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Seven colorful lakes that seem from another planet

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Hillier Lake

Hillier Lake

Baikal, Victoria, Titicaca, Michigan or even Tanganyika are probably the most famous lakes in the world for one reason or another. However, on our planet there are other concentrations of water like these that shine with their own light thanks to their strange characteristics but are practically unknown. The different organisms that inhabit the waters, their composition and the action of high temperatures are the cause of there are beautiful and haunting colored lakes around the world.

Lake Hillier (Australia)

Surrounded by lush forest, it was discovered by the Flinders Expedition over 200 years ago when climbing the highest peak on the island of the La Recherche archipelago.

Its distinctive bubblegum pink color is due to a type of bacteria that survives on its salty shores. The truth is that from the air, the pink waters of the Hillier stand out against the green of the vegetation and the blue of the ocean. This lake is located on the west coast of Australia, close to other lakes of the same color as Esparance.

Clicos Lake (Spain)

lake of clicks

Los Clicos Lake is located on the west coast of the municipality of Yaiza, in the Los Volcanes Natural Park. Clicos were a very abundant type of edible crustacean in ancient times and although it is now extinct, the lagoon retains this name. What makes this lake special are its emerald green waters due to the presence of a large number of plant organisms in suspension.. This lake is connected to the sea by underground cracks and separated from it by a sandy beach. It is a protected area so swimming is prohibited.

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Kelimutu Lakes (Indonesia)


On the beautiful island of Flores, Indonesia, is the volcano Kelimutu and its three lakes that change color: from turquoise to red, through dark blue and brown. This phenomenon that occurs because of the mixtures of vapors and gases that emerge at high temperature from the interior of the volcano and cause different chemical reactions.

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Although it is an active volcano, the last eruption dates back to 1968. Since 1992, the volcanoes and their surroundings have been declared a national park.

Green Lagoon (Bolivia)

green lagoon

The Green Lagoon of Potosí is a saltwater lagoon located in the Bolivian Altiplano, within the Eduardo Abaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve. The surrounding landscape is almost desert and consists of a geothermal field with dozens of small craters that emit gases and fumaroles and thermal pools.

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In this natural wonder of green and salty waters in which the Licancabur volcano is reflected, large colonies of Andean flamingos dwell and it has become a great tourist destination.

Lake Natron (Tanzania)

lake natron

Lake Natron is a landlocked saltwater lake located on the border between Kenya and Tanzania, above the Great Rift Valley. Its alkaline waters have an incredible pH of 10.5 due to sodium carbonate and other mineral compounds that pour into the lake from the surrounding mountains. It is such caustic water that it can cause serious burns to the skin and eyes of animals that come near it, which die of poisoning. In this way, Lake Natron has earned the title of the country’s deadliest.

Another peculiarity of the lake, the crust created by the alkaline salt sometimes gives the lake a red or pink color, even orange in the lower parts, due to the micro-organisms that live there.

Moraine Lake (Canada)


This beautiful lake is of glacial origin and is located in Alberta’s Banff National Park. Its turquoise waters come from melting ice. Its environment is truly impressive as it is located in the Valley of Ten Peaks, surrounded by the huge peaks of the Rocky Mountains. The lake shines the most during the day, when the sun shines directly on it, so it is advisable to visit it first thing in the morning, when the water seems more transparent and reflects the surrounding landscape.

There are many hiking trails to explore around Moraine Lake. In the same Banff park, Peyton and Louise lakes, equally magnificent, stand out.

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Irazu Volcano (Costa Rica)


Irazu is the largest volcano in Costa Rica and a tourist attraction in itself. However, the existing lake inside its crater also attracts attention, especially due to the intense greenish color of the water, the result of a combination of light and water minerals. The volcano has been active but without eruptions since 1963.

The best months to go are March and April as there is very little rain and visitors can see the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean from Irazu, if the weather is clear.

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