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Six rare museums in the world you’ll want to visit

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cat museum

If you have already visited many of the most popular museums that appear in all travel guides, it is useful to know which museums, due to their theme, could be classified as special or rare. The most curious thing is that they enjoy great acceptance with the public and receive many visits a year. Next, we will review some the most extravagant museums on the planet. Can you come with us?

cat museum

Founded in 1990 by William Meijer in memory of his late cat Tom, the Museo de los Gatos has various works of art dedicated to felines. You can even see drawings and paintings by Rembrandt, Picasso or Toulouse-Lautrec. You will find it at number 497 Herengracht, in an old 17th century house marked with the coat of arms of a black cat on the front door. Plus, the museum has four petable kittens, making it a great place to visit with kids. Admission costs 6 euros for adults and 3 for children under twelve.

ice museum

ice museum

Bologna’s Ice Cream Museum is a foodie’s paradise. It was inaugurated in September 2012 under the patronage of the Carpigiani company, one of the best known Italian brands of this dessert. A visit to this incredible place begins with a journey through the history of ice cream, which dates back to ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire.

However, it was the Italians who really took an interest in the product, given its commercial outlet. Indeed, the first ice cream parlor in the world was run by a Sicilian in Paris. The Ice Cream Museum has an archive of over 10,000 historic photographs and documents which invite the visitor to take a museum tour to learn about the evolution of this food over time.

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Then, the secret of the preparation of the perfect ice cream is explained to the visitor and finally, place at the most awaited moment of the visit: the ice cream tasting. A unique experience not to be missed if you visit Bologna.

garbage museum

garbage museum

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The Trash Museum and the Garbage Museum are located in Connecticut (USA). It was developed by the Connecticut Resource Recovery Authority to raise awareness of the importance of caring for the environment. The interactive exhibitions they organize explore the issues of waste management. In addition, there is everything related to waste recycling processes as well as “works” created with recycled materials. One of the best known is the Trash-o-saurus, a kind of dinosaur made from containers.

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ramen museum

ramen museum

Lovers of Japanese gastronomy will find the Ramen Museum a paradise they won’t want to leave. Ramen is noodles of Chinese origin served in soup with vegetables, meat and other foods. Its fame comes not only from its delicious flavor but also because it is a very economical dish. To learn a little more about the origins of this food, the Ramen Museum was opened in Yokohama in 1994.

In the museum, you will find restaurants where you can taste the different types of ramen that are cooked according to the style of different regions of Japan. In addition to small and large sizes, restaurants offer tasting sizes so you can try multiple types of ramen in one visit. Very famous are the ramen from Sapporo, Tokyo and Hakata.

There is an area in the museum where we can learn a bit more about ramen and we couldn’t miss a store where you can buy all kinds of ramen and everything you can think of to make ramen at home . The entrance fee is 300 yen for adults and 100 for children.

Counterfeit Museum

museum forgeries

The Musée des Faux in Paris was created in 1951 by the Union des Industriels de France with the aim of showing counterfeiting throughout history and its effects on industry and the world economy. Here you can see over 350 items, including copies of toys, food, art, clothing, accessories, and more. It is an interesting place that also offers guided tours to deepen our knowledge of the world of counterfeiting. The Museum of Counterfeiting is located at number 16 rue de la Faisanderie.

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toilet museum

water museum

In New Delhi, there is a museum dedicated to toilets. This is Sulabh International Toilet Museum. Its purpose is to explain the history of toilets from the 10th to the 21st century. There are really old coins, as well as treatises and texts with the rules of good defecation. One of the most interesting pieces the visitor can find is a replica of a royal throne with a camouflaged toilet from which the monarch Louis XIV of France attended his audiences while relaxing bodily tensions.

The promoter of the museum is Bindeshwar Pathak, a doctor who promoted the recycling of human excreta from public toilets in India for the production of biogas and who also founded an NGO called Sulabh International Organization of Social Services, which has been dedicated since 1970 to install domestic and public toilets to improve the health situation of the Indian population.

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