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Rare cities of the world | Travel News

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The world has beautiful places and strange places. There is everything. At Travvel Guide we always talk about wonderful destinations, attractive for their history or nature, but there are also little known or directly unknown destinations.

Today, strange cities in the world


  • 1 Coober Pedy, Australia
  • of them Miyakejima Island, Japan
  • 3 Chefchaouene, Morocco
  • 4 Manshiyat Nasser, Egypt
  • 5 The Dwarf Village, China
  • 6 Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • seven Nagoro, Japan
  • 8 Hallstatt, China
  • 9 Federation of Damanhur, Italy
  • ten Whittier, AK
  • Eleven Longyearbyen, Norway

Coober Pedy, Australia

East australian city this is a village absolutely underground. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century, in 1915like a mining town dedicated to the extraction of opals. The miners quickly discovered that it was simpler and easier to stay underground, especially in summer when the temperature above can reach 51 ºC.

CobberPedy it has galleries, shops and churches and today even a 4 star hotel.

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Miyakejima Island, Japan

It’s a volcanic island, with active volcano, it is therefore very common for its inhabitants to wear gas mask go where they go. Even the sirens are still ringing to tell them to get their masks because the fumaroles have started to expel toxic gases.

The worst eruption was in 2000, when the volcano ejected between 10 and 20,000 tons of sulfur dioxide, so people had to leave the island in a mass evacuation.

Chefchaouene, Morocco

Have you ever seen a absolutely blue city? This little town is northern morocco and everything, streets and houses, is blue. This is how the Jewish inhabitants who lived in the 30s of the last century painted it.

Today, the city has about 200 hotels that receive European tourists and it is said to be one of the largest producers in Morocco of hashish.

Manshiyat Nasser, Egypt

This town is literally trash can cover and this happens to him simply because he is close to Cairo, the national capital. The capital does not have an efficient system to treat its waste and therefore everything ends here, The unofficial garbage collectors, baptized zabbaleenthey end up bringing their cargo here.

The Dwarf Village, China

It is a small Chinese village in which 120 people live who are no taller than 1 meter 30 centimeters. The dwarves of China built this village to escape discrimination and to this day they even have their own police and fire department.

In order to have their own income, the inhabitants decided to build their houses with a unique shape and, in this way, to transform the village into a tourist attraction and a theme park Direct.

Kowloon, Hong Kong

You really look at the pictures and you can’t believe there were people living here. Kowloon was demolished in 1994 and it was the most densely populated city in the world with about 500,000 people living in an area of ​​two and a half hectares.

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Kowloon It was built by the Chinese army in the 17th centuryas part of a box and after he gave it up in the 1950s. Next was taken over by the Chinese mafia and their gangs, the famous triads. Without real authorities or regulations, the inhabitants built their houses on top of each other. Security was conspicuous by its absence.

Nagoro, Japan

In this city only 35 people live, but there are 350 human-shaped dolls and dolls. They are the work of the artist Ayano Tsukimia woman who is now nearly 70 years old, who had the idea to populate the city with these dolls and puppets when the actual population started to decline and people started to feel lonely.

these dolls represent real people and their professions, or the professions they once exercised. You can even watch a documentary, The Valley of the Dollswhere you can see the life of the artist and the process of making these dolls.

Hallstatt, China

The Chinese have a reputation for being great copyists, so instead of copying handbags or shoes this time they copied an entire city: Hallstatt, Austria. This Austrian village has been completely copied, down to the smallest detail.

Construction began in 2012hand in hand with a Chinese mining company, being the first building to raise the iconic church seen in all images of the Austrian city.

Federation of Damanhur, Italy

This city born in 1975when Oberto Airaudi and his friends fashioned a ecological and spiritual community of the Piedmont region, in the north of the country. Today 600 people live and it is considered the Laboratory of the future of humanity.

here people live community houses between 10 and 30 people. Life is absolutely shared, it has its own currency, credit, and receives curious tourism. Because of the way of life, but also because of its constructions, some built underground.

Whittier, AK

This city operates in a single building. It’s like that! The building of 14 floors, it was once a military barracks. Today, the site is known as the gateway to Prince William Sound, an attraction for locals and tourists who come to Alaska in search of wilderness adventures.

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Whittier has 200 inhabitants who all live under one roof which includes a police station, gas station, church and at the time a video rental store. The whole building is called Begich Towers and has only one input/output which opens twice an hour, closes at night and reopens the next day.

Each summer, Whittier receives 22 hours of sunshine and in winter there is so much snow that it is phenomenal. It has an inn and a hotel with a restaurant that directly overlook the sea.

Longyearbyen, Norway

the cold citythe city where the dead are frozen forever without breaking down. It’s true, the location is so far north that the cold is enormous, in addition to its location every year the sun does not rise for four months. from October to March, until he returns in glory to be received by all in a popular festival called Solfestuka.

So, one of the most interesting things about this Norwegian city is the theme of death. 70 years ago, the local cemetery stopped receiving bodies, so residents are asked that if they die in town, the body should be transferred by boat or plane.

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