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One of the Most Popular Beach in MAJORCA

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Next year will surely be a more normal year and we will be able to enjoy our summer holidays more. So that we can trip to mallorca and relax on its beaches, under the summer sun.

Mallorca’s coves are beautiful, its beaches too, there is a wide range of activities, there is the beautiful Sierra de Tramontana, caves, historic buildings and much more. But if there’s a beach that gets the applause, it’s the Es Trenc beach.


Mallorca is one of the Balearic Islands from the Mediterranean Sea and its capital is the city of Palma de Mallorca. It is a large island of 3,640 square kilometers and has approximately 859,000 inhabitants.

The island is characterized by Massif of the Tramontanawhich to the northwest forms breathtaking cliffs, standing out between hidden coves, and the Sierra du Levant more modest height. There is a lot of caves with underground lakes, a fertile central plain and a beautiful bay where the capital rests.

The climate of the island is very Mediterranean and in winter it can snow a little in the heights of the mountains, but it is very unlikely to do so lower down, so the winters, in general, are mild.

today for today the economy is based on tourism and construction and for this reason the pandemic that has been raging for a year and a half has hit hard.

Es Trenc Beach

He is one of the most popular and well-known in Mallorca. It has fine sand and crystal clear waters but offers Few recreational activities. this beach starts in Ses Covetesa beautiful beach with transparent waters and white sand, quiet, which is located just between sa Ràpita and Trenc, in the urbanization of the same name.

Ses Covetes is also a popular and well-known destination, with 250 meters of beach, with two areas, one sandy and the other rocky called Freu. So, after Ses Covetes, this is where Es Trenc beach, a vast 3,000 meter long sandbar divided into three areas.

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is the Arenal den tem, Arenal den Tenc and Es Trenc beach which is the closest part to Colonia de Sant Jordi. Each part is not delimited and they all extend in a virgin way, with their dunes.

As with any beach here, it’s all about sunbathing, swimming a bit and not doing much else, as the beach offers little if you’re more active. The sun here is strong and no natural shade so either you bring your umbrella or you will have to rent it.

Spending hours under the scorching sun is not a pleasant thing. There are no changing rooms or showers, just basic bathrooms. There are several beach bars They sell food and occasionally play music, but not always. It is best to arrive well equipped with your own: parasol, deckchair, food and drink.

there is only one restaurant and that’s why if you don’t book, it’s hard to find a free place. The food is good, paellas, shellfish, fish, and there is also A coffee to satisfy the hunger for sweets, Flor de Sal is Trenc. For more options, you have to leave the beach and go for example to Colonia San Jordi.


Keep in mind that there are no hotels or other buildings here, pure nature, sea on one side, dunes on the other and the people in between. The sea is spectacular, calm blue and turquoise waters, shallow, few waves, Almost a Caribbean. On the other side, the dunes, some rocks, pines and bushes that reach the Salobral de Campos, a natural wetland of 1,500 hectares with a lake, salt flats and birds.

What can we do besides tan and tan? walking is an option, are almost three kilometers and it is a good exercise, especially in the morning or at the end of the afternoon. During this walk you will see some of the old machine gun caches dating from the Second World War and were part of a coastal defense system. Eroded, abandoned, bare and old, in 2014 they were the subject of an artistic action by the Boa Mistura collective, from Madrid, who painted them white and wrote them a few lines from the poem “Cala Gentil”, by Miquel Costa i Llobera.

If you like water activities, the truth is that there are not many of them, just dive. On other beaches there is more offer, you can go banana boating, jet sky or parasailing but not here. Here, only snorkeling and so much the better if the wind does not blow from the south because it mixes the water and makes it cloudy. There is a ramp in case someone uses a wheelchairand some lifeguard posts in the busiest parts of the beach.

Sunbathing, swimming in the water, walking, investigating the old bunkers a bit, snorkeling and not much else. Rest, read, play something, talk… That’s what this beach in Mallorca offers. And at the end of the day, if you stay see the sunset Well, you will have the most beautiful gift: colorful skies, the reflection of the dying sun in the waters, all orange, gold and dark gray…

With these characteristics, what kind of people does it attract? Young people, between 20 and 30 years old In its vast majority. If you stray a bit, you can probably do nudism. But how do you get here? quite precisely from Ses Covetes, if you are coming from the north, and from a road that passes through Salobrar de Campos, the salar and the wetland, if you are coming from the south. This road is really beautiful because you see this landscape.

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Bird lovers will be in luck. Indeed, it should be remembered that Mallorca is an ideal destination for birdwatching and that here is the only house in the world of black vultures. The vultures are in the mountains, but other types of birds are here, on the way to Es Trenc beach.

So if you arrive by car there are several parking spaces but they are all paidboth on the south side and on the north side. If you arrive by public transport, you will do so by bus and on the side of Ses Covetes. Can you camp? no it’s forbidden. There is also no overnight accommodation so again if your idea is to stay in the area you should head to Colonia de San Jordi where there are hotels and guesthouses and villas for rent for tourists.

We have named several times Colonia Sant Jordi and it is that when it comes to tourist infrastructures, it is more complete. Here there are water sports offers, a boardwalk with shops and restaurants, a tourist office, excursions and much more.

A little further is Its Salines, a welcoming small town with its natural park, ideal for driving or cycling. And finally, Sa Rapitaa town closer to Es Trenc, where you can stay, hire excursions by the sea or go to eat.

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