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The 5 most colorful cities in the world

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Burano Venice

Tired of gray and colorless environments and cities? When the good weather comes, we like to see scenes full of color, which have much more joy and light, so you will love the five most colorful cities in the world. There are many more, probably, but today we will focus on these, in which they wanted the houses to be brightly colored.

we like to find original places while traveling, and undoubtedly the photographs that can be taken in these beautiful cities will be spectacular. Houses full of colors, of the same color or of various colors, which were chosen for different reasons, but which have become the hallmark of each of these cities.

The island of Burano in Venice

Island of Burano

The island of Burano is located north of Venice and is well known for its lace craftsmanship. Just as the island of Murano is famous for its crystals, many people go to Burano to buy the lace and also to see its famous colorful houses, which make it look like a fantastic place. A space full of colors with canals where small boats wait. If there is a dream place to get lost, it is this island, where everything seems out of another world. It is said that these houses which today attract tourists were painted this way so that the sailors could reach their house even when the fog was thick. Whether they are real or not, these pretty houses are one more reason to visit Venice.

La Boca neighborhood in Buenos Aires

La Boca neighborhood Buenos Aires

La Boca neighborhood is one of the most famous in Buenos Aires, and at the same time one of the poorest in the city, with people very proud of this picturesque neighborhood. It is located on the banks of the Riachuelo and naturally developed as a fishing district. It was created as a neighborhood in which many immigrants lived, especially of Italian origin, who built the houses, which they call conventillos, and which were painted with the paintings left by the workshops. This is how we see such colorful and cheerful houses in this neighborhood. Its most famous neighborhood is Calle Caminito, where you can see artists exhibiting their works, and which is one of the best maintained. This area should be visited during the day, as it is not recommended at night, even when there is a match at the Estadio del Boca, as there are sometimes conflicts.

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Jodhpur in India

the city of jodhpur

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Jodhpur is known as the blue city in rajasthan state, in India. When we talk about this blue city, we are referring to the old part of this city, because the new part has nothing to do with it. The vast majority of tourists like to visit the oldest quarter, with its blue-painted houses and endless alleys. This ancient area is surrounded by an almost collapsed wall.

blue house jodhpur

The legend of the houses painted blue says that the Brahmans, from the highest castes, began to paint their houses in this way to differentiate them from all the others. It should not be forgotten that in India there is a social caste system which continues today. Over time, more and more houses have been painted because this tone repels insects and is also a welcome color. However, to take good photos, you need a quality camera, as the streets, being so narrow, are usually dark. It’s great to get lost and see the life of its inhabitants, the cows in the streets and the craftsmen who do their job.

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Manarola in Italy


The fishing village of Manarola is located in northern Italy, in the Ligurian Riviera, on some cliffs that overlook the sea. It is one of those beautiful towns that we have probably seen in travel photographs. This town is framed in the Cinque Terre, which are five coastal towns in the Liguria region. In this one, what we have to see is the city itself, walking its streets up the hill. The main street is ‘Via di Mezzo’ or the middle street, where you can find restaurants and artisan shops selling interesting things. The whole town has colorful houses in pastel tones that make Manarola a very special town.

Wroclaw in Poland


It is one of the oldest and most beautiful towns in Poland, which has retained its medieval charm and typical buildings. One of the most colorful places in the city, since we don’t all find this profusion of tones in the houses, is the Rynek Square or Market Square. There are brightly colored Renaissance-style houses here, also being the center of the medieval town, making it the most interesting area.

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