenty of free time and money for accommodation and travel. Therefore, today I want to tell you about the most important cities in Albania.

Once you know the best cities in Albania, you will be able to choose the one that suits you best. Only in this way can you organize a good trip, knowing which cities you prefer and which ones you want to visit and what you want to see in each case. Do not lose details about some of the most important cities in Albania and take note of them to organize your trip!


Tirana in Albania

Triana has been the capital of Albania since 1920. The city began to develop at the beginning of the 18th century. It is believed that the name of the city comes from the word “Theranda” which was mentioned in ancient Greek and Latin sources that the Aborigines called Te Ranat because the field was formed as a result of materials from the waters of the surrounding mountains. .

Today Tirana is the most populous city in Albania and it is also the largest political and economic center of the country. The Adriatic Sea and the Dajti Mountains are close to the city. It would not take more than an hour by car to reach the sea. There is also a park with an artificial lake which is located in the city and which makes the happiness of the inhabitants but also of the tourists.

There are many things to visit like the Ethem Bey Mosque, the government buildings, the Tabakeve Bridge, the Pertrela or Preza Fortress, the Martyrs’ Cemetery, the Kapllan Pasha Tomb or one of its museums… and the all with great historical and cultural reference.

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Albanian Riviera

Albanian Riviera

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In the south west of the country there is a rugged coastline which can be compared to the Italian Riviera but for many it is better as it is quieter and less crowded. The beaches will invite you to take a walk or sunbathe to relax and enjoy your vacation. In addition there are new hotels built relatively recently and attractions that will make you feel good and never stop having fun even if you can also relax. It is a great city to spend a vacation.

As if that were not enough, the landscape is original and behind the beaches you will find spectacular mountains that you will undoubtedly want to keep forever in your memory. In addition, in these mountains there are small towns with a lot of charm.ideal for choosing one and taking a short trip, they will not disappoint you!



The city of Berat is known as “the city of a thousand windows” because the facades have large windows and it is declared a museum city (elected in 1961). It is located on the Osum River, in the middle of the field. In the past, a castle was built and stands on a hill. On the hill you will find the original castle known as Kalaja. The castle contains a neighborhood with many churches and mosques and is well worth seeing on your trip.

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The windows of the facades show the layout of the city. White houses are listed among the buildings to maintain the original look of the town. It is a great city for culture and history enthusiasts.

The surroundings of the town offer some small villages and fields, which can also be visited during the trip as they are of great beauty.



Next to the city of Fier, in the city of Vlora and in the middle of the country of Albania, you can find an ancient city called Apollonia in honor of the name of the god Apollo. Apollonia was the largest and most important city in the ancient world.

Although it is not a great city to live in, it is worth visiting on your trip as the ruins are still there and are impressive. They show a little piece of the original glory of what this city was. You can visit its libraries, temples, theaters and other buildings, as well as a triumphal arch and ruined mansions. The view of the city from the hills is impressive… if you visit this ruined city, you won’t regret it at all, it will be like being transported back in time.


Durres in Albania

The large city of Durres on the Albanian coast is the country’s most important port city. This is not only important from an economic point of view, but also culture is an important capital. It has great cultural events and festivals which take place throughout the year and are visited by many people. Moreover, the city amphitheater plays a big role in all these events, as it is one of the most important attractions in the city.

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The amphitheater could perfectly accommodate some twenty thousand people in the past, and today you have the opportunity to visit it. Durres is one of the most important tourist centers in the country And as if that weren’t enough, it has a great culture and history to offer you. In addition, you will also have beautiful beaches for sunbathing and relaxing, and evenings if you want to have fun.



Gjirokastra is the city in southern Albania which was chosen by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage. The reason is that it has a unique architectural style, you just have to look at its buildings to realize that. Its style is called Balkan architecture and it contains typical small stone castle houses. The stones controlled the temperature inside the houses in ancient times and today form a symbol of the city.

For this reason, this city is also known as “the city of stones”. It is located on the side of a hill. Gjirokastra also has many places of cultural interest. such as museums, theaters or places of worship. In addition, every five years the National Folklore Festival is held in the castle of the city, so if you want to visit this city, I advise you to coincide with this event that will not disappoint you.

In addition to these cities, you also have other great ones, but with these few, you must surely already choose a good trip and have a good time.

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