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The 10 most curious beaches in the world (II)

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Scala dei Turchi

If you are still in awe of particular beaches The one we are talking about, with its green sand, its white sand like flour or the one that is full of penguins. There is something for everyone, although not everyone can sunbathe the traditional way. But there will always be something interesting to discover.

Today we discover the others five beaches that we found different and above all very original. Very special corners, one of those that are worth visiting to live new experiences. The photos will obviously look great, so don’t forget to share them on your social networks. Watch out for those sandbanks!

Crosby Beach in Liverpool

Crosby Beach in Liverpool

You will not be able to swim at this beach, as the tides change and there is also quicksand, which makes it a dangerous place. But that’s not what attracts so many tourists year after year, but the fact that it has become a artwork.

Yes, as you have heard, this beach was used as an exhibition for the work ‘Another place’ by international artist Antony Gormley. It was only going to last a few months, but the locals liked it so much that they asked for the statues to stay, and so to this day, achieving a new tourist attraction. These iron statues were made using the artist himself as a model and each weigh 650 kilos. Moreover, they all look at the sea, creating a strange postcard and very different scenes depending on the tide.

The seaside town of Crosby is seven miles from Liverpool. there is until 100 iron figures along the coast, along 3 kilometers and going up to a kilometer into the sea. We will be able to take a nice walk along the coast and take great photos.

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Hidden beach in Mexico

hidden beach

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This is an incredible hidden beach, as the name suggests, located in the Marietas Islands in the state of Nayarit. was proclaimed as UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. This beach is located east of Puerto Vallarta, on the islands of volcanic origin. Although this origin probably has nothing to do with the hole that we see on the beach.

These islands were not inhabited, and at the beginning of the last century the government used them to manufacture military trials. It is believed that this huge hole is due to the explosion of a bomb and not to natural causes, but the truth is that it has given rise to one of the most particular beaches that exist, and also the most hidden . It is only accessible by boat through a lake that enters a cave from the sea. But it will undoubtedly be an unforgettable and unique experience.

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Scala dei Turchi in Sicily

Turkish staircase

It’s not a normal beach, no. In fact, it lacks sand, at least in its most famous part, since soft sand beaches are found all around. We are talking about Scala dei Turchi or Staircase of the Turks, a famous place located in the town of Realmonte, 18 kilometers from Agrigento in Sicily. This cliff is very special due to its whitish color, and it is made up of Marga, limestone and sedimentary stone. It has been sculpted by sea, wind and rain to form long steps from which one can comfortably sunbathe.

East Cliff It is in the middle of various beaches and you have to cross it to get there. These are beaches with crystal clear waters, typical of the Mediterranean, and fine sand. The name of the area is due to the fact that Arab and Saracen pirates sheltered here from bad weather. If you want to visit other beaches, you have Le Pergole or Punta Grande.

Hoshizuna no hama in Okinawa

Hoshizuna no Hama

Hoshizuma no Hama is a beach that is very far from us, but it is really interesting, because it means the “star sand beach”, because it literally is. Its sand is not sand, but rather the exoskeletons of the organism Baclogypsina sphaerulata, which live in the seagrass and are only a millimeter long, so you have to look very closely at the sand to see these tiny stars.

Hoshizuna no Hama

This beach is located in the north of Iriomote Island, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, and it is totally unique. There is no other beach whose sand is actually a group of exoskeletons of organisms so small they are barely visible.

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Moeraki Beach in New Zealand

Moeraki Beach

We are now going to New Zealand, to moeraki beach, in which you can find really special rocks. They are rocks that seem to have been created on purpose with such a round shape, as if they were dinosaur eggs deposited there. It is located in the city of Oamaru, and these rocks were created millions of years ago.

The formation process apparently resembles that of an oyster. around a fossil or a shell, layers and layers of sediment overlap to form these rocks. Who knows what these mysterious rocks guard.

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