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Rosario de Yauca: The Virgin Ica of Peru

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Virgin of Yacua

There are many people who feel a great passion for Rosario de Yauca: La Virgen Iqueña. She is a Virgo that for many believers they feel close in their worst and best times, they feel that Rosario de Yauca, never give up and gives them strength whenever they need it. It is a famous Virgin in Peru, exactly in the city of Ica.

Veneration to the patron saint of Ica

Pilgrimage to visit the Virgin of Yacua

The first weekend of October is a date of integrity and unification for the people of Ica in Peru, because a saint of great importance is celebrated, such as the Virgen del Rosario de Yauca, whose sanctuary is located on the outskirts of the city and where it is customary to go on pilgrimage. This pilgrimage is long since it lasts about 6 hours, but the faithful do it willingly and with great happiness.

On the first Saturday of October, Ica is paralyzed to pay homage to its patron saint. On this important day, the streets are full of people, buses of people who come to town to venerate the patron saint and all without distinction head for the Yauca shrine.

Accessing the shrine is not an easy task

Sanctuary of the Virgin of Yacua

The sanctuary is located in the bowels of a stony, sandy and uneven hot desert. It is difficult to cross, even the best prepared vehicles have difficulty accessing it. However, the challenge and commitment of the believer is to cross the city, the outskirts and the so-called desert on foot.

Long lines in one direction form the bodies of worshipers who walk mostly in groupstowards the sacred enclosure. Without a doubt, all this devotion and this desire to arrive, the same feeling that unites people for a Virgo is without a doubt something exciting. For them, it fills their heart and they feel content despite the difficulties.

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The buses are full of people who want to worship the patron saint. These buses look like caravans and take alternative routes to that of the pilgrims, who empty the city, leaving it desolate, transmitting their life to the arid desert that awaits their Virgin.

A unique experience for its followers

Virgin of Yacua

An appealing experience is to live as an entire city bends over backwards for a religious event, disengaging from its routine to heed a divine call, customs that big cities omit to continue their chaotic daily life. Ica is more attractive than ever on this date, when she empties her streets to go to a religious monument far from her limits, far from the cement and the noise that disturbs the souls, close to nature, where there is more life than you think. People come together for one purpose, to venerate the Virgin of Iqueña, who accompanies them throughout the year in their hearts.

The path of the pilgrimage to the sanctuary is sacrificed but if you want to enjoy the fullness of the department of Ica, this is the best time, since its path is also understood as a tourist route, since it crosses the center of the city; the immediate periphery that are the haciendas; Rustic neighborhood Los Aquijes; the desert which is under a beautiful sky full of stars; and the Yauca del Rosario district, whose name is due to the virgin of the feast and the place where her temple is located. Much of the province of Ica is known for this journey of faith, where in addition to distracting your eyes, you can discover the religious feeling of a community that is no stranger to the customs of yesteryear. In October, the best face of Ica is due to its religiosity.

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Rosario de Yauca: The Virgin of Ica

It was at the beginning of the 18th century that, in the middle of the Yauca desert, the Virgin was found among the bushes. by three people who lived in the city, and they were able to contemplate for the first time what they now also call: “Our Lady of the Rosary” and she had the baby Jesus in her arms and a rosary marking her hands. The image is about 60cm tall and was abandoned by people who got lost in the Ica desert.

According to accounts, it happened on the first Saturday of October, exactly October 3, 1701. and that is why it is from this date that the first Saturday of October of each year is celebrated and that all its faithful roam the desert to pay homage to this wonderful day, when the Virgin could be found and to many, saved from the desert desolation. .

The people who found the Virgin were not forgotten, and to this day they are still great people for all the locals to remember. The names of these people were: Nicolás Ortega, Diego Gutiérrez and Francisco Córdova. Thanks to these three men, the Virgin of Iqueña was saved and today she can be venerated by all her devotees.

Virgin of Yauca

When they found her, they thought about moving her to Ica, but when they tried to transport her, they couldn’t, but it seems that wasn’t a coincidence.. People who tried to lift her and failed interpreted this as the Virgin did not want to be lifted and wanted to stay with them to protect them from the moment she was found as a great act of love for them. It was the desire of the Mother of God to stay in this desert and that is why they built a chapel thanks to Calitxo Muñoz. After a prayer, the Virgin allowed herself to be led to a new home, to her present sanctuary. The news spread in the villages and since then the Virgin of Yacua is venerated by all the inhabitants who have made her their patroness forever.

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If you ever travel to this city in Peru, do not hesitate to do so to be present on the first Saturday of October because in this way you will be able to enjoy so much devotion to the Virgin. You will be able to feel her countrymen’s love for them and how an entire town unites their emotions to worship her, leaving the town empty of people as everyone heads to the shrine to honor her.

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