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Santorini, the Greek island with the most beautiful sunsets

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Do these postcards of white houses with blue roofs on a cliff ring a bell? We have all seen this beautiful, well-known Greek print, which is located precisely in the place we are going to talk about today, Santorini. East greek island It is one of the most beautiful, where tourism has developed the most, and for good reason, with its sunsets, its beautiful landscapes and its many activities.

Well, we still have a lot to say about this half-moon island that remained like that after the 1650 BC eruption. C., when only the eastern zone remained. It is one of Cyclades Islands located in the Aegean Sea. On this island, you can enjoy spectacular views of the caldera, on which the volcano is located. Plus, there are archaeological ruins to artisan shops, beaches, and more that make it a perfect place to vacation.

Visit the capital, Fira

Cliffs in Santorini

The island of Santorini, with its crescent shape and cliffs, is one of the most famous, an epicenter of tourism. In its capital, Fira, we can stay in hotels with incredible views, since it rests on a cliff, and from where you can take the most characteristic photos with the white houses with round roofs of blue color. The city could not be more charming, with an unrivaled Greek flavor, with nuclear white houses on which the sun reflects, with doors and windows in an intense blue tone and a labyrinthine structure, which was created little by little little on the ground. Here are also the best terraces for sunbathing.

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It is also one of livelier neighborhoods, with artisan shops where you can buy everything from jewelry to fabrics. There are bars and restaurants with typical Greek cuisine. And at night, you can enjoy the best atmosphere. That’s why it’s one of the best places to stay, because we’ll never be bored.

Stay to watch a sunset


But if this island stands out for anything, it’s for offering the most incredible sunsets. The best place to see them is a natural balcony in the small village of Immerivigli Two kilometers from the capital, on Mount Scaros, where you can also take the opportunity to see the ruins of an ancient castle.

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Another popular place to watch the sun go down is the famous port of oia. You will notice that this place is quite popular as people gather to enjoy this time. Artists take inspiration from this beautiful landscape and tourists take their best pictures. A single stamp.

Activities for the whole family

Donkey rides in Santorini

On this island, being so touristy, you can do many other activities. Going on a donkey excursion is one of the most popular, but you can also walk the streets of the capital, do some shopping in the small artisan shops, or take a boat trip to the volcanoes in the center of the caldera where it is possible to bathe in hot springs. Of course, we will not be bored in Santorini. And that doesn’t mean we can go scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking, kayaking or trekking.

Akrotiri website

Akrotiri site

This deposit is very important, and it is in the south of the island. Remains from the Bronze Age have been discovered there, so it is believed that this island was an important center in antiquity. It is a city that was buried after the famous eruption of the volcano and was discovered in 1866. Having been buried, it has been very well preserved, that is why it is a great discovery, and in it they have found many remains of the Minoan civilization. There are buildings and frescoes, as well as chapels, and many are still buried under the solidified lava. You can enter the archaeological site on guided tours, although the frescoes were taken to the National Archaeological Museum of Athens for safekeeping, so we won’t be able to see them there, but the visit is still worth it .

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Santorini beaches

Beaches in Santorini

Of course, mentioning the beaches of this island cannot be missed, since it is one of the great attractions of the Greek islands that attract hundreds of tourists every year. In Santorini there are many beaches, some more touristy, others more isolated, but worth a visit. Vlyhada beach is amazing because of the rock walls that form the cliffs, which makes it easy to recognize. there is also the red beach, for the cliffs that have these colors, in Akrotiri, and the White beach, right next to it, with pale colored rocks. And if we are looking for one of those beaches full of services and amenities, and where there is a lot of atmosphere, it is Kamari beach, in the southeast of the island.

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