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Summer 2016, what to do in Norway

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Would you like to escape the extreme heat this summer 2016? If so, go to Norway! It’s not that hot there and the landscapes are somewhat impressive. During the Norwegian winter, the days are long, the nights are short and outdoor activities are the norm. Between the end of June and the beginning of August, the weather is warm and it is never deep at night. The streets are filled with people who want to have a good time. Imagine a Norwegian on a 30°C day! He is in ecstasy!

But Norway not a cheap destinationIt’s true, so you have to do the numbers and plan the trip well if you don’t want to come back exhausted. How to visit Norway with little money? You have to see what to do, where to sleep and what to visit, so write down this information, collect money and win and travel!

Costs in Norway


If there’s anything we can’t escape, it’s our daily bed and roof, and accommodation here isn’t the cheapest in the world. Hotels have rates around 100 euros per night for a double room so hostels, Airbnb and similar platforms are suitable. A hostel costs between 200 and 500 NOK (21 and 52 euros) per night in a dormitory and around 750 NOK (80 euros) in a private room. The money you save on accommodation will be available for transportation and activities.

Also, if you like camping, Norway welcomes you because in national parks or public lands camping is allowed and free as long as you have your own team. East This is the most economical option all. To eat? Eating out is expensive, estimate 30 euros for a main course, so I don’t think you sit in a restaurant very often.

McDonald's in Oslo

A McDonald’s menu costs just over 14 euros and if the fast food is in a bar or something, you can get it for eight euros. the same the popular shawarma or pizza. The fact is that if you rent an apartment, share a sofa in someone’s apartment or are with the store, it is better to go to the supermarket and buy food. And if you stay in a hostel too. To drink? Going out to bars means going out to ruin because drinks in bars cost between 60 and 70 NOK, six, seven euros, a little more, a little less.

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Transportation in Bergen

Tourist attractions in Norway are expensive. Entrance to museums usually costs 80 NOK, between eight and nine euros. An excursion through the fjords can cost between 400 and 500 NOK (42 and 55 euros), so it is advisable buy norwegian tourist cards. If you go to Oslo, Bergen, buy the tourist card because it will give you access to many attractions at a reasonable price.

  • In Oslo you have the Oslo Pass: opens the doors to more than 30 museums and attractions, free public transport, free parking and outdoor swimming pools, hiking, concerts, climbing, discounted ski and bike rental, and discounts in restaurants, shops, etc. There are three categories, Adult and Child, and within three sub-categories: from 24, 48 and 72 hours. The adult Oslo Pass costs 335 NOK, 490 NOK and 620 NOK (approximately 35, 45, 52 and 66 euros). You can get it online or by using the app.
  • In Bergen you have the Map of Bergen: free public transport, use of light rail and buses in the city and region, free and discounted entrances to museums, attractions, cultural events, excursions and restaurants. There are also two categories: an Adult/Child and a Student/Retired. The first is subdivided into three: 24, 48 and 72 hours. It costs NOK240/90, NOK 310/120 and NOK 380/150 (25/9, 50; 33/13 and 40/16 euros).
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What to do in Norway


Knowing something about the prices and costs of holidays in Norway, we can talk about what to do here: visit Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Tromso, the fjords, some national parks and the North Capeis among the best.

Oslo 1

Oslo is the capital of Norway, a city resting on a fjord. That’s why you can take a boat trip and explore the islands and landscapes. The Oslo Royal Palace It is an elegant 19th century building and another recommended site is the Vigeland Sculpture Park. And in tune with the Vikings series, stroll through the Norwegian Folk Museumor that it’s on the other side of the fjord, in Bygdoy with a very, very old church and all the History of the Vikings.


Bergen is a world heritage city and it is the city to make the famous cruises through the Norwegian fjords. It is world heritage because the district called Bryggen It is a century old and its buildings are magnificent. There are also all kinds of museums and in the surroundings you have seven mountains to climb and contemplate the city and an incredible range of activities: boat, walking, bus rides, a panoramic train (the Flam), segway rides or helicopter flights if you have more money.


Trondheim It is a university town because here is the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Cultural life is hectic and there are music festivals all year round. At another time it was called Nidaros and the Nidaros Cathedral It is one of its most touristic buildings. Another is the Ringve Music Museum. there is also the Gamle Bybrothe old bridge dating from the 17th century, the Norwegian Museum of Pop and Rock, rockheim and the Pirbadet water park.

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Already In the arctic is Tromso, just 350 kilometers from the Arctic Circle. Well north is the destination if you want to see the Northern Lights or aurora borealis, between September and March, and the Midnight ‘Sun between May 20 and July 20. This last season is the best to do a lot outside. Around the city, nature has been generous and the sites spectacular. You can visit Hurtigruten, there is a ferry service twice a day which makes this small trip scenic and recommendable.


And of course there is no Norway without fjords. There is a lot of norwegian fjords but the Geirangerfjord is protected by UNESCO. Its waters are extremely blue, there are waterfalls, lots of greenery and mountains with eternal snow. It is not the only one so you will see these unforgettable landscapes in the western part of the country. The preacher’s pulpit It is undoubtedly the postcard that paints the whole body of what awaits you in Norway.

pulpit rock

I know Norway is not the cheapest destination in the world and a lot of people are waiting until they are retired to go there, but if you can, get to know Norway first. The people are friendly, they know perfect English and as the best thing is its vibrant nature, I think you have to be young to enjoy it.

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