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Sago Gula Melaka, Malaysia’s national dessert

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Malaysian desserts

When you travel to a country, the most common thing is that you want, in addition to sightseeing to see the most important and beautiful things in the city, to try its gastronomy. But in addition to the typical dishes or that tourists tend to like the most, Desserts are also a very sweet tourist attraction for people who come to this country.. It’s an ideal way to discover new flavors and learn a little more about cultures different from our own.

Sago Gula Melaka

malaysian sago

Malaysian confectionery has many Indian, Chinese and even Portuguese influences combined with a certain Khmer style…and this dessert is an example of that. Sago gula melaka is basically a sago pudding accompanied by a reduction of coconut milk (sometimes infused with pandan leaves) and palm sugar syrup.

Originally, the dessert consisted of sago pearls, a type of Asian palm tree, but these days it is often replaced with tapioca. It is eaten fresh and is simply delicious. The combination of cold sago pearls, with the creaminess of coconut milk and the caramel aftertaste of palm sugar is just perfect. Although we cannot forget that there are colors for tastes, and it may be a little sickening to the western palate. You can find it in any food court and also in many restaurants.

you can prepare it at home

malaysian dessert

It is easy to prepare if you dare, tapioca is relatively easy to find in our supermarkets, although generally thinner and not in the form of small balls. Coconut cream is also easy to find (it’s a thicker version of coconut milk, Goya is a common brand in our hypermarkets). And you can find palm sugar in any oriental store (in solid form) or you can replace it with panela (which you will find in the Latin cuisine section of any hypermarket) or even muscovado sugar ( unrefined brown sugar).

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How is the preparation going?

You will need to soak the tapioca first and then boil it in water until it becomes transparent. Then drain and wash with cold water. To serve it is made cold with a good splash of coconut cream and a tablespoon of palm sugar, or panela or muscovado sugar melted on the fire with a few tablespoons of water.

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Once you have it ready… you will love the taste and it will be like being transported to Malaysia in a second!

Famous Malaysian Desserts

Maybe the Sago Gula Melaka dessert made your mouth water a bit, but you wanted to know more about the desserts to have a reference when you want to travel to Malaysia. Or maybe you just want to learn more about desserts so that you can search for recipes online and prepare them yourself at home and taste different desserts that have nothing to do with what we have in our country .

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So don’t lose detail and keep reading, because maybe you’re interested in writing down the names so you don’t forget them.



This dessert is also known as Aire Batu Campur and is the most popular dessert in Malaysia. It is made with crushed ice and a variety of ingredients such as kidney beans, cendol, mixed fruit, sweet corn, grass jelly, and scoops of ice cream. But it also contains condensed milk and strawberry syrup to make it even more delicious.


Cendol can be considered a simplified version of ABC but should not be confused with it. What sets it apart from the previous dessert is that they use coconut milk in its recipe. Additionally, they also include ingredients such as jelly noodles, crushed ice, and palm sugar.

Bubur Kacang Merah / Hijau

This dessert is generally best eaten hot, except on hotter days when this tasty dessert is enjoyed cold to relieve the heat of the day. According to the Chinesekidney beans contain “yang” or hot properties while green beans contain “yin” or cold properties. The recipe consists of red or green beans, sugar cubes, pandan leaves and orange zest.

Tau Fu Fah

The origin of this dessert dates back to the Western Han dynasty of ancient China. Tau Fu Fah or tau Huay as it is commonly known in Penang, is made with a soft, velvety tofu jelly served with sugar syrup. This dessert is a light starter traditionally served hot.But nowadays, most Malaysians enjoy this cold dessert with the addition of ingredients like peanuts, grass jelly, red bean paste and others.

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kuih nyonya

Malaysian desserts

The Peranakan or Straits Chinese are famous for their delicious little cakes called kuih nyonya. Most of these cupcakes usually have one main ingredient in common: coconut.. They come in a variety of delicious options like Lapis Selatan, Pulut Inti, Ketayap, Lipat Pisang, Onde Onde, Koswee Pandan and many more.. Kuih nyonya is usually eaten at breakfast and tea time.

Durian Dodol

Traditionallya candy from Goa, Dodol is made from coconut milk, palm sugar, pandan leaves and sticky flour. Durian meat is added at the last stage of the cooking process to give it that durian flavor, a food that Malaysians normally love. Dodol is usually made for special occasions like the celebration of a wedding.

Gulab Jamun

This pole is usually eaten at traditional Indian weddings. Gulab Jamun is a fried sweet dumpling made from Khoya (solid dairy product) and is dipped in a sweet pink syrup with a pleasant smell and flavor of cardamom.. Its sweet taste can be quite overwhelming, but for lovers of this type of cuisineit will be simply wonderful!

Which of these desserts are you most eager to try?

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